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Sunday, 3 January 2010

The Element of One

Last night/this morning, was a pretty enjoyable one with two of my friends, Tommy and Kevin. We had a good poker game between the three of us (there was originally another friend of ours that was supposed to join us but he was called elsewhere) and spent the rest of the night watching various episodes of Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series. It was Tommy's first time watching it. Much better to watch this than the actual series, (Y).

After the two of them left, I spent the rest of the night/early ours of the morning watching Jennifer's Body.

Quick Thoughts on Jennifer's Body:

I didn't like it but I didn't hate it either. I don't really have any attachment to it, other than the fact that gorgeous Amanda Seyfried starred in it. She was much better than Megan Fox who seemed at times, a tad desperate to prove that she's more than just a pretty face and a smokin' body. The plot is rather ludicrous and very convoluted but some of the script saves it. "Juno" was pretty overrated, now that I look at it, cause there wasn't anything special about it that resonated with me, other than the fact that Diablo Cody's script (somehow) managed to get her an Academy Award win. I did like some of the snappy dialogue found in Juno and liked some of Diablo Cody's use of witty comebacks and one-liners in this movie but I blame direction and editing for allowing randomly cut together scenes and randomly placed lines. It was just okay, this movie - I could've been okay without seeing it to be honest.

To the Anonymous poster on my previous blog post: you can find my wallpaper/image right HERE. By the way, since I'm feeling in a bit of a Toy Story mood, here's a small sample from the movie that was released about a week ago or so. The clip below is the low-res version though. You can find the high-res HERE.


Also, below you will find a brand new Toy Story 3 featurette that popped up a few days ago where they briefly reveal a new addition to the Toy Story cast, Mr Pricklepants, voiced by Timothy Dalton. I really cannot wait to see this film. They're hyping up the 3D in this movie a lot though, so maybe I should consider seeing this in 3D as well.


Despite having only begun "Norwegian Wood", I avidly want to read another work by Haruki Murakami titled, "Dance, Dance, Dance". The premise of the book and the characters themselves sound a lot like comic book characters and therefore could possibly be translated to a graphic novel medium. Though that's just my opinion. I'm going to continue reading Norwegian Wood tonight. (Y)

Finally, an epic picture that merges Disney and Marvel together. The image was created in response to the major merge these two companies made last year.

End post.


  1. HOLY SHIT. THAT TRAILER OF ANDY'S MUM AND *BRAIN EXPLODES* Seriously I was all audible gasp, hands over face and the whole shebang watching.. I don't think I can wait 6 months!!! Andy's grown so fast! T.T

    Actually I'm kind of excited about Jennifer's Body - maybe because I loved Zombieland and anything to do with zombies a bit too much xD


    I was in Melbourne for 4 days and drove back to Sydney on NYE. I love that city, but the nightlife is a bit quiet compared to ours ;P

  2. oh, why hello there.
    Gosh, 10 years past and he's off to College, this is one of the movies I have on my list to watch during my summer. No lie, Mr. Pricklepants looks pretty darn cute.

    Haha I like the cartoon, especially Belle and Beast together,Dash seemingly outrunning Flash, Invisible Woman with Violet, and Mrs. Incredible with Mister Fantastic! Very well thought out picture.

  3. Drooool, I love Amanda Seyfried! She is definitely one hot tamale ;)

    And yes I play Assasin's Creed II :O I love gaming haha. My inner boy is coming out 8) I don't dota though, just in case you ask.

    How have your holidays been? :)


  4. Ngaaw, you're too kind :$ I hope it turns out well. It was really impulsive, so we really need to think it out properly haha.


    What have you been up to? Have you decided which uni you're going to yet? I want details, even if you think I'd find them 'boring'. Trust me, I won't.

    I'm glad you don't like dota. Otherwise I would seriously have to reassess whether I would like us to continue this relationship we have lol. Haha, I'll find you the BEST picture of her just for you ;)
    I'm such a kind friend (A)



  6. I guess I'll just have to wait for your blogpost then :)
    What story lines did you have in mind?

    & hahah tell me something I don't know. I already know I'm amazingly awesome ;) *flicks hair & pops collar*
    Don't forget to click on the links to the pictures on the RHS of the page. They were really pretty as well (:

  7. :-) I always look forward to your blogs, such a variety of things you write about (Y).
    I didn't mind Juno, I thought it was nice... I thought Napoleon Dynamite was way overrated though.

    Sukiyaki ehy?
    Hmmmm, I don't necessarily crave it 'cos my mom made it a lot at home... But if I ever come across one I'll take a photo for you to enjoy, haha