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Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Shed My Skin

Currently listening to Alter Bridge, haha. I haven't actually listened to their songs in a really long time and the only reason why I even got into the band was cause there was a professional wrestler who, to this day, has used one of their songs as his entrance theme. The band aren't that bad themselves and have some pretty good songs, especially ones from their debut album. I think they were my band of 2006, haha.

Okay so yesterday I mentioned that I had a party to attend and here's how it turned out. Eddie and myself waited at our train station long enough to catch the same train that Minny and Thy were on. We rode with them to Flinders Street Station where we kind of left them with friends they were meeting/waiting up on. When Eddie and I got to the Grand Hyatt, we were informed that we weren't allowed to go up to the hotel room (it was a hotel party) because there were already too many people and they were causing trouble for the hotel's staff. The birthday boy told me to stay downstairs and go find something to do in half an hour and when that half hour was done, he'd call me.

That half hour of waiting became something like 2 maybe even 3 hours. Slowly but surely, familiar faces started popping up downstairs. It was great to see my school friends and catch up with them (some of them were already drunk and made seeing them a lot better). It was also nice to see some other familiar faces as I hadn't seen or spoken to some of these people in such a long time.

After an incredibly long amount of waiting almost all of the party had disintegrated into McDonalds. Eddie and I ended up in the hotel at the end of it all though. We waited with some of my school friends and other people to get the passes into the room which wasn't as big as I had imagined it to have been but it was still pretty damn big (what I just said kinda cancelled itself out but whatever).

So yeah, that's what happened last night. I wouldn't call it an entire disappointment, but others probably would. I was fine with just seeing familiar faces, haha.

After the party I came home to some awesome news. Like most people, I found out my course offers and while some may have gotten multiple course offers, I (and most other students) was only given the one but I'm still satisfied with what I was given being that it was one of the only courses that I grew quite fond of. Yes, that's right, I totally got into Creative Arts at La Trobe University. At this point in life, I feel that I could do anything or be everything. Despite the fact that I feel like really doing the course, I'm still casting doubts over it and am not entirely sure what I would or could do with it. Oh well, I'll just let things sort themselves out, hahaha.

Also, I just got back from doing my Learner's Permit test and passed! In 5 working days I shall receive my licence but I probably won't get behind the steering wheel and do anything. I'm not so much afraid of getting on the road, it's more that I don't have enough confidence in myself to be able to drive properly, haha. That and I don't want to have to pay someone constantly to get driving lessons (my family don't own a car). So yeah, really I just need a new form of photo ID for the future, haha.

Finally, I've noticed that my posts have sections. By that I mean I usually have a section of just happenings and occurrences in my everyday life; quick thoughts on what I've been watching throughout the week; abnormal dreams; tidbits of film news and random things found throughout the internet.

Starting from my next post, I think I'll start using this structure to my posts, as well as begin to start changing other things. Change is good. With that said, I haven't actually watched anything new recently and I didn't have any abnormal dreams last night. Also I don't have any tidbits of film news to share because today's been a slow news day in film. I do, however have random crap from the internet to share!

Which one of these two ultimate fighters has the most power in their soul? That will determine the outcome!

End post.

P.S. Excuse the lack of pictures in today's post.



    I was waiting for NYC Prep to come on, and they showed a quick interview before it came on. The person they interviewed was Amanda Seyfried, and I thought of you straight away haha.


  2. Congrats on your L's permit and Uni Course! Too bad, I won't be seeing you at Monash :(