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Thursday, 21 January 2010

Before I Decay

Last night was pretty damn awesome as I had a quite a large number of people over to hang out and play Poker. The numbers of people slowly disintegrated once Poker was over and the only people left remaining were myself, Kevin and Eddie. We stayed up till 5 AM talking about the stupidiest stuff imaginable. Eddie left at 5 and Kevin stayed the night (actually could you even call it night at that point? Still pretty dark...) which was surprising to me cause normally my parents wouldn't allow friends to sleep over. Then again, it was 5 AM so I don't see why friends can't sleep over when they're dead tired.

Liking the new banner and different text everyone? I felt a change was needed cause I don't always like having one thing for so long. I really do want to learn HTML though and while a lot of it looks damned confusing, I reckon learning it for the sake of making this blog look a lot more appealing or interesting would be kinda fun. Of course, a good blog, I guess, isn't measured by how well designed it is but rather by the content that you publish on your blog.

~ What I've Been Watching ~


Haven't seen any movies this week but was able to catch the latest episode of How I Met Your Mother (thank you uploaders of the Internet). Reason to watch and love this episode: the Robin drinking game subplot within the episode. The best thing I love about sitcoms is that you're guaranteed a laugh or two (or more) no matter what episode you watch.

I'm anticipating Daybreakers tomorrow (if me and my two friends are still joining me) and am very excited to kick off 2010 with what seems to be an awesome movie. First movie outing of 2010!

~ Tidbits of Film News ~

marc webb09 7 14 Marc Webb to Direct Just Another Love Story

So it's confirmed: (500) Days of Summer director, Marc Webb, has signed on to direct the new Spider-Man reboot. Not only that but he has been signed on to do three movies for the new Spider-man reboot so it looks like Sony are planning to milk the franchise by introducing a brand new grittier trilogy. Should I still be excited about this plan that Sony have? I like Marc Webb but I still don't like the idea of rebooting Spider-Man cause it's far too early for that.

Oooooh, the BAFTA nominess have been announced! I won't list every catergory and every person/picture that was nominated, however, I will just share my thoughts on this. It looks like Avatar, The Hurt Locker and An Education have racked up the most nominations at this year's BAFTA awards with a handful of nominations for Inglourious Basterds, Moon and Up in the Air. I'm a little surprised to find that District 9 was nominated here but I can't say I'm upset with it. However if District 9 were to win for, say, best director, then I'd probably question it. Nonetheless, I'm quite happy with this year's BAFTAs and if they're of any indication for frontrunners at the Academy Awards then I'll support each and every one of them all the way. By the way, Carey Mulligan is kinda cute. Just sayin'. For a complete list of the nominees, CLICK HERE.

For anyone who is interested in this very small project, a teaser trailer for Ryan Reynolds' new film, Buried, has been released and is embedded below. Perhaps the most intriguing part of this movie is the fact that it's mostly a one man show as the movie is (apparantly) made up of mostly just Ryan Reynolds confined in a box underneath mounds of dirt. Also below is the official plot synopsis for Buried. I reckon it's an interesting premise for a movie though I would admit that having the majority of the film take place with just Reynolds in a claustrophobic environment would become a bit of an eyesore sooner or later.

Paul Conroy (Ryan Reynolds) is a U.S. citizen working as a contract driver in Iraq. After a swift and sudden attack on his convoy, he awakens to find himself buried alive inside a coffin with nothing more than a lighter, a cell phone, and little memory of how he ended up there. Faced with limited oxygen and unlimited panic, Paul finds himself in a tension-filled race against time to escape this claustrophobic deathtrap before it’s too late.

Finally, two small webcomics that made me LOL hard. I dunno if it would have the same effect on you guys, lol.

1263913079388.jpg picture by hieuyy

1263913528140.jpg picture by hieuyy

End post.

P.S. My birthday is in two more days. :D


  1. LOVE THE BANNER, it's my favourite so far.... Have a feeling I say that everytime, but that must just mean that you improve everytime :D

    Shhhhh, Macs are not just looks!

  2. Love HIMYM! That episode made me chuckle, and the episode before that, 'Nothing suits me like a suit' almost killed me. XD

  3. Oh heyyy, I'm digging the banner.;D
    I like minimalistic design, that way people are more focused on the content rather than how it looks. But having it look more appealing does help.
    Have you watched Up In The Air? I have to say, it has been one of the most satisfying movies I have watched ever since school started.
    The list makes me want to watch An Education, I've been meaning to watch it ever since I saw the trailer. Actually, this list reminds me that I need to watch some films.

    LOL xD The first strip, made me laugh so badly.
    Oh gosh, 2 days( more than) passed from this post,HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Ahhhh I'm late, but better late than never. :]