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Sunday, 10 January 2010

Gonna Be A Blackout Tonight

Oh no! The season two finale of Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series arrived on the internet a few days ago! That isn't to say that the actual series is dead and that it's creator, Little Kuriboh, wouldn't be continuing it; it's just I don't want to have to wait a few months or even an entire year until he gets new material. In any case, I subscribed to Little Kuriboh's YGOAS Podcast channel on iTunes and have begun to download all his past episodes, haha. I liked the ending of season 2 and can't wait to see what LK has got in store for season 3. I'm re-watching the entire YGOAS at the moment actually. (Y)

I bought two comics the other day; comics that should sound awfully familiar to regular readers by now. I bought the latest issue of Blackest Night and also bought the latest issue to Sky Pirates of Neo Terra. ZOMG to this latest issue of Blackest Night! Apparently the Lantern rings can deputise another person for 24 hours and my jaw fell right to the floor when I saw the group of superheroes and villains that become replacement Lanterns. Needless to say but shit just got real. How does this story arc just keep getting better and better with every issue?!?!

In other comic book related news, it was announced, just a few hours ago, that Blake Lively was cast as Hal Jordan's love interest, Carol Ferris, in the upcoming Green Lantern movie. Lively (who's most recognisable as her character Serena van derWoodsen on the television series, Gossip Girl ) was in contention for the role alongside other well known actresses (such as Jennifer Garner and Diane Kruger) and had apparently won everyone over not only with her audition but her work on an upcoming movie, The Town. I dunno how I'm supposed to feel about this. Sure, Blake Lively is amazingly hot but I'm not sure how I feel about her filling in the shoes of Carol Ferris. I don't know the character well enough to make a judgement though, but I feel kinda uneasy about it. Well, I guess only time will tell. I may have to end up taking back what I say about this but I'm not too excited about this casting choice. She and Reynolds look great together though, no doubt.

Had interesting dreams in the last few days. Two of which were zombie related! I love zombies, hahaha. Anyways here's a brief description of each dream:

- I don't remember much with this but all I remember was that I was watching Star Wars and then saw zombies invade some sort of space station or outpost. It was kinda cool actually and reminds me of this Star Wars novel that kinda follows that same idea. Zombies in space - think about that for a moment.

- I also don't remember much from this but from what I remember, it was just myself alone at home and I heard a lot of noise downstairs. I looked outside my window and saw a horde of zombies walking around the street and scaring the crap outta everyone. I did what any person would do during a zombie apocalypse - I packed up my stuff into a bag and got the hell outta there. The contents that were in my bag were a few books, food, sharp objects and toiletries. (Y)

- Oh this dream just confirms that I need to get myself a damn puppy. I saw a dog with no tags and decided to bring it home. It looked miserable and I wanted a dog, so I figured that I'd help the both of us out. Then I grew to love the dog. The lesson here is to love dogs, not cats. Cause cats suck.

Here's an interesting quote from the artbook "The Art of Pixar's, Up".

“From sibling rivalry, early attachment (Toy Story) and socialization (A Bug’s Life), to maturation (Monsters, Inc.) separation, and parenthood (Toy Story 2, Finding Nemo); from protecting the nuclear family (The Incredibles), shifting out of the fast lane (Cars), and rekindling passion (Ratatouille), to planning for future generations (WALL-E) and finally, accepting death (Up).”

If that's the case, are Pixar suggesting that their films, when linked together thematically, tell the story of life? It's a very interesting way to look at their films now. If one were to look at Toy Story 3 and associate it with an aspect of life, I can only assume (as of now) that the third installment would only suggest that people grow up and learn to let go. But I don't know enough about Toy Story 3 so that assumption could be terribly, terribly, false.

Yesterday I had an unintentional movie marathon again. Actually, it became intentional after the second movie, haha. I only say unintentional cause I didn't plan to have one beforehand - it just happened. Anyways the movies I watched yesterday were: I Love You, Man; Carriers; Ghost Town; Rebellion and The Shining.

Quick thoughts on the following movies:

This film was okay, it definitely had it's funny moments but there was something about it that made it not as good as I thought it would've been. I still liked it though, don't get me wrong. It just didn't have a certain charm to it, I felt. Role Models felt a lot better than this.

I actually quite liked this film. I saw the trailer and thought, "Oh mad, a decent looking zombie movie!" I watched it and while it wasn't what I originally thought it would be, the movie was still a pretty good watch. Granted, there were a few scenes that were stupid and a little "WTFable", I still got a good kick out of watching these four people going to absolute lengths to survive an disease spreading apocalypse. Chris Pine owns this movie.

I liked this film too though, for some reason, I can't remember the funny parts all that much. So now I'm not sure. I do remember laughing quite a bit in this movie, but I just can't remember any of the outstanding gags. I do remember liking the script and loving Ricky Gervais' unlikable and Grinchy character. Fun movie to watch, definitely.

I had wanted to see this a while ago but never got around to it because I felt the Mandarin dubbing would lead to a sour experience watching the film (being that it was originally made in Hong Kong so therefore the language would be Cantonese). The film was pretty bad, even with Canto dubbing, to be honest - I didn't like it and it wasn't what I had expected it to be. I can sum up the movie with two things: Shawn Yue vomiting a lot and heaps of phone calls. Disappointing.

I thought it was alright. I can see why it's now considered a classic with it's strong imagery and all but I just thought it was okay. The movie was made a hell of a lot better thanks to Jack Nicholson's performance. Watching him was pretty scary enough. Although the hotel was gigantic, it still had a claustrophobic element to it (probably through the use of the hotel's seemingly endless hallways. Also, who wouldn't go mad looking at the damn carpet patterns in the hotel. But yeah, I thought this film was okay. I liked it but not enough for a second sitting. By the way, Shelley Duvall was kinda attractive...

Holy *beep* on a *beep* sandwich! I knew Chloe was a remake of some European film but I didn't realise it was an American remake of a French film that I've seen before, "Nathalie...". I didn't really know what to make of the original, but maybe it was cause I saw it at a somewhat young age and didn't quite understand it and vaguely remember it now. Still, even reading the plot synopsis now, it's still kinda ridiculous. I only bring this film up because Amanda Seyfried is in it. I wouldn't normally bring it up cause it's not really the type of film I'd go see, haha.

Still, I love films like these though cause they're always kinda stupid, plot-wise. Or maybe I've only seen the stupid kind of "mature adult" movies. I thought Unfaithful was stupid, haha. On a side note, Jullianne Moore still looks pretty hot for her age. Anyone interested in seeing a "trailer" to Chloe can find it below this. I say "trailer" cause well, it's more of a clip from the film if anything. Still, it's being touted as a trailer so...yeah.


Finally, Eddie linked me to a page on Soompi the other night that was made of awesomeness. The page was basically a collection of images of Star Wars Stormtroopers going about in life, haha. Below are a small sample of my favourites. You can check out the rest of this awesome gallery HERE.

11.jpg picture by hieuyy

12.jpg picture by hieuyy

48.jpg picture by hieuyy

51.jpg picture by hieuyy

End post.


  1. OHMAHOY! I love Yu-Gi-Oh the Abridged Series!! I tried watching Pokemon the Abridged Series, not as funny but I guess it's okay (Y)

    You & your weird dreams lor. If dreams really meant something, I wonder what yours would mean =\


  2. LOL! mini storm troopers :D
    I like dogs better than cats and have a dog... but sometimes i think if i had a cat it would save me from having to clean up its poop ==' zzz...