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Saturday, 2 January 2010

The New Year
I found this image last night and it made me so damn happy. Taxi Driver = Win.

Oh joy, 2010. My new year "celebration" was uneventful so let's not discuss that. I'm gonna call it twenty ten as opposed to two thousand and ten cause for the former sounds futuristic and is much easier to say. Just got back from the city and am currently listening to 本能 (Honnou) by Shiina Ringo. Beside me are some pretty poor dumplings that I got from the city that I am currently eating as my lunch/breakfast. The song has now just changed to You Never Can Tell by Chuck Berry.

I woke up at 10, which is quite unusual considering that I usually wake up past 12 nowadays. I couldn't go back to sleep when I awoke at 10 and so I decided to get up. I thought to myself, "Since you're up early, why not go to the city to do what you've been meaning to do?" I went to the city for two reasons:

1. I needed to check for any newly released comics.

2. Handing in resumes for a part time/casual job.

I handed one into a comic book store and another to Greater Union. I doubt I'll get into either but it couldn't hurt my chances to at least try I suppose. I could possibly have a good chance of getting into the comic book store simply because the majority of their staff attended my high school, haha. Waiting line is long as hell though. Oh well.

Found out also that Supergod #2 came out during the first week of December and that I missed out; crap. How am I going to finish now when I've only just started! Gay, gay, gay.

I was informed by a Soompi user this morning that I should check out a few story arcs from Green Lantern that coincide with the Green Lantern series I'm following right now, Blackest Night. As a standalone story, Blackest Night still works very well in my opinion but to gain greater knowledge and depth behind everything, it was advised that I should check out the arcs prior to Blackest Night. Was considering to buy this today:

But instead, I chose to head over to Dymocks and by this:

Finally!!! I've had my eye on that copy for a very long time now and thankfully, no one bought it. I read the first chapter on the train ride back home - it's already got me pretty interested. The character of Naoko seems very interesting yet complex while Toru seems quite relatable to me, haha.

Umm, anyone reading this a fan of Tomiko Van? Just wondering is all...

I was checking out an interview on YouTube last night with (500) Days of Summer co-stars, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel and saw comments left by YouTubers saying how much they'd love to see a sequel. I think a sequel to (500) Days of Summer would be a horrbile idea. Sure, the ending does leave a possibility of having a sequel, but it doesn't mean there should be one made. It's a perfect little movie on it's own already. The movie had a message and it did well to convey what it wanted to say. I remember when people said there was going to be a sequel to The Departed and I laughed, ha!

Was completely unaware that I had the latest Killswitch Engage album on my computer. Turns out I've had it for quite a while too but was still unaware. I asked Masa to give me most of his music collection a few months ago. I wasn't aware that in his collection included the latest KSE album. On my iTunes however, the latest album is labelled, "Killswitch Engage [Bonus Tracks]". So for the longest time, I thought the songs there were B-Sides or songs that never made it to any other album. Oh what a fool I was. Glad to hear their new sounds now though - better late than never right?

Speaking of KSE, I've rediscovered my love for the song "Rise Inside" as well as a My Chemical Romance song called, "Hang 'Em High." Awesome songs, especially Rise Inside - it's damn deep and has a very straightforward agenda. Here's an excerpt from the song:

Rise inside, free your mind
Raise your fist! To signify!
We stand in defiance, of hatred, and deception
if I stand alone! I’ll fight for you!

Finally, I didn't know how to end today's post so here's something random thing to share. This here is my current wallpaper.

toy-story-3-cast photo

It's there cause Toy Story is awesome and I can't wait for the third movie later this year. :D

End post.


  1. !!! where did you find your toy story wallpaper?

  2. Matsuken is going to make the best Toru, he's so fit for the role!
    Heh yeah, one of the reasons why I wanted to read the book relatively soon is 'cos the film is due out before I return (Y).
    I think you might over take me in reading Norwegian Wood 'cos I'm only half way and I barely have time to sit down and read it :'(.
    Good luck with those jobs, you'd suit the comic book store, and perhaps you'll get discounts or something ;D