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Tuesday, 26 January 2010

The Light Before We Land

DSC03705.jpg picture by hieuyy

Oh what a momentous week it's been.
Daybreakers didn't come out this week because apparently it's coming out in February now. Regardless, this week has been pretty good for me, mostly because all the things leading up to my birthday and all the things after it were pretty memorable.

People who know me know I don't drink regularly so with that said, I think the real draw for most of my friends was not just to celebrate my birthday but more particularly to see and get me absolutely wasted. My friends pretty much achieved this goal and got me stone drunk for the rest of the night. We started drinking at about 6 - 7PM and everything was well and great until 9.30PM cause I don't remember anything that happened from then onwards. It's too bad the night had to end a bit early though.

Apparently I'm a love drunk who apologises too much when yelling and making noise, haha. Good to know. I won't go into too much detail about the rest of the night because the only thing that's worse than getting drunk is getting drunk and getting the details told to you of what happened after by your mum. Nonetheless, I'm grateful to have had friends come along to wish me happy birthday and to let loose and enjoy themselves. Definitely a great way to spend my 18th, hahahaha.

I sobered up by 5:30AM and couldn't go back to sleep so I ended up waking up. I looked outside my window to see that people were preparing the Richmond Vietnamese New Year Festival. The festival itself wasn't that spectacular and hasn't been stellar in the past few years. I guess it's only cause the excitement of the festival doesn't exist anymore for me and that I've kinda grown out of it. Kevin and I left to check out the festival at 1:00PM and bought heaps of food and drinks to bring back to his place. The best thing about these festivals is the fact that one is able to buy sugar cane drinks. They're the best.

The rest of the day primarily consisted of myself and Kevin lying in random places in his living room talking about the most random things once again. One may have mistaken us for a couple of lazy potheads. Eddie joined us later but I went down to hang out with Dunstan and Jemmy for a bit and then reunited with the other two at the festival. The highlight of my day was probably the fact that I was able to get two lightsabers from the festival just before it ended. Huzzah! So that was how I spent my birthday.

Wooo also just got my learner's permit/licence today! I don't mind how I look in the photo, hahaha. I come off as kinda smug in my photo cause I gave a bit of a smirk in my picture. Oh the things I shall do with this piece of identification! ;D

Oh yeah, and the gifts I got for my birthday include the following:

DSC00473.jpg picture by hieuyy

This radcore Star Wars shirt (though it would've made much more sense if it were of Darth Vader but I'm still glad I've got this, hahaha)
Living my life by this code now!
Ahhh those fookin' prawns on DVD!
- HOO!

Big Day Out is currently going down in Melbourne at the moment as I write this so I think it's more than appropriate to discuss about Melbourne based band, The Temper Trap. I only discovered them because they were featured on the soundtrack to (500) Days of Summer but their song, Sweet Disposition, was my most favourite track in the movie. I loved how the song was used (though it doesn't compare to how Hero by Regina Spektor was used in the movie) and made me pay more attention the band. It was nice to find out that they were from Melbourne and that their other tracks on their album, Conditions, are damn good. Damn good. It's just unfortunate that I couldn't attend BDO or Soundwave for that matter.

1264089305092.jpg picture by hieuyy
This got a good chuckle out of me.

~ What I've Been Watching ~

What can I say about Gunslinger Girl? I really wanted to like this anime (after having seen a very convincing trailer for the anime in my old Neon Genesis Evangelion Platnium DVD collection for which I sorely miss) but it didn't stick with me as much as I wanted it to. Yes, the anime is superbly animated and the music is wonderful (seriously, the opening theme is beautiful and says so much about the anime) but the lack of plot makes it very difficult to concentrate on.

The anime instead ops to overlook plot and rely heavily on characterisation as well as exploring themes of morality, relationships and a bit of existentialism. It's quite a deep anime title but the lack of a plot really brought down the quality of the anime cause it was still pretty good. An anime title like Neon Genesis Evangelion, is able to explore so many realms of human conditioning and yet is also able to weave a story into the thick of it all. I was hoping Gunslinger Girl would be just that, or if not an Evangelion-esque title, than even something along the lines of Bleach (where the story is somewhat critical and broken down into arcs and action is a plenty). However, as it stands it was a short 13 episode series (I prefer short series' that are unlike Bleach) and a rather outstanding one.

I know I said I didn't like it as much as I wanted to but that's not to say that I didn't like it. I just thought that there should've been an actual plot to the anime series to make it resonate with me a little more.

I do believe that Christopher Nolan is a man who loves to make movies of the mindfuck variety (excuse my language there, haha). Memento is an amazing work of film art that may or may not require multiple viewings in order to understand or gain one's own perspective on the film.

The best part about the film, I believe, is the amazing narrative structure and how the movie works backwards in order to move forward. The writing and direction really makes one feel more attached to Guy Pearce's amnesiac character, Leonard, in that you yourself are also trying to piece the puzzle together to gain a better understanding of things.

The cast is wonderful, especially Guy Pearce and I love the black and white sequences of the movie. I remember being told about this film by a friend and wondered how it would be structured and play out cause it sounded difficult. I'm glad I watched the film, it's just weird I can't find a copy of it on DVD anywhere.


Got introduced to Park Gahee, leader of Korean girl group, After School, the other night after a small conversation with Kevin regarding the current state of boy/girl groups in Korean music. He told me about her and how he basically rated her above all other girls in Korean music, at least in terms of dancing skill anyway.

After having watched the clip below, I had to agree with him that she puts all the other girls to shame. Not to mention she's a lot more hotter than most girls in Korean music. I was wondering how old she was because she didn't really look too young and had a very mature look about her which is VERY attractive. Turns out she's a lot older than most girls and stands at 30 (at least I think it's 30). Oh and she sports a few tattoos as well (damn hottttttt). New Asian girl crush, perhaps? :D


Speaking of all things Korean, I accidentally stumbled across this video of Lee Hyori playing Tekken 5. She's using Xiaoyu, my favourite, hahaha.



Things are kinda slow on the movie front at the moment what with all the attention being diverted to the awards season. The major winners at the Screen Actors Guild Awards this year was the cast of Quentin Tarantino's revenge fantasy, Inglourious Basterds. It's no secret that I love Tarantino's hyperactive films and this was no exception. I'm glad Basterds got the recognition it deserves.

Elsewhere, at the Producers Guild Awards, Kathryn Bigelow's war picture, The Hurt Locker, won for Best Picture. I'm starting to notice a recurring pattern with the nominees and all of them have been rather consistent. When I say that I mean that the same names pop up.

The big five this year are Inglourious Basterds, Precious, Up in the Air, The Hurt Locker and Avatar. While the latter is most likely to win for technical achievements, I'm almost positive that it's not bound for Best Picture (maybe best director though it'd be a major snub). Let's also not forget that there are five other pictures available for contention at this year's Academy Awards.

I'm rooting for Pixar's Up to be nominated but am unsure if it'll actually stand a chance to win for Best Picture. I guess a nomination is good enough though. I'm also certain that An Education will be listed amongst this year's Best Picture nominees too. I still want to see that film.

Finally, I thought I'd end this blog post with a quote from one of my favourite film directors, Martin Scorsese.

"Movies are the memories of our lifetime. We need to keep them alive."

End post.


  1. Happy belated birthday! HAHA.. bro code, all the way :D Plus a PS3 as well, such nice friends! I'll put my bets that Avatar will take Best Picture (Then again, I'm always wrong).


    haha Gahee... she was a backup dancer for BoA once. BoA is a pretty good dancer too, probably one of the more underrated (actually possibly overrated) dancer asian stars out there.

    Gahee is definitely a lot better thank Hyori though. Hyori sucks.

    Send me some photos of the night, I need some for next blog post haha.

    Also, why did you call @ 4am? That was whack.

  3. @Edward: I love Lee Hyori! She's gorgeous, not to mention hilarious on Family Outing.

    Sounds like the typical 18th Birthday, huh? Get drunk (: But I hope you did have fun... o_o"

    I never actually got to see Inglourious Basterds. I heard it was really good though. Makes me regret not seeing it.

  4. haha, I can't imagine you drunk!
    Nice presents you got there (Y)

  5. Ooft - dude, your birthday sounds amazing!! Look at all that awesomesauce. The Bro Code + PS3 + SC4 + District 9 = heavenly. Wish my 18th was that rad.

    GAHEEE!!! She's soo hot - I'd swing the other way just for her. Hyori's pretty but she's not that decent for a performer - she's cool on Family Outing though.

    Memento screwed me over, but damn it's such a good film - have you tried ebay for a copy? JB should also normally have it. Mindfuckery films are the best (see Donnie Darko).

    Temper Trap = Beatles circa Sgt Pepper. Not that amazing and pretty much the Next Big Thing. Give it a few moments and there'll be another band eating into their place - such is the life of indie kids.

    Sugarcane juice = diabetes in a cup. Love it! Richmond doesn't have random carts on the side of the street? Sydney's Cabra (larger version of Richmond) has a sugarcane cart every 5 shops on the street. Soooo good..

    Hope you're doing awesomely dude! =]

  6. inglorious basterds was awesome! love tarentino's homages to grindhouse and so on. went to blockbuster and asked for memento once, and it was rented