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Saturday, 6 March 2010

Distress and Coma

Just a quick notification to readers but I'll be posting regularly every week from either Saturday or Sunday. Just basically think of it as a weekly wrap up so now I guess you can read this without having to expect when my next post will be. So yeah, just expect them on weekends now.


This past week I begun my Creative Arts course at La Trobe University. Goddamn was it radically different to high school, haha. Below is a list of likes and dislikes I've compiled in regards to my first week at La Trobe.

+ Train rides in the morning are great because the trains are always empty and full of seats.
+ I look forward to going to actually going to school on Mondays now because my Screen Analysis classes are all on that one day.
+ Met a guy who's in almost all my classes so that's pretty good.
+ I have Thursdays and Fridays off from Uni.
+ Quite easy to navigate (my classes are all within a certain area)
+ Japanese classes are actually really good. Learning Japanese at high school turned me away from continuing it but re-learning it at Uni is much better, I think.

- Not looking forward to a lot of English based classes (Literature and Professional Writing)
- Unlike Uni students in the city, if you have a two hour gap between classes, you're practically stuck at La Trobe with nothing to do.

The positives outweigh the negatives but I wonder how much of this would change as the year progresses. To combat my two hour gap that I have on Wedensday, I plan on bringing my laptop to either browse around on the Internet or just watch a movie or for a bit. I have been meaning to actually catch up on television shows like "True Blood" as well so I may as well use that time for that. Or I could do homework, I dunno. All in all, a very good first week at University (one that I had not expected).


I haven't been really getting up to much this week because University has been all the rage for me this week. The only thing I think worth mentioning is the fact that I hung out with some of my high school mates last night. We caught up over pool, food and beer. So pretty much your typical guys night out. We were considering to have a CoD session but the LAN joint we went to was full. Unfortunate.


Oh by the way, has anyone had a listen to Alicia Keys' latest album? I'd really like to get some thoughts on the album because I've been meaning to check it out.


I think it's expected that I'll have one new film to put down every week now because of my Screen Analysis class. We watched this on Monday and I thought it was a pretty decent movie. You can definitely see Michel Gondry's direction coming out from the film, especially in some of the sweded movie moments. It's a pretty funny film but it's nowhere near as memorable as "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind". I think the only reason why that film is much better than this one is because of it's rather ingenious script. I did enjoy "Be Kind, Rewind", don't get me wrong but it's not something I think I'd be up to watching again anytime soon. I like Mos Def though. Like his music and his acting, haha.


Oh boy, what did I put myself through. I went to see this with Thy and Minny on Thursday but only on due to the fact that Amanda Seyfried was starring in the film. I have no interest in Channing Tatum because his acting has been rather bad in my opinion. I can say, though, that I was pleasantly surprised that he was actually decent in this film. He wasn't fantastic though, but he was bearable enough. I thought the film was just okay but if you want a full written review for this film I'll probably post that up sometime during the day or tomorrow.



Not much to discuss this week. Well, I mean there is a lot of film news to cover but I've just chosen select ones that may (or may not) evoke interest within readers.


WOAH! Group photo with the "Toy Story 3" characters! I think this is the final poster for the film as well. I love this poster so much, hahaha. Oh let this film release already!


It seems that Ridley Scott's "Alien" prequel will be filmed in 3D. Scott was the original director of "Alien" and made one hell of a film with that. 3D doesn't seem so gimmicky once a director actually plans to film something in 3D and properly utilise the technology the way that James Cameron utilised it for "Avatar". Still, the problem I have is Ridley Scott returning to helm "Alien" (and as a prequel/reboot no less). I like him (will be checking out "Robin Hood" later this year), but I don't know if he should try to outdo himself when he's already made a fantastic film. It's like George Lucas returning to do the prequels to "Star Wars".


I am a bit of a Zack Snyder fan. The man directed the remake of "Dawn of the Dead" in 2004, immortalised Gerard Butler as "King Leonidas" in the film "300" and did a pretty good job of filming the unfilmable comic, "Watchmen" last year. I do think he's a bit pretentious (the trailer for "Watchmen" dubbed him a "visionary" which is a big stretch there) but I guess with the success he's had, he has a bit of a right to. The common thread amongst the three aforementioned films, however, is that they're strictly for adults.

Zack Snyder’s LEGEND OF THE GUARDIANS stills

Having said that, I was surprised to find that Snyder was attached to a children's film titled, "Legend of the Guardians". It's adapted from a series of novels, "Guardians of Ga'Hoole" (a much better title that the studio should have stuck with) and the trailer that was released for the film this week actually looks pretty good. The CG looks really beautiful and having Hugo Weaving narrate over anything is awesome. It's nice to know that a few outstanding Australian actors have lended their voices to project, much like how "Happy Feet" was able to do this (the animation studio behind "Happy Feet" made this too). Check out the trailer below.


Running out of humourous content to post. Can't find any good ones to end today's post with so I'll just use this one. Hopefully it'll get a laugh outta people. I got a good chuckle out of it.

tumblr_kx67ktd6KR1qa703go1_500.jpg picture by hieuyy

End post.


  1. Uni sounds like good fun.
    If you have Thursdays and Fridays off, does that mean you have a 4 day weekend?!... bitch.
    That 2 hour break will be fun once you make a group of friends I reckon :-)

  2. Uni sounds mad xD
    Do you watch dramas? Cos if so, during your breaks you should watch Autumn's Concerto. (Actually, even if you don't watch dramas I still recommend it xD) I just finished watching all the episodes and I'm still in fangirl modee <333 haha.

    I've been reading/hearing bad reviews of Alice In Wonderland :(:(:( Have you seen it/have any plans to see it?


  3. 1. are you going to watch remember me? robert pattinson's acting looks actor-worthy in the trailer.

    2. if you had to choose your one favourite song of all times, what would it be?

  4. I've yet to play COD on PC. I'm kind of itching to play it because I'm hopeless at it on XBOX.