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Tuesday, 26 January 2010

The Light Before We Land

DSC03705.jpg picture by hieuyy

Oh what a momentous week it's been.
Daybreakers didn't come out this week because apparently it's coming out in February now. Regardless, this week has been pretty good for me, mostly because all the things leading up to my birthday and all the things after it were pretty memorable.

People who know me know I don't drink regularly so with that said, I think the real draw for most of my friends was not just to celebrate my birthday but more particularly to see and get me absolutely wasted. My friends pretty much achieved this goal and got me stone drunk for the rest of the night. We started drinking at about 6 - 7PM and everything was well and great until 9.30PM cause I don't remember anything that happened from then onwards. It's too bad the night had to end a bit early though.

Apparently I'm a love drunk who apologises too much when yelling and making noise, haha. Good to know. I won't go into too much detail about the rest of the night because the only thing that's worse than getting drunk is getting drunk and getting the details told to you of what happened after by your mum. Nonetheless, I'm grateful to have had friends come along to wish me happy birthday and to let loose and enjoy themselves. Definitely a great way to spend my 18th, hahahaha.

I sobered up by 5:30AM and couldn't go back to sleep so I ended up waking up. I looked outside my window to see that people were preparing the Richmond Vietnamese New Year Festival. The festival itself wasn't that spectacular and hasn't been stellar in the past few years. I guess it's only cause the excitement of the festival doesn't exist anymore for me and that I've kinda grown out of it. Kevin and I left to check out the festival at 1:00PM and bought heaps of food and drinks to bring back to his place. The best thing about these festivals is the fact that one is able to buy sugar cane drinks. They're the best.

The rest of the day primarily consisted of myself and Kevin lying in random places in his living room talking about the most random things once again. One may have mistaken us for a couple of lazy potheads. Eddie joined us later but I went down to hang out with Dunstan and Jemmy for a bit and then reunited with the other two at the festival. The highlight of my day was probably the fact that I was able to get two lightsabers from the festival just before it ended. Huzzah! So that was how I spent my birthday.

Wooo also just got my learner's permit/licence today! I don't mind how I look in the photo, hahaha. I come off as kinda smug in my photo cause I gave a bit of a smirk in my picture. Oh the things I shall do with this piece of identification! ;D

Oh yeah, and the gifts I got for my birthday include the following:

DSC00473.jpg picture by hieuyy

This radcore Star Wars shirt (though it would've made much more sense if it were of Darth Vader but I'm still glad I've got this, hahaha)
Living my life by this code now!
Ahhh those fookin' prawns on DVD!
- HOO!

Big Day Out is currently going down in Melbourne at the moment as I write this so I think it's more than appropriate to discuss about Melbourne based band, The Temper Trap. I only discovered them because they were featured on the soundtrack to (500) Days of Summer but their song, Sweet Disposition, was my most favourite track in the movie. I loved how the song was used (though it doesn't compare to how Hero by Regina Spektor was used in the movie) and made me pay more attention the band. It was nice to find out that they were from Melbourne and that their other tracks on their album, Conditions, are damn good. Damn good. It's just unfortunate that I couldn't attend BDO or Soundwave for that matter.

1264089305092.jpg picture by hieuyy
This got a good chuckle out of me.

~ What I've Been Watching ~

What can I say about Gunslinger Girl? I really wanted to like this anime (after having seen a very convincing trailer for the anime in my old Neon Genesis Evangelion Platnium DVD collection for which I sorely miss) but it didn't stick with me as much as I wanted it to. Yes, the anime is superbly animated and the music is wonderful (seriously, the opening theme is beautiful and says so much about the anime) but the lack of plot makes it very difficult to concentrate on.

The anime instead ops to overlook plot and rely heavily on characterisation as well as exploring themes of morality, relationships and a bit of existentialism. It's quite a deep anime title but the lack of a plot really brought down the quality of the anime cause it was still pretty good. An anime title like Neon Genesis Evangelion, is able to explore so many realms of human conditioning and yet is also able to weave a story into the thick of it all. I was hoping Gunslinger Girl would be just that, or if not an Evangelion-esque title, than even something along the lines of Bleach (where the story is somewhat critical and broken down into arcs and action is a plenty). However, as it stands it was a short 13 episode series (I prefer short series' that are unlike Bleach) and a rather outstanding one.

I know I said I didn't like it as much as I wanted to but that's not to say that I didn't like it. I just thought that there should've been an actual plot to the anime series to make it resonate with me a little more.

I do believe that Christopher Nolan is a man who loves to make movies of the mindfuck variety (excuse my language there, haha). Memento is an amazing work of film art that may or may not require multiple viewings in order to understand or gain one's own perspective on the film.

The best part about the film, I believe, is the amazing narrative structure and how the movie works backwards in order to move forward. The writing and direction really makes one feel more attached to Guy Pearce's amnesiac character, Leonard, in that you yourself are also trying to piece the puzzle together to gain a better understanding of things.

The cast is wonderful, especially Guy Pearce and I love the black and white sequences of the movie. I remember being told about this film by a friend and wondered how it would be structured and play out cause it sounded difficult. I'm glad I watched the film, it's just weird I can't find a copy of it on DVD anywhere.


Got introduced to Park Gahee, leader of Korean girl group, After School, the other night after a small conversation with Kevin regarding the current state of boy/girl groups in Korean music. He told me about her and how he basically rated her above all other girls in Korean music, at least in terms of dancing skill anyway.

After having watched the clip below, I had to agree with him that she puts all the other girls to shame. Not to mention she's a lot more hotter than most girls in Korean music. I was wondering how old she was because she didn't really look too young and had a very mature look about her which is VERY attractive. Turns out she's a lot older than most girls and stands at 30 (at least I think it's 30). Oh and she sports a few tattoos as well (damn hottttttt). New Asian girl crush, perhaps? :D


Speaking of all things Korean, I accidentally stumbled across this video of Lee Hyori playing Tekken 5. She's using Xiaoyu, my favourite, hahaha.



Things are kinda slow on the movie front at the moment what with all the attention being diverted to the awards season. The major winners at the Screen Actors Guild Awards this year was the cast of Quentin Tarantino's revenge fantasy, Inglourious Basterds. It's no secret that I love Tarantino's hyperactive films and this was no exception. I'm glad Basterds got the recognition it deserves.

Elsewhere, at the Producers Guild Awards, Kathryn Bigelow's war picture, The Hurt Locker, won for Best Picture. I'm starting to notice a recurring pattern with the nominees and all of them have been rather consistent. When I say that I mean that the same names pop up.

The big five this year are Inglourious Basterds, Precious, Up in the Air, The Hurt Locker and Avatar. While the latter is most likely to win for technical achievements, I'm almost positive that it's not bound for Best Picture (maybe best director though it'd be a major snub). Let's also not forget that there are five other pictures available for contention at this year's Academy Awards.

I'm rooting for Pixar's Up to be nominated but am unsure if it'll actually stand a chance to win for Best Picture. I guess a nomination is good enough though. I'm also certain that An Education will be listed amongst this year's Best Picture nominees too. I still want to see that film.

Finally, I thought I'd end this blog post with a quote from one of my favourite film directors, Martin Scorsese.

"Movies are the memories of our lifetime. We need to keep them alive."

End post.

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Before I Decay

Last night was pretty damn awesome as I had a quite a large number of people over to hang out and play Poker. The numbers of people slowly disintegrated once Poker was over and the only people left remaining were myself, Kevin and Eddie. We stayed up till 5 AM talking about the stupidiest stuff imaginable. Eddie left at 5 and Kevin stayed the night (actually could you even call it night at that point? Still pretty dark...) which was surprising to me cause normally my parents wouldn't allow friends to sleep over. Then again, it was 5 AM so I don't see why friends can't sleep over when they're dead tired.

Liking the new banner and different text everyone? I felt a change was needed cause I don't always like having one thing for so long. I really do want to learn HTML though and while a lot of it looks damned confusing, I reckon learning it for the sake of making this blog look a lot more appealing or interesting would be kinda fun. Of course, a good blog, I guess, isn't measured by how well designed it is but rather by the content that you publish on your blog.

~ What I've Been Watching ~


Haven't seen any movies this week but was able to catch the latest episode of How I Met Your Mother (thank you uploaders of the Internet). Reason to watch and love this episode: the Robin drinking game subplot within the episode. The best thing I love about sitcoms is that you're guaranteed a laugh or two (or more) no matter what episode you watch.

I'm anticipating Daybreakers tomorrow (if me and my two friends are still joining me) and am very excited to kick off 2010 with what seems to be an awesome movie. First movie outing of 2010!

~ Tidbits of Film News ~

marc webb09 7 14 Marc Webb to Direct Just Another Love Story

So it's confirmed: (500) Days of Summer director, Marc Webb, has signed on to direct the new Spider-Man reboot. Not only that but he has been signed on to do three movies for the new Spider-man reboot so it looks like Sony are planning to milk the franchise by introducing a brand new grittier trilogy. Should I still be excited about this plan that Sony have? I like Marc Webb but I still don't like the idea of rebooting Spider-Man cause it's far too early for that.

Oooooh, the BAFTA nominess have been announced! I won't list every catergory and every person/picture that was nominated, however, I will just share my thoughts on this. It looks like Avatar, The Hurt Locker and An Education have racked up the most nominations at this year's BAFTA awards with a handful of nominations for Inglourious Basterds, Moon and Up in the Air. I'm a little surprised to find that District 9 was nominated here but I can't say I'm upset with it. However if District 9 were to win for, say, best director, then I'd probably question it. Nonetheless, I'm quite happy with this year's BAFTAs and if they're of any indication for frontrunners at the Academy Awards then I'll support each and every one of them all the way. By the way, Carey Mulligan is kinda cute. Just sayin'. For a complete list of the nominees, CLICK HERE.

For anyone who is interested in this very small project, a teaser trailer for Ryan Reynolds' new film, Buried, has been released and is embedded below. Perhaps the most intriguing part of this movie is the fact that it's mostly a one man show as the movie is (apparantly) made up of mostly just Ryan Reynolds confined in a box underneath mounds of dirt. Also below is the official plot synopsis for Buried. I reckon it's an interesting premise for a movie though I would admit that having the majority of the film take place with just Reynolds in a claustrophobic environment would become a bit of an eyesore sooner or later.

Paul Conroy (Ryan Reynolds) is a U.S. citizen working as a contract driver in Iraq. After a swift and sudden attack on his convoy, he awakens to find himself buried alive inside a coffin with nothing more than a lighter, a cell phone, and little memory of how he ended up there. Faced with limited oxygen and unlimited panic, Paul finds himself in a tension-filled race against time to escape this claustrophobic deathtrap before it’s too late.

Finally, two small webcomics that made me LOL hard. I dunno if it would have the same effect on you guys, lol.

1263913079388.jpg picture by hieuyy

1263913528140.jpg picture by hieuyy

End post.

P.S. My birthday is in two more days. :D

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Shed My Skin

Currently listening to Alter Bridge, haha. I haven't actually listened to their songs in a really long time and the only reason why I even got into the band was cause there was a professional wrestler who, to this day, has used one of their songs as his entrance theme. The band aren't that bad themselves and have some pretty good songs, especially ones from their debut album. I think they were my band of 2006, haha.

Okay so yesterday I mentioned that I had a party to attend and here's how it turned out. Eddie and myself waited at our train station long enough to catch the same train that Minny and Thy were on. We rode with them to Flinders Street Station where we kind of left them with friends they were meeting/waiting up on. When Eddie and I got to the Grand Hyatt, we were informed that we weren't allowed to go up to the hotel room (it was a hotel party) because there were already too many people and they were causing trouble for the hotel's staff. The birthday boy told me to stay downstairs and go find something to do in half an hour and when that half hour was done, he'd call me.

That half hour of waiting became something like 2 maybe even 3 hours. Slowly but surely, familiar faces started popping up downstairs. It was great to see my school friends and catch up with them (some of them were already drunk and made seeing them a lot better). It was also nice to see some other familiar faces as I hadn't seen or spoken to some of these people in such a long time.

After an incredibly long amount of waiting almost all of the party had disintegrated into McDonalds. Eddie and I ended up in the hotel at the end of it all though. We waited with some of my school friends and other people to get the passes into the room which wasn't as big as I had imagined it to have been but it was still pretty damn big (what I just said kinda cancelled itself out but whatever).

So yeah, that's what happened last night. I wouldn't call it an entire disappointment, but others probably would. I was fine with just seeing familiar faces, haha.

After the party I came home to some awesome news. Like most people, I found out my course offers and while some may have gotten multiple course offers, I (and most other students) was only given the one but I'm still satisfied with what I was given being that it was one of the only courses that I grew quite fond of. Yes, that's right, I totally got into Creative Arts at La Trobe University. At this point in life, I feel that I could do anything or be everything. Despite the fact that I feel like really doing the course, I'm still casting doubts over it and am not entirely sure what I would or could do with it. Oh well, I'll just let things sort themselves out, hahaha.

Also, I just got back from doing my Learner's Permit test and passed! In 5 working days I shall receive my licence but I probably won't get behind the steering wheel and do anything. I'm not so much afraid of getting on the road, it's more that I don't have enough confidence in myself to be able to drive properly, haha. That and I don't want to have to pay someone constantly to get driving lessons (my family don't own a car). So yeah, really I just need a new form of photo ID for the future, haha.

Finally, I've noticed that my posts have sections. By that I mean I usually have a section of just happenings and occurrences in my everyday life; quick thoughts on what I've been watching throughout the week; abnormal dreams; tidbits of film news and random things found throughout the internet.

Starting from my next post, I think I'll start using this structure to my posts, as well as begin to start changing other things. Change is good. With that said, I haven't actually watched anything new recently and I didn't have any abnormal dreams last night. Also I don't have any tidbits of film news to share because today's been a slow news day in film. I do, however have random crap from the internet to share!

Which one of these two ultimate fighters has the most power in their soul? That will determine the outcome!

End post.

P.S. Excuse the lack of pictures in today's post.

Monday, 18 January 2010

Wandering Sophie

Oh man these last few nights have not been good to me.
Sure, I'm in the company of amazing friends but staying up till 4AM - 5AM cannot be good at all. The upside to these extremely late "nights" is that myself and Eddie were able to finish our file on Batman: Arkham Asylum on Kevin's Xbox 360. Kevin himself has yet to start the game because he's still trying to finish Magna Carta 2. I know I said that I'd get back into the whole daily blog thing but with days where I literally have nothing on the agenda, it's really hard to write about anything. This is also coming from a guy who considers himself a shut in. So really, a daily blog is almost impractical at this point. I'll probably make this a weekly blog unless something epically awesome comes to my attention.

I finally got around to booking an appointment for my Learner's permit. Eddie and myself booked a session on Tuesday for the test so fingers crossed that I pass. Oh and Eddie too, haha. I thought the whole process of getting one's Learner's would be complicated but it was a lot easier than I had originally anticipated it to be. I really don't wanna pay up again if I fail that test.

dadada.jpg picture by hieuyy

I am utterly convinced that Joe Hisaishi is a genius. The man has composed tracks for many Studio Ghibli classics and always has resonating pieces that are nothing but legendary. A few days ago I was reading through a film review that I wrote as part of a SAC in Year 11 Literature and was surprised to see that I had commended the movie for it's engaging and beautiful score. I saw this and then realised that I hadn't actually checked out the score soundtrack to Howl's Moving Castle. After reading through it, I went off to download the score soundtrack and was once again moved by the score. It makes me want to watch Howl's Moving Castle again, which luckily I own. I think that personally I have more of an attachment to Howl's Moving Castle than I do to that of the universally loved and praised Spirited Away. Something about Howl's Moving Castle resonates with me more so than that of Spirited Away (which probably explains why I haven't made the effort to try and get it on DVD). This also reminds me that I should check out other Ghibli films. The only ones I've seen are Howl's Moving Castle, Spirited Away, Tales of Earthsea, Princess Mononoke and Grave of the Fireflies (which I highly recommend).

I've seen two movies in the past week: Flash Point and Invisible Target. Both of these movies are Cantonese based productions and are basically high level martial arts action cop movies, haha.

Quick thoughts on both movies: 

Okay I'm just gonna level with you. Plots aren't the point to these two films, especially in Flash Point. The real treat to these films are the amazing action pieces and fight choreography. At times I honestly was amazed and leaped off my chair in awe of some of the almost impossible feats that were included in both films. One minor criticism is that I couldn't take Nicholas Tse seriously as a fighter though I could with Shawn Yue for some reason. Wu Jing has seriously established himself as the next big thing in Chinese martial arts action films and it shows in Invisible Target. Donnie Yen still looks like he's got twenty years in him, seriously the guy doesn't even look his age. Great films if you're looking for some awesome action.

Two strange dreams came to me in the past week. One dream had me fingerless because they had been hacked off while the other was just straight up creepy. I don't remember the fingerless dream that much but I remember the other one in excruciating detail. Are you ready to hear it?

Imagine, if you will, being chased by a something that looks like a cross between a Teletubby and Michael Myers from the Halloween series. If you can't picture that, here is a drawing that I did of the thing that was stalking me throughout my dream.

SICKFUCK.jpg picture by hieuyy

Yeah, I was being chased by that. It was following me all around the neighbourhood with a baseball bat but it wasn't running after me, no. It was just casually walking towards me. I was running. However, as far as I thought I was from the thing, it was still right behind me. So I kept running and I eventually bumped into Eddie. I asked him where he was headed, to which he replied that he was heading home. I asked again why he was going in this particular direction and he said that he felt like taking a longer route home. I looked back to see the thing above still following me and left Eddie. He then got beaten to a pulp with by that thing's bat.

It was at this point that I ran back to the thing and gave it a front drop kick. I had somehow managed to trap my legs onto it's bat and had clutched it between my legs. I dragged the bat closer to myself and started beating away at the monster. Scared, I ran back home and threw the bat dramatically across my room. I then heard a knock on my door and was hesitant to open it. I picked up the bat and slowly approached the door but it had came crashing down on me as the monster had broken it's way into my home.

And then the dream ended.

I had another dream that wasn't as strange as the one above. It seemed normal enough, haha. Basically I sang alongside Zooey Deschanel at a school concert and we did Dream A Little Dream Of Me. If you don't know what I'm talking about, refer to the video below to find Zooey herself singing the song.



The biggest movie-related piece of news to have come out in the last week has revolved around that of the now abandoned Spider-Man 4 project. Director Sam Raimi and the Spider-Man cast all backed out of the fourth installment and left Sony without it's money making sequel. Luckily for Sony, they had been preparing for this and had already had a back up script for a completely new and fresh reboot of the Spider-Man franchise. They're aiming to make Spider-Man more gritty and contemporary (a la Batman Begins). Is this is a good decision? I think not.

As of now, I can't imagine anyone filling in the shoes of Peter Parker. They'd have to seriously hire an unknown so that I can't make a judgement about their previous work. Sony has also shortlisted three directors they want to tackle the reboot: Marc Webb, Gary Ross and Michael Bay. Webb is the strongest contender for Sony right now but Raimi seems to want to pass the torch to another up and coming director, Nimrod Antal, who is currently making Predators (produced by Robert Rodriguez). So they're making Spider-Man a badass. I don't think that'd work at all. I can be proven wrong though. Only time will tell if this project will be a hit or a miss.

Because I love Amanda Seyfried too much, here's a new French trailer to her latest film, Chloe. Sheds more light on the story this time around instead of being just measly clip. Definitely NSFW (I've always wanted to use that acronym, haha).

Also while we're on the trailer band wagon, below is the trailer for the upcoming Tekken live action movie. I admit that it's going to be ridiculously horrible but sometimes it's the bad films that turn out to be so damn great. I don't think it'd bomb as bad as Legend of Chun-Li but it will bomb, haha. I do get a sense of this being more faithful to the game though what with all the damn costumes actually being in the movie.

Finally, the Golden Globe awards just finished an hour or so ago and I am incredibly surprised that Avatar won Best Picture in a Drama and Best Director. I honestly thought that The Hurt Locker would've accomplished this but it didn't. Not to mention the Hollywood Foreign Press completely ignored the fact that Jeremy Renner did a tremendous job and should've gotten the nomination he deserved for Best Actor. Damn shame.

Also a damn shame is the fact that (500) Days of Summer didn't win for Best Picture in a Comedy/Musical. Seriously, if you check out the film's competition, (500) Days was the clear winner. Everything else at the Golden Globes I can abide by because I either haven't seen the film or because I don't watch television (since they're half film, half television). Christoph Waltz definitely deserved his win for Best Supporting Actor. I still need to see Up In The Air.

For a complete list of who won and who was nominated, visit HERE.

End post.

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Gonna Be A Blackout Tonight

Oh no! The season two finale of Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series arrived on the internet a few days ago! That isn't to say that the actual series is dead and that it's creator, Little Kuriboh, wouldn't be continuing it; it's just I don't want to have to wait a few months or even an entire year until he gets new material. In any case, I subscribed to Little Kuriboh's YGOAS Podcast channel on iTunes and have begun to download all his past episodes, haha. I liked the ending of season 2 and can't wait to see what LK has got in store for season 3. I'm re-watching the entire YGOAS at the moment actually. (Y)

I bought two comics the other day; comics that should sound awfully familiar to regular readers by now. I bought the latest issue of Blackest Night and also bought the latest issue to Sky Pirates of Neo Terra. ZOMG to this latest issue of Blackest Night! Apparently the Lantern rings can deputise another person for 24 hours and my jaw fell right to the floor when I saw the group of superheroes and villains that become replacement Lanterns. Needless to say but shit just got real. How does this story arc just keep getting better and better with every issue?!?!

In other comic book related news, it was announced, just a few hours ago, that Blake Lively was cast as Hal Jordan's love interest, Carol Ferris, in the upcoming Green Lantern movie. Lively (who's most recognisable as her character Serena van derWoodsen on the television series, Gossip Girl ) was in contention for the role alongside other well known actresses (such as Jennifer Garner and Diane Kruger) and had apparently won everyone over not only with her audition but her work on an upcoming movie, The Town. I dunno how I'm supposed to feel about this. Sure, Blake Lively is amazingly hot but I'm not sure how I feel about her filling in the shoes of Carol Ferris. I don't know the character well enough to make a judgement though, but I feel kinda uneasy about it. Well, I guess only time will tell. I may have to end up taking back what I say about this but I'm not too excited about this casting choice. She and Reynolds look great together though, no doubt.

Had interesting dreams in the last few days. Two of which were zombie related! I love zombies, hahaha. Anyways here's a brief description of each dream:

- I don't remember much with this but all I remember was that I was watching Star Wars and then saw zombies invade some sort of space station or outpost. It was kinda cool actually and reminds me of this Star Wars novel that kinda follows that same idea. Zombies in space - think about that for a moment.

- I also don't remember much from this but from what I remember, it was just myself alone at home and I heard a lot of noise downstairs. I looked outside my window and saw a horde of zombies walking around the street and scaring the crap outta everyone. I did what any person would do during a zombie apocalypse - I packed up my stuff into a bag and got the hell outta there. The contents that were in my bag were a few books, food, sharp objects and toiletries. (Y)

- Oh this dream just confirms that I need to get myself a damn puppy. I saw a dog with no tags and decided to bring it home. It looked miserable and I wanted a dog, so I figured that I'd help the both of us out. Then I grew to love the dog. The lesson here is to love dogs, not cats. Cause cats suck.

Here's an interesting quote from the artbook "The Art of Pixar's, Up".

“From sibling rivalry, early attachment (Toy Story) and socialization (A Bug’s Life), to maturation (Monsters, Inc.) separation, and parenthood (Toy Story 2, Finding Nemo); from protecting the nuclear family (The Incredibles), shifting out of the fast lane (Cars), and rekindling passion (Ratatouille), to planning for future generations (WALL-E) and finally, accepting death (Up).”

If that's the case, are Pixar suggesting that their films, when linked together thematically, tell the story of life? It's a very interesting way to look at their films now. If one were to look at Toy Story 3 and associate it with an aspect of life, I can only assume (as of now) that the third installment would only suggest that people grow up and learn to let go. But I don't know enough about Toy Story 3 so that assumption could be terribly, terribly, false.

Yesterday I had an unintentional movie marathon again. Actually, it became intentional after the second movie, haha. I only say unintentional cause I didn't plan to have one beforehand - it just happened. Anyways the movies I watched yesterday were: I Love You, Man; Carriers; Ghost Town; Rebellion and The Shining.

Quick thoughts on the following movies:

This film was okay, it definitely had it's funny moments but there was something about it that made it not as good as I thought it would've been. I still liked it though, don't get me wrong. It just didn't have a certain charm to it, I felt. Role Models felt a lot better than this.

I actually quite liked this film. I saw the trailer and thought, "Oh mad, a decent looking zombie movie!" I watched it and while it wasn't what I originally thought it would be, the movie was still a pretty good watch. Granted, there were a few scenes that were stupid and a little "WTFable", I still got a good kick out of watching these four people going to absolute lengths to survive an disease spreading apocalypse. Chris Pine owns this movie.

I liked this film too though, for some reason, I can't remember the funny parts all that much. So now I'm not sure. I do remember laughing quite a bit in this movie, but I just can't remember any of the outstanding gags. I do remember liking the script and loving Ricky Gervais' unlikable and Grinchy character. Fun movie to watch, definitely.

I had wanted to see this a while ago but never got around to it because I felt the Mandarin dubbing would lead to a sour experience watching the film (being that it was originally made in Hong Kong so therefore the language would be Cantonese). The film was pretty bad, even with Canto dubbing, to be honest - I didn't like it and it wasn't what I had expected it to be. I can sum up the movie with two things: Shawn Yue vomiting a lot and heaps of phone calls. Disappointing.

I thought it was alright. I can see why it's now considered a classic with it's strong imagery and all but I just thought it was okay. The movie was made a hell of a lot better thanks to Jack Nicholson's performance. Watching him was pretty scary enough. Although the hotel was gigantic, it still had a claustrophobic element to it (probably through the use of the hotel's seemingly endless hallways. Also, who wouldn't go mad looking at the damn carpet patterns in the hotel. But yeah, I thought this film was okay. I liked it but not enough for a second sitting. By the way, Shelley Duvall was kinda attractive...

Holy *beep* on a *beep* sandwich! I knew Chloe was a remake of some European film but I didn't realise it was an American remake of a French film that I've seen before, "Nathalie...". I didn't really know what to make of the original, but maybe it was cause I saw it at a somewhat young age and didn't quite understand it and vaguely remember it now. Still, even reading the plot synopsis now, it's still kinda ridiculous. I only bring this film up because Amanda Seyfried is in it. I wouldn't normally bring it up cause it's not really the type of film I'd go see, haha.

Still, I love films like these though cause they're always kinda stupid, plot-wise. Or maybe I've only seen the stupid kind of "mature adult" movies. I thought Unfaithful was stupid, haha. On a side note, Jullianne Moore still looks pretty hot for her age. Anyone interested in seeing a "trailer" to Chloe can find it below this. I say "trailer" cause well, it's more of a clip from the film if anything. Still, it's being touted as a trailer so...yeah.


Finally, Eddie linked me to a page on Soompi the other night that was made of awesomeness. The page was basically a collection of images of Star Wars Stormtroopers going about in life, haha. Below are a small sample of my favourites. You can check out the rest of this awesome gallery HERE.

11.jpg picture by hieuyy

12.jpg picture by hieuyy

48.jpg picture by hieuyy

51.jpg picture by hieuyy

End post.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Love Is Here

OMFG, I can't believe I finished Norwegian Wood so quickly! I admit was going to maybe hold out on the book and maybe preserve it a little while longer so that I can enjoy the book but it was one of those novels that I couldn't put down - it was really good. I'll say now though that the novel is more character driven with highly developed characters so I can't say I recommend it to people who'd prefer more plot driven stories. But, if you're willing to give this book a go, I recommend so cause I really liked it.

I'll say it again, but the reason why I bothered to buy and read this book was soley because a film was being made about it with two pretty awesome Japanese actors, Kenichi Matsuyama and Rinko Kikuchi. Another thing to note about the film adapatation is that it's being directed by a French-Vietnamese director, Anh Tran Hung, whose previous works have been critically acclaimed. I'm planning to do a little bit more research on the director by watching these previous films. I'm most interested to check out his film, "The Scent of the Green Papaya", mostly because it seems certain elements of that film can be found in Norwegian Wood too. So yes, I want to get a further understanding of the director's style to see if he'd be perfect to make the movie. Some people have gone on to say that they can't think of anyone more fitting to direct the Norwegian Wood adaptation so that too brings me joy.

This actually reminds me of Watchmen all over again...

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Speaking of Kenichi Matsuyama, one of his upcoming projects, Memoirs of a Teenage Insomniac, will be released in Japan soon in March and there's a quick trailer for the film right HERE. The cast of the movie is what I like about this project, mostly because it's an international one (well not really, but two of the Westerners familar to me in this projecct are Anton Yelchin and Emma Roberts). Those of you who are familiar with Japanese drama, "Hanazakari No Kimitachi e" will instantly recognise Maki Horikita from the trailer. The film is an adaptation of an American novel of the same name. I can't say I'm majorly excited about this film or anything, but it does look like something I'd possibly consider checking out.

Yesterday I was supposed to go and get a haircut as well as book an appointment for my Learners test. I didn't do the latter but rather the former. Myself and Eddie got lazy and decided to just get the haircut and then leave. My hair's much shorter now, I feel. In a nostalgic sense, it kinda reminds me a lot of my earlier years of high school, haha. I also bought another Star Wars shirt. Would you believe that they had it down to 70% off? Strange cause on Boxing Day, that same shirt was 50%. Now, I'm thinking that Boxing Day isn't really a day for slashed prices and sales. I'm thinking that they're only claiming to reduce some of their stock but still tryna squeeze a bit of money out of consumers for the sole purpose of gaining a bit more profit. Fair enough, but I feel cheated out of my money. I only had to wait a few more weeks and could've gotten two shirts for the price of one! Oh well. MLIA

Warren Ellis' Supergod #2 - Comic Book Cover

Found myself a copy of Supergod #2, thank god. Was down at Alternate Worlds on Chapel a few days ago, wondering if they had any left in stock.

I had this thought the other day that I should give custom shirt prints a go. I wanna design/draw a few prints that I'd like to wear cause there's never anything appealing to me in stores. I like minimalistic designs for my shirts. I think my wardrobe of shirts is basically minimilastic anyway. I can probably channel a bit of graphic design into this so it might be fun to create my own designs if i ever have the money or time to do so. Anyone residing in Melbourne know where I can get cheap prints done for shirts? :D

Speaking of minimilastic designs, I found this set of minimilastic posters from the movies of Quentin Tarantino, designed by Canadian based designer/art director, Ibraheem Youssef. I thought these were just wonderful.


We all knew that the story of James Cameron's Avatar was far too similar to Disney movie, Pocahontas but to what extent?

Avatar vs. Pocahontas

Also, did you know that Harry Potter's plot was stolen from that of the original Star Wars? :O


Ever wanted to visit Mos Eisley or Dagobah? Let these tourist videos do their best to convince you to visit (or stay away) from these places.


Finally, I had this random thought in my head the other night regarding zombies. Today, I decided to ask the "Zombie Research Society" what their thoughts were on my question. Here's what I had to ask and what they had to say:

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This made my day.

End post.