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Monday, 22 February 2010

Carry On Tradition

So I went to the dentist today. It's not the most exciting thing but it's something, haha. Last week I went to get my teeth cleaned but the dentist informed me that I had three cavities that needed to get fixed up. He arranged for an appointment to take care of the cavities today. It's not the first time I've had cavities fixed up like this and I blame myself for not brushing my teeth properly, haha. That and the bad eating habits, haha. The one thing I like about going to see the dentist is sitting in the reclining chair. It's so damn comfortable, hahaha.


I know I was meant to see "Shutter Island" last week but things happened and I couldn't. I, hopefully, will be able to see it tomorrow unless things come up again. I honestly didn't want to read reviews for "Shutter Island" beforehand but I got curious. Most of the word on it has been very good which I like to hear but there have been a few nitpicky things here and there (length among other things). Then again, if people were concerned about length, they should check out a few other Scorsese pictures because they aren't exactly 90 minute movies.

To the Anonymous replies from my last blog post, here are my answers/replies to your statements/questions:

Anonymous #1: I wouldn't go so far as to call myself a sadist, hahaha. As a little joke though, I said I was a masochist after watching "Daybreakers". But I'd just like to clarify that I laugh at horrific things only because I sometimes find it hilarious on screen (though I know it shouldn't be). Now reality, of course, is a completely different story of course. :)

Anonymous #2: I hope I get to see "Alice in Wonderland" in cinemas. I actually like Tim Burton's zany artwork and his creativity as an artist and director seems to fit perfectly within the realms of Wonderland. I'm not sure about seeing the film in 3D though because it was originally filmed in 2D and converting it to 3D probably won't look right (I assume).


I had a dream that made no sense (then again, what dream of mine ever does?). In my dream, I was at a familiar street intersection near where I live and there was a softball/baseball game going on in the middle of the street. The roads were closed and there were four teams: a blue, yellow, green and red team. I asked if I could play and they said I could and could join any one of the four teams. Not sure what I picked though I'm gonna go with green (only cause that's my favourite colour).

Anyways, we were playing softball/baseball and Ron Burgundy (pictured above) came onto the field to pitch. He had gum and was chewing on it then blew a bubble. The bubble was a bit too big and burst all over his face. Now imagine if you will (assuming that you've seen "Anchorman"), Ron Burgundy yelling "MY MOUSTACHE! OH THE STICKINESS ON MY MOUSTACHE!". Also imagine him running around the field yelling at people to get the gum off his face. And then the dream ended. :)


NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Kevin's taken back his Xbox 360. He bought himself a few new games and wanted to play them. Now I don't have any Modern Warfare 2 in my life. Oh what will I do? :(


16_3.jpg picture by hieuyy

Readers, what do we think of Rose Byrne? I saw a movie she starred in recently (I'll get to that later), and got to thinking of what other people thought of her. She's not as famous as other Australian celebrities but I do like her in what I've seen her in ("Two Hands", "28 Weeks Later", "Sunshine", "Knowing"). I don't like her with blonde hair (watch "Two Hands", you'll know what I mean) and much prefer her with the brown that she has now. Then again, I prefer brunettes (Amanda Seyfried is the exception). I reckon she's pretty cute too and majorly lovable in the film "Adam" and it's good that she's a more serious actress. Loving the talent coming out of Australia in the past decade (Nicole Kidman, Naomi Watts, Hugh Jackman etc). Also I chose the picture above specifically because I thought she maybe could've played Summer in "(500) Days of Summer". Nothing against Zooey Deschanel though of course as she was a great choice to play Summer. Still, can't help but wonder.


Not sure if this counts as film news but seeing as how it's mostly going to be about an artist I want to plug, I don't see the harm of mentioning in this section, haha. There was an art exhibition in L.A held for Haiti the other day (it's probably still going on, I'm not sure) featuring "The Lost Art of Inglourious Basterds". A bunch of artists got together to create images inspired by Quentin Tarantino's latest film in a bid to auction their art and posters off for those suffering in Haiti. The artwork is bloody amazing but the one that stands out most to me was the one that is featured above. I couldn't help but think that I've seen this artist's work somewhere else before and it wasn't until I searched his name, Alex Pardee, that I realised he's done album art for The Used. Click THIS LINK to check out more from "The Lost Art of Inglourious Basterds". For more information about Alex Pardee and his art, check out his WEBSITE.


This John Woo action classic sees Chow Yun Fat make crime and smoking look amazingly cool. I had a lotta fun with this film and you can see how well of an action director John Woo really is. I loved this film but I question it's ending it's subsequent sequel. What more can I say about this film? It's got a straightforward plot that doesn't try to make the audience feel dumb but offers enough action to make anyone enjoy it. Highlight of the film for me was Chow Yun Fat doing anything, hahaha. I kinda felt the need to smoke after seeing it, hahaha. What's funny is that the film isn't actually about Chow Yun Fat but I guess his name is what makes the film have more credibility, haha.


I remember I've mentioned this film on the blog in the past before. I wasn't aware that this film had a limited theatrical run in Australia but nonetheless, I am glad that I've finally gotten around to seeing this film. It's a very nice film, well shot and well paced and doesn't exploit Asperger's Syndrome but rather informs us about it in a way that isn't offensive. Hugh Dancy and Rose Byrne, the film's two leads, do a tremendous job (Dancy didn't go full retard, thankfully) of holding the film together and it honestly is a very nice 90 minutes spent watching these two people meet and slowly fall in love. The subplot, albeit a bit dry, is still necessary to the overall story. The ending itself could've been a bit better but it wasn't as disappointing as say, "Law Abiding Citizen" or "Daybreakers" (I use those as examples because they're the most recent films I've seen). Overall, highly enjoyed this film. By the way, still love the poster for this film.

Trailer gives away a bit too much of the film's finer points.


Oh man did I feel a little depressed after seeing this film. I was wondering if a little film called "Children of Invention" had a DVD release yet wandered onto a 2004 Japanese made film titled, Dare mo shiranai (Nobody Knows). The film sees four children struggle to make ends meet after their mother abandons them and leaves them to fend on their own. My immediate comparison while watching this film was "Grave of the Fireflies". I didn't know what was worse though as both movies were very harrowing and very sad. I won't recommend this to everyone though as it is a very long film that relies solely on the kids' performances (which were outstanding by the way). You have to be really patient as the film goes for 141 minutes. I was surprised to find out that the film was loosely based on an actual event, which makes this film all the more haunting. I can't see myself watching it again but I do feel that the film was very well made with a lot of attention and care. By the way, Yagira Yuya (played the eldest brother, Akira in the film), was great to watch and it's pretty awesome that he won the 2004 Cannes Best Actor award (this is a super big deal, as this marked Japan's first ever win at Cannes and because he won it at 14 years of age making it the renknowned festival's youngest winner, ever).

No trailer here because the Americanised one that I saw was absolutely attrocious and didn't do anything for the film.


Why hello there live action "Tekken" movie! I see you have some new pictures to share with us! For those of you who are interested, THIS LINK will lead you to a picture gallery of newly released images for the upcoming Tekken film.

Also, Discovery Channel's "Stunt Stars" goes behind the scenes and shows us the action and stunts we can expect in Tekken. The hour long program gives insight as well as a behind the scenes look at the upcoming game to film adaptation. You can check that out HERE.


James Cameron has announced that there will be a prequel to his ridiculously successful film, "Avatar". However, the prequel will not be seen on film as Cameron plans to write a novel that ties in with his film. I wouldn't mind reading the book but I'd much rather prefer watching whatever prequels or sequels that Avatar is bound to make. I'd only read the book cause I'm interested in reading more into the universe that James Cameron has made now.


Jumping on the success of "High School Musical", China has created their own version of the aforementioned Disney film. I'm not sure about details but a trailer for the Chinese localised version of "High School Musical" has hit the internet and I don't know what to make of it. I thought that China were merely imitating the United States but it seems that Disney has actually been a part of this project and have backed it as a product of their own (which makes sense since High School Musical is theirs). Check out the trailer below.


Now to finish tonight's blog post, here are a few amusing images from "Inglourious Basterds" that you, the reader, may find to be worth your while. I found these to be utterly hilarious.

tumblr_krkrgbpv8X1qzai8to1_r1_500.jpg picture by hieuyy
Okay this one's just stupid but it got a good laugh out of me, haha. tumblr_kw39rbVhHt1qax511o1_500.jpg picture by hieuyy
Even Landa hates Twilight.

tumblr_kxc0ma4NSN1qzff5co1_r1_500.png picture by hieuyy
LOL. Mean Girls reference works well here, haha.

tumblr_kxr639hqEm1qar8ito1_500.jpg picture by hieuyy

End post.


  1. Yagira Yuya, I like him! I've been meaning to see that film because of that... Did you know he tried to kill himself last year? Or maybe the year before. He's also getting married to this chick who was in Educational DVDs we watched in Japanese class at PCW, lol.


    and I like strudels (L)

  2. ROSE BYRNE!! Definitely underrated Aussie actor along with her partner Brendan Cowell - he played Hamlet in a Bell Shakespeare production last year and holy frap, I was scrambling for my jaw on the ground, he was AMAZING on stage.

    John Woo forever =) Red Cliff was the last movie I saw of his. Pretty damn epic. Are you a fan of Wong Kar Wai as well perchance?

    HSM China looks interesting - oddly enough, I am kind of excited which is a bit of a worry.

    I saw Shutter Island on the weekend and it's definitely worth watching. Me and mildly thrilling movies don't go well together but I managed to sit through the film and really enjoyed it. Apparently they filmed in an actual abandoned asylum!

    I appreciate very much that your blog is kinda like my film news source =]


    Marion Cotillard is still my girl crush. You should check out her interview with the New York Times - it's on YouTube in black/white so you can't miss it. It's LOVE!

  3. i found the images from "Inglourious Basterds" very amusing LOL It was a nice touch to today's post.

    And i would like to read your review on Shutter Island in your next post.

    Oh man, i dont want to be a spoiler, but Shutter Island was two hours of confusion for me.

    I was screaming 'wt..eff is going on' LOL but overall, it was pretty alright! yeah,i think it could be your kind of movie ;)

    p.s today was a great post!