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Sunday, 14 March 2010

Down From The Sky

Let's get this weekly post done with and out of the way! I think "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2" is going to completely ruin my University studies. I've been way too addicted to it and would rather prefer hours of gaming and shooting people than studying homework (of course any distraction from homework is more than welcome in anyone's books). The homework so far hasn't been too demanding but I juts can't be bothered doing it sometimes. Hell, I can't even be bothered going to two of my lectures for Literature and Professional Writing. I only find my Screen Analysis and Japanese lectures to be somewhat worthwhile and engaging.

I had a bit of a two hour break on Monday morning but spent the first hour with this guy I've sort of made friends with and the latter half watching the live feed of the 82nd Academy Awards. Lucky for me too cause the awards had just started. On my two hour break on Tuesday, I spent much of my break conversing with a girl I kinda made friends with in my Japanese workshop. The rest of that break was spent in the library figuring out how to configure my laptop for Internet use at La Trobe. I will now no longer have to be bored during my breaks.

Oh and speaking of Japanese, my Japanese reading and writing workshop tutor/teacher is a pretty funky person. She came into class this week wearing aqua blue tinted glasses (massive ones like the kind indie kids tend to sport) and wore a pink backpack which was unusual for a tutor/teacher I thought. Unusually cool of course, haha.
Something pleasant happened during this week at Uni. I bumped into a friend from high school who is now studying at La Trobe. It was really unexpected bumping into him like that but I was glad I did though. It was nice catching up with him (I hadn't seen him since graduation last year). It was funny too cause he pointed out that the two of us could've done our entire course/degree (which is more appropriate to say? I can never tell) and never knew the other person was there.


Two people asked me questions in my post last week. Below are my answers to your questions, first starting with Elaine's question.

I don't love Tim Burton but I do have a bit of an appreciation for his work. I would like to go see Alice in Wonderland though I don't know if I'm definitely going to see it in cinemas. So it's a maybe for me. It looks wonderful though, artistically and stylistically anyway.

The next two questions were from an Anonymous reader.
I caught the "Remember Me" trailer before the "Dear John" screening and actually thought that it looked very intriguing... right up until the point that they had to introduce a romantic story. I thought the first few seconds of the trailer were promising until the bad boy goes on to meet a girl and fall in love with her. I do admit that this does look like Robert Pattinson actually breaking away from his "Twilight" persona and actually doing something a little more serious (though I'm not naive and know that he has done serious roles in the past) but as it stands, I'm not really interested in seeing it. The trailer had me on a hook for a bit but then slowly let me slip away from it.

As for the answer to your second question; I'm not entirely sure what my all time favourite song is. I honestly can't narrow it down to one but I can name several. I remember putting a list of songs that I really liked because they held some sort of worthwhile memory or got me into the band/singer. You can find that same list right HERE. Actually now that I think about it, "Every You, Every Me" by Placebo or "My Curse" from Killswitch Engage come very close to being number one, haha. But yeah, that list there is basically songs I consider to have some form of importance in my life.


Speaking of music, I was introduced to a new band this past week by a good friend of mine. Ladies and gentlemen, my flavour of the month: Blood Red Shoes. They're an alternative British two person band, much like The White Stripes. I quite like their tracks, especially their song "You Bring Me Down". Go check 'em out!

Their music video for "You Bring Me Down" reminds me a lot of the film, "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind".


After many years of delay and development, fanboys outside of Japan were able to get their hands on the latest installment in Square-Enix's Final Fantasy franchise. "Final Fantasy XIII" hit stores on March 9th but I've yet to get my hands on them. I haven't had that much hype going into the thirteenth installment in the roman numeral franchise and haven't been all too impressed with some of the things coming out from it. There are certain things about FFXIII that I do like (after having seen much footage leading up to it's impending release) but I'll have to reserve judgement until I get to play it myself. I plan to play it as soon as I'm done finishing "Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots". Three of my friends have the game. Two of them have gone on to say that it's a really impressive and awesome game while the other is much like me and isn't impressed, not yet anyway.


Holy friggin' crap, yes! I love "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" and it was great having to re-watch it at La Trobe's cinema! It's a favourite of mine as you may already tell and it was nice having to see it again. I do feel that it's an often underappreciated film but it's one that has had a great following on home video after it's disappointing run in theaters. It was good to talk about it afterwards in the lecture and tutorials as well because, up until that screening on Monday, I only knew of one other person who had watched the film. So yeah, that was good re-watching it and sharing that experience with other people. It was nice to learn a thing or two about the film as well, haha!


The little film that could. I think that this is the lowest grossing picture to ever win a Best Picture. Had "Avatar" won, it would've made it the most expensive and highest grossing Best Picture. I had previously seen "The Hurt Locker" at home and thought it was a wonderful movie and had to go check it out in cinemas to get a more enhanced viewing experience. Despite having seen the film already, the chills still got to me. I definitely recommend this (and if my recommendation doesn't count, let the film's six Academy Award wins speak for themselves).


This was my first time seeing "Forrest Gump" and I have to say that I absolutely loved it. For a two hour film, it really didn't feel like it. The direction is spot on and knows when to be funny, when to be serious and when to be emotional. I think that this is the film that "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" wished it was (though Benjamin Button was more serious than anything). Funnily enough, "Forrest Gump" won the Best Picture at the Academy Awards for the films that came out in 1994. I saw two Oscar winning pictures this week! It should also be noted that 1994 seemed like a really good year for movies! "Pulp Fiction", "Forrest Gump" and "The Lion King" all came out that year and are now considered classics in their own right.



Well I'm sure most of you know that the 82nd Academy Awards took place this past week. I won't go into who won or anything but I wanted to just provide my own thoughts about the results and things that happened throughout the night.

I was kind of surprised to find that "Inglourious Basterds" lost to "The Hurt Locker" in the Best Original Screenplay category. I loved everything that happened in "Basterds" and loved that it was an ode to cinema a little moreso than the war experiences of EODs (as intriguing as that film was). Tarantino looked visibly disappointed.

Main Image
Christoph Waltz proclaims his Oscar win as an uber bingo!

Someone made a good point that 10, 20 maybe 50 years from now, we probably won't remember "The Hurt Locker" and would remember "Avatar" more. I kind of disagree with this statement mostly because “The Hurt Locker” is considered essential viewing (at least to me) when you talk about war films. As it stands, it probably would be mentioned in the same breath as "Platoon" or "Apocalypse Now" years from now but realistically, it wasn't groundbreaking or shook up cinema the way "Avatar" did. "Avatar" in itself was a great movie but, at least to me, it felt like it transcended film (it pretty much became a spectacle).

It is also interesting to note that Kathryn Bigelow is the first female director to win a Best Director award (which is great of course). This actually makes me wonder why it took this long for a female to get an award for Best Director. I mean surely there must be some GOOD female directors out there, right?

I also find it funny that "The Hurt Locker" won a lot of the technical awards over "Avatar”. Wouldn’t "Avatar" have had to make sounds from scratch, seeing as how it's a fake world? Much more work and effort put into that, I imagine.

Oh hey look Amanda Seyfried at the Oscars! :D

Everything else that happened during Oscar night was pretty much expected (regarding awards anyway). Christoph Waltz, Mo'Nique and Jeff Bridges were locks in my book for their respective categories. For a full list of who won, head on over HERE.


Three trailers came out this past week that may interest regular readers of my blog. The following trailers are for "Iron Man 2", "Robin Hood" and "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse". "Iron Man 2" and "Robin Hood" look fantastic ("Iron Man 2" looks amazingly fun to watch). "Eclipse" made me cringe. Check out the three movie trailers below.


Toy Story 3 International Movie Poster

I know I posted up what was supposed to be the final "Toy Story 3" poster, and I was half right, but the following is the final international poster for "Toy Story 3". I think the one last week was just for use in the United States. I like this poster mostly because it's using the original characters from "Toy Story" and "Toy Story 2".

I thought I'd end tonight's post with something a bit different. Below is my personal favourite shot from "The Hurt Locker". It may look insignifigant but to me it says so much. It's accompanied by a great quote from the film that sums up the entire film. Once again, it's a great film and people should give it a try and check it out.

hl.jpg picture by hieuyy

"You love playing with that. You love playing with all your stuffed animals. You love your Mommy, your Daddy. You love your pajamas. You love everything, don't ya? Yeah. But you know what, buddy? As you get older... some of the things you love might not seem so special anymore. Like your Jack-in-a-Box. Maybe you'll realize it's just a piece of tin and a stuffed animal. And then you forget the few things you really love. And by the time you get to my age, maybe it's only one or two things. With me, I think it's one." - Staff Sergeant William James

End post.


  1. As if it was your first time watching Forest Gump!
    I find that so hard to believe considering you're a movie... fan.

  2. ^ I totally agree, you hadn't watched The Lion King or Forrest Gump (until now) but you had already seen Pulp Fiction! Shouldn't it be the other way around!?

    Anyway Blood Red Shoes are meh IMO, I dislike the male voice because the accent comes off way too strong. Singing while drumming is quite a feat though...But the drummer from the Eagles is better at it P:.
    The chicks pretty hot.