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Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Shallow Sleep

Oh noooooooooooo! I was supposed to watch the newly released Jackie Chan picture, "Little Big Soldier" this week but things didn't turn out as planned. I saw an advertisment for it on the wall in the city and jumped straight to the conclusion that it was playing in select cinemas throughout Melbourne. I knew something had to be wrong though because the film said that it would release on February 14th which is somewhat understandable (being that this was the day that the Lunar New Year festival begun this year) but having a film released on a Sunday didn't add up. I think I may venture into the city sometime tomorrow or maybe even later on in the day to check if it said that it was releasing in Melbourne Central or not because they tend to show Asian cinema as well there. I was so sure it said 14th on the poster though.


Even if "Little Big Soldier" isn't released yet, I can still look forward to seeing Martin Scorsese return to cinema with his new film, "Shutter Island". They've been promoting the heck out of this film and it's too bad that it missed out for competition in this year's Academy Awards because I think it could've been a strong contender (being that this is a Scorsese film). Very excited to be watching that this Friday.

FAVELA! Best map in this thing. :)

Had an epic LAN session with a few mates the other night in the city. I played Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 with them for about three hours before going home. I'm pretty sure they stayed out and did an all nighter with CoD. Seriously addicted to that game now, especially when playing with in such an interactive environment with people around you yelling obscene profanities at the top of their voice. Fun stuff. I remember I used to do this with a few other mates over Counter-Strike. "I say, damn good stuff, sir."


I had a party to attend the night after my LAN session. The party began at some bar then moved to a club. It was for a friend's birthday. I wasn't too excited about going to a club but seeing as how I'd never been into one, I didn't know if it was fun or not (though me being me, I kinda knew I wouldn't like it from the get go). Even though we moved off to the club, I didn't even go in. Mostly because the group was still thinking if they wanted to actually go in or not. That and I realised that you had to pay to get in, an idea I wasn't too fond of. Lining up and then having to pay for it wasn't that great of an idea and I immediately backed out, regardless of what the group wanted to do. Still, the night wasn't that bad, even though things didn't go according to what was planned. A hilarious chat ensued between my two mates, Kevin and Vas, myself and Minny and Thy at Maccas while the other people were inside the club. That table chat was probably the best thing that happened that night. Eddie came soon thereafter but only because he was already in the city that night. He and I met up but had to walk home from the city in the pouring rain. There were plenty of cabs but they were all taken. Oh well.


Lately I've been enjoying watching late night talk show interviews on YouTube. Guys like Conan O'Brian, David Letterman and Craig Robinson have kept me up a few nights because of their interviews with celebrities. I like watching them talk normally without having to promote their film or their album (though the appearance itself is promotion anyway). Good stuff, good stuff indeed. This kind of makes me want Rove to come back on Australian airwaves, haha.


Haven't discussed any of my dreams lately have I? I've had three interesting dreams happen in the past week. Actually maybe not interesting, just downright odd. I really do think I need my subconcious checked out, as Eddie says. Should I include a dream section? I seem to always remember them very well...

Dream 1: I don't know if I was Batman or not but I'd like to assume that I was. Anyways, this particular dream took place within the flats. I was escorting Commissioner Gordon downstairs but encountered some of Poison Ivy's plants. They were going to attack us but I had Mr Freeze's gun and froze the plants. Once they were frozen, I smashed through them and they shattered into pieces. We made our way downstairs and escaped but a message from The Joker came to us through his henchmen. Joker informed us that if we were to leave Melbourne, people would begin to die and that we should stay if they wanted people to live. And that was the end of that. I wanted to have more of that dream. :(

Dream 2: This one took place at my former high school. It was also a Valentine's Day themed dream but it wasn't anything signifigant. The Valentine in my dream was a girl that I had not seen in a year and I took her to my high school for some reason. All my school friends were egging me on about bringing a girl to school like that. Realistically I don't even think I could've done that anyway, unless they were a girl from across the road I guess. But yes, that was probably my own way of dealing with Valentine's Day, hahaha.

Dream 3: Another strange dream, actually a little disturbing. A certain couple and I were walking to nowhere when, out of the blue, an odd man asked the couple the limits of their love (ie. How far will they go to save the one they love?). They answered and then the man tested them. I dunno how but they ended up going into a car that was launched off a pier and sent into the water. I was thinking, "This is crazy!" and dived down to try and rescue them (despite the fear of drowning). I got them out somehow and they swam back to shore but I was somehow stuck in the car. The car was pulled out and I was saved by the odd man. The couple came over to me and apologised about what they did but I wouldn't have it. It was at this point that the odd man came over and asked the couple of another test. They were smart enough this time to not oblige but the man, angry that they wouldn't go with another test, pulled out a gun. I jumped in front of them to take the bullet to the leg. I yelled at them to run and they did. I was pulled into the car and was being driven away. I tried to break free numerous times but he kept hitting me. I broke out eventually and was lucky enough to actually run (rather limp) away from him in speedy fashion. The odd man wasn't too old but was old enough to be tired in a matter of seconds, haha. I escaped and that was that.

I haven't been watching any movies or episodes of anything on television so no "What I've Been Watching" section for today's post. However, a there are a few things to cover in film news in today's post.


Above is the newly released "Toy Story 3" theatrical trailer! I'm super excited about this film but am disappointed to see the trailer reveal a bit too much about the plot (especially towards the end of the trailer where it pretty much tells you what's gonna happen). A lot of people have theorised what may happen at the end of "Toy Story 3", with the common conclusion that Andy finds out that his toys are in fact alive. I wouldn't be opposed to this, I kinda like the idea. But yes, "Toy Story 3" is a must watch for 2010. On a side note, those of you that are fans of "My Neighbour Totoro", will find a nice cameo by Totoro in the trailer at 0:49.


The official theatrical trailer for "The Last Airbender" also popped up (no I'm not talking about the Superbowl TV spot that I posted in my previous post). I'm still excited about this film from the footage that's being presented. Dark and atmospheric, almost too serious in contrast to the television series I'm told. But maybe it's a move for the better. Then again, having dark movies isn't always the best way to go about things but that's just M.Night Shamalan's way of dealing with his films. I guess we also have "The Dark Knight" to blame for turning properties into serious, adult-like and dark. Nonteheless, still excited regardless of the tone of the film. I really should watch the series before I watch this, lol.


Next trailer to present in today's post is "Get Him To The Greek", the spin-off from 2008's hilarious "Forgetting Sarah Marshall". The film sees an intern (Jonah Hill not playing the same character he played in FSM) transporting an out of control rock star (comedian Russell Brand reprising his role of Aldous Snow) to the famous Greek Theater in Los Angeles. I loved FSM and loved the character of Aldous Snow so I'll definitely be seeing this. Trailer offers little laughs but I'm not gonna let that deter me. Most trailers are misleading these days anyway.

To end today's post below you will find a video of a bunch of "Star Wars" fans getting together for a flashmob. Their flashmob consisted of the largest lightsaber fight...ever. I don't count the one in "Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones" as the largest lightsaber fight because the Jedi weren't up against other Jedi so that doesn't count. *end geekout*

End post.


  1. OHHHH my goodnesss! I LOVE AVATAR THE LAST AIRBENDER!!! I can't wait for the movie!! LIKE SFDJNSFDJSFDJH. I even boycotted the other Avatar cos I wanted to watch this one first :) ahaha. I'm so disappointed with who the casted for Zuko though :( That Indian guy who was in Skins & Slumdog Millionaire.. majorr disappointment. I have like a slight anime crush on Zuko, and with that Dev guy being chosen to portray him in real life... :(


  2. Your dreams are interesting. I normally have dreams like your third one, except in yours you end up very lucky. ]:

    Toy Story 3! I need to watch this before I go off to college myself. I would have never noticed Totoro if you hadn't mentioned it. xD
    The Avatar the Last Airbender trailer looks good, as opposed to the trailer I saw during the Superbowl. Now I want to see it. I spy with my little eye Jackson Rathbone and Dev Patel.

  3. I haven't been 'clubbing' either and I don't think I'd enjoy it so I don't...
    I would rather 'table chat' too, I love table chat :-D

  4. ahahaha thank you so much for the birthday wishes~
    i hope you had a good valentines day and chinese new year :3

    thats so cool that melbourne has a place where they play asian stuff!

    your dreams are so interesting
    how does it feel to get shot in a dream?
    i always try to wake up before im about to get hurt or die cause i chicken out

    OMG TOY STORY 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and the avatar!
    so many movies!!!!

    and LULZ!!!
    forgetting sarag marshall was hilarious!
    i loved the vampire musical
    jonah hill gained so much weight!!
    aww i would have loved to see more of the character he played in FSM
    what king of character is he in this?

  5. random question,
    have you ever thought yourself to be a sadist?
    or maybe even masochistic?

  6. are you going to watch alice in wonderland in cinemas?