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Monday, 18 January 2010

Wandering Sophie

Oh man these last few nights have not been good to me.
Sure, I'm in the company of amazing friends but staying up till 4AM - 5AM cannot be good at all. The upside to these extremely late "nights" is that myself and Eddie were able to finish our file on Batman: Arkham Asylum on Kevin's Xbox 360. Kevin himself has yet to start the game because he's still trying to finish Magna Carta 2. I know I said that I'd get back into the whole daily blog thing but with days where I literally have nothing on the agenda, it's really hard to write about anything. This is also coming from a guy who considers himself a shut in. So really, a daily blog is almost impractical at this point. I'll probably make this a weekly blog unless something epically awesome comes to my attention.

I finally got around to booking an appointment for my Learner's permit. Eddie and myself booked a session on Tuesday for the test so fingers crossed that I pass. Oh and Eddie too, haha. I thought the whole process of getting one's Learner's would be complicated but it was a lot easier than I had originally anticipated it to be. I really don't wanna pay up again if I fail that test.

dadada.jpg picture by hieuyy

I am utterly convinced that Joe Hisaishi is a genius. The man has composed tracks for many Studio Ghibli classics and always has resonating pieces that are nothing but legendary. A few days ago I was reading through a film review that I wrote as part of a SAC in Year 11 Literature and was surprised to see that I had commended the movie for it's engaging and beautiful score. I saw this and then realised that I hadn't actually checked out the score soundtrack to Howl's Moving Castle. After reading through it, I went off to download the score soundtrack and was once again moved by the score. It makes me want to watch Howl's Moving Castle again, which luckily I own. I think that personally I have more of an attachment to Howl's Moving Castle than I do to that of the universally loved and praised Spirited Away. Something about Howl's Moving Castle resonates with me more so than that of Spirited Away (which probably explains why I haven't made the effort to try and get it on DVD). This also reminds me that I should check out other Ghibli films. The only ones I've seen are Howl's Moving Castle, Spirited Away, Tales of Earthsea, Princess Mononoke and Grave of the Fireflies (which I highly recommend).

I've seen two movies in the past week: Flash Point and Invisible Target. Both of these movies are Cantonese based productions and are basically high level martial arts action cop movies, haha.

Quick thoughts on both movies: 

Okay I'm just gonna level with you. Plots aren't the point to these two films, especially in Flash Point. The real treat to these films are the amazing action pieces and fight choreography. At times I honestly was amazed and leaped off my chair in awe of some of the almost impossible feats that were included in both films. One minor criticism is that I couldn't take Nicholas Tse seriously as a fighter though I could with Shawn Yue for some reason. Wu Jing has seriously established himself as the next big thing in Chinese martial arts action films and it shows in Invisible Target. Donnie Yen still looks like he's got twenty years in him, seriously the guy doesn't even look his age. Great films if you're looking for some awesome action.

Two strange dreams came to me in the past week. One dream had me fingerless because they had been hacked off while the other was just straight up creepy. I don't remember the fingerless dream that much but I remember the other one in excruciating detail. Are you ready to hear it?

Imagine, if you will, being chased by a something that looks like a cross between a Teletubby and Michael Myers from the Halloween series. If you can't picture that, here is a drawing that I did of the thing that was stalking me throughout my dream.

SICKFUCK.jpg picture by hieuyy

Yeah, I was being chased by that. It was following me all around the neighbourhood with a baseball bat but it wasn't running after me, no. It was just casually walking towards me. I was running. However, as far as I thought I was from the thing, it was still right behind me. So I kept running and I eventually bumped into Eddie. I asked him where he was headed, to which he replied that he was heading home. I asked again why he was going in this particular direction and he said that he felt like taking a longer route home. I looked back to see the thing above still following me and left Eddie. He then got beaten to a pulp with by that thing's bat.

It was at this point that I ran back to the thing and gave it a front drop kick. I had somehow managed to trap my legs onto it's bat and had clutched it between my legs. I dragged the bat closer to myself and started beating away at the monster. Scared, I ran back home and threw the bat dramatically across my room. I then heard a knock on my door and was hesitant to open it. I picked up the bat and slowly approached the door but it had came crashing down on me as the monster had broken it's way into my home.

And then the dream ended.

I had another dream that wasn't as strange as the one above. It seemed normal enough, haha. Basically I sang alongside Zooey Deschanel at a school concert and we did Dream A Little Dream Of Me. If you don't know what I'm talking about, refer to the video below to find Zooey herself singing the song.



The biggest movie-related piece of news to have come out in the last week has revolved around that of the now abandoned Spider-Man 4 project. Director Sam Raimi and the Spider-Man cast all backed out of the fourth installment and left Sony without it's money making sequel. Luckily for Sony, they had been preparing for this and had already had a back up script for a completely new and fresh reboot of the Spider-Man franchise. They're aiming to make Spider-Man more gritty and contemporary (a la Batman Begins). Is this is a good decision? I think not.

As of now, I can't imagine anyone filling in the shoes of Peter Parker. They'd have to seriously hire an unknown so that I can't make a judgement about their previous work. Sony has also shortlisted three directors they want to tackle the reboot: Marc Webb, Gary Ross and Michael Bay. Webb is the strongest contender for Sony right now but Raimi seems to want to pass the torch to another up and coming director, Nimrod Antal, who is currently making Predators (produced by Robert Rodriguez). So they're making Spider-Man a badass. I don't think that'd work at all. I can be proven wrong though. Only time will tell if this project will be a hit or a miss.

Because I love Amanda Seyfried too much, here's a new French trailer to her latest film, Chloe. Sheds more light on the story this time around instead of being just measly clip. Definitely NSFW (I've always wanted to use that acronym, haha).

Also while we're on the trailer band wagon, below is the trailer for the upcoming Tekken live action movie. I admit that it's going to be ridiculously horrible but sometimes it's the bad films that turn out to be so damn great. I don't think it'd bomb as bad as Legend of Chun-Li but it will bomb, haha. I do get a sense of this being more faithful to the game though what with all the damn costumes actually being in the movie.

Finally, the Golden Globe awards just finished an hour or so ago and I am incredibly surprised that Avatar won Best Picture in a Drama and Best Director. I honestly thought that The Hurt Locker would've accomplished this but it didn't. Not to mention the Hollywood Foreign Press completely ignored the fact that Jeremy Renner did a tremendous job and should've gotten the nomination he deserved for Best Actor. Damn shame.

Also a damn shame is the fact that (500) Days of Summer didn't win for Best Picture in a Comedy/Musical. Seriously, if you check out the film's competition, (500) Days was the clear winner. Everything else at the Golden Globes I can abide by because I either haven't seen the film or because I don't watch television (since they're half film, half television). Christoph Waltz definitely deserved his win for Best Supporting Actor. I still need to see Up In The Air.

For a complete list of who won and who was nominated, visit HERE.

End post.


  1. I like Howl's Moving Castle better as well. Maybe because Howl is more smexy that a black blob that gobbles things up. Haha. Nah, actually I think it's because it's more simple, but still has deep meanings to it, where as Spirited Away can get a bit confusing. :S
    Now I want to watch Howl's Moving Castle. Thanks a lot Hieu. XD Oh, and I REALLY should get around to getting my Ls too. Haha.

  2. OKAY. I like everything in this post:
    - Zooey Deschanel and I should make babies
    - Shawn Yue
    - Howl's Moving Castle

    Okay, I'm done.

    Dude - you've like dropped off the blogging planet, but that's okay, so have I. Hope you're doing awesomely on your end of town dude!

    Graveyard of the Fireflies was freakin' depressing, but such an awesome movie all the same. I was emotionally exhausted by the end of it. Eek.

  3. funny I was just at a friend's film premiere yesterday (they create short films), and thought about how hieu would like to see that kind of stuff. They did a lot of fight scenes by themselves, and the editing looked quite realistic! maybe like 70 people showed up, friends of friends, and we watched their stuff. Pretty fun night. A hieu kind of night :)

    -i don't have xbox yuck. does your friend have gta4 though? Isn't that the coolest game ever.

  4. Hahah omg I got my license today :D :D
    I can't wait to get behind the wheel. Apparently driving a car is like driving those racecars at the arcade. I hope so, cos I'm gun at them lol
    Anyway, GOOD LUCK!


  5. HAHAH what I find the funniest about your dream is that you didn't even warn your friend and left him to be beaten up