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Sunday, 4 April 2010

All Is Love

WOOOO! A full week off from University - nice. It's not really much of a break though cause I've got about three critical assessment pieces due after the break. I'll leave it for next week, haha. In the mean time, here's another usual post chock-full of stuff that happened during the week.


I realise that this post was supposed to be done yesterday but I was at my mate's place having an incredibly chilled time. Thankfully, it's the weekend so that's why I've said that I'm starting to only update on Saturdays and/or Sundays (just to remind anyone if they wanted/needed to know).


I recently signed up to take part in "The World's Greatest Shave".
Yes, I know that I'm not doing it during the week that the event took place but The Leukemia Foundation are pretty much happy to have anyone volunteer at anytime of the year. Initially, I was just going to spontaneously shave my head for no real reason but as I thought about it more, I thought I might as well have done it for something good. A friend of mine had a shaver and shaved it for me on Friday afternoon because I was too afraid that I'd screw up and leave ugly bald patches, haha.

supergod3.jpg picture by hieuyy

The third issue to "Supergod" finally landed!
Actually, it may have hit stores a lot earlier than I expected but I can't be sure cause I checked in with the comic book store and they kept telling me it wasn't arriving in yet. I don't know why it was delayed but oh well, it's here now. It was okay, it didn't leave me with my jaw hanging on the floor but it was a nice read. The narration is starting to piss me off a little though.

nemesis1.jpg picture by hieuyy

I also grabbed Mark Millar's new creator owned comic, "Nemesis". He reteamed with artist Steve McNiven to create an awesome comic that, I believe, will be quite big within the comic community. I liked the duos work on Marvel's "Civil War". The first issue is quite awesome, even if it's a few pages short. Can't wait for the next one.

I was also able to get the only two issues of "Breaking Into Comics: The Marvel Way". Both issues contain several one shot stories that show off art and drawing styles from Marvel's up and coming artists. It's a great read through and provides inspiration to those who want to break into comics. I know I certainly feel inspired to pick up a pencil and draw when I see these. At the back of both issues are some words from the up and coming talent Marvel are fostering and it's nice to read about how they got into comics and how they approached Marvel with their folios of work.


I've never watched an Alfred Hitchcock film until I saw "The Birds" on Monday morning. It's a well made film, that's for sure, but I find it a little hilarious (though I'm sure that wasn't the intention). I dunno if it was just me, but I kept thinking that this movie reminded me of your average zombie film. Have everyone holed up in a small local area and have everyone panic over an invading and somewhat apocalyptic threat. This was what "The Birds", basically was. I read elsewhere (after watching the film) on the Internet that this film helped George A. Romero create "Night of the Living Dead" and was cited as his inspiration for creating his zombie classic. If that's the case, then I have Alfred Hitchcock to thank for allowing "The Birds", to be the catalyst for epic zombie apocalypse movies.


Regular readers would probably know that I really wanted to check out Spike Jonze's "Where The Wild Things Are" last year but, unfortunately, never got the chance to see it in cinemas. Now that I've seen it at home, I think that I still should've seen it cinemas instead. I just feel that some of that awe and wonder of being a child would be better understood if it were projected in a theater instead. Nonetheless, the film lived up to my expectations, though I did think that it was somewhat strange at times. It's not quite a children's movie but more like an adult's perspective on what it means to be a child. I enjoyed it, but I'm not sure if I'd own it on home video for myself. I will give credit to the wonderful cinematography in the film. Some really picture-perfect choices of shots throughout the film. Also the soundtrack in this film is really good too! I found myself humming a lot of the tune after the credits were done, haha.


Went to catch a screening of "Clash of the Titans" on Friday night and was pretty disappointed with the overall product. I wasn't expecting much to be honest (plot and character wise) and was looking for a good, fun time with the screen. I'd like to think that I sort of had a decent time but the film could've done so much better. I might write a review on the film in a seperate post so look out for that (if you're interested) during the week.


I felt a little apprehensive seeing this French film because it was deemed to be very graphic and very shocking. "Irreverisble", aroused much controversy during it's release due to it's unflinching depiction of violence. A mate of mine recommended it to me and I took it as a challenge and sat myself down to see it. In all honesty, the film wasn't as horrificly violent as I had envisioned but it was still rather confronting (not something I'd recommend to everyone, but it is tolerable). I actually really liked the film. The story unfolds much like "Memento", in that the movie literally starts from the conclusion and ends in the beginning. It's a rather interesting film that's very well directed and very well shot. It kind of makes me want to go and see some of the director's (Gasper Noe) other films. One of his films, I'm told, is much like Martin Scorsese's "Taxi Driver" (at least in terms of subject matter).



Step Up 3D Movie Poster

First piece of film news today. The "Step Up" franchise isn't a franchise I particularly like but I don't mind and kinda enjoy the dancing sequences because they're pretty cool to watch. I remember seeing "Step Up 2" in theaters with some friends and thought it was pretty boring and had a very cliche formula running through it. All these movies are pretty much the same - we've seen it all before. In this type of movie, story, characters and acting are all secondary to the dancing. Much like how "The Fast and The Furious" franchise is mostly about girls and cars.

Well, I would've thought this was an April Fool's joke but it looks pretty legit to me. A trailer has been released for the third installment in the Step Up franchise: "Step Up 3D". I don't think 3D has any business being near a movie like this. Sure, 3D is used as another element of film immersion, enhancing one's experience and the overall quality of a scene, but for a dancing movie, it's really unnecessary and gimmicky. Damn you James Cameron for making Hollywood cash in on your success. What made me laugh in the trailer though was the title card "From Director Jon M Chu". Very pretentious considering that I've never heard of this guy. A quick Google search shows that he directed the second "Step Up" movie.


A full length trailer for Hong Kong production, "Ip Man 2", was released this past week and it looks super crazy and hella awesome! Donnie Yen reprises his role as the grandmaster of wing chun, Yip Man. In this film, Ip Man migrates to Hong Kong with his family and tries to have his martial arts discipline of Wing Chun spread. I hope this movie gets screened on Australian cinemas! By the way, the soundtrack used in the trailer is epicly good! Wonder if there would be an "Ip Man 2" score soundtrack.


The official theatrical trailer for Sylverster Stallone's 80's action movie throwback, "The Expendables" hit the interwebs this past week! While I love the product that Stallone's producing (and the talent he was able to acquire for an awesome film like this), I'm kinda disappointed that the trailer had ruined the cameos of Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger for me. I knew in advance that the film was going to include cameos from these two action megastars but I didn't want to see it until the final product was complete. It's not like the inclusion of both Willis and Schwarzenegger ruined the entire film for me though. I'm still going to go see this testosterone charged film, no matter what.

I've never watched "The A-Team" television series before and the only thing I know about it is that Mr T was in it. The second theatrical trailer for "The A-Team" came out this week and it's even more over the top and ridiculous than the first one. Thing is, I'd much prefer "The Expendables" over this because it's not as appealing to me. Oh and I don't believe for one second that a fine lady like Jessica Biel would be working with the military! So out of place, haha.


Support Aussie films! Although production wrapped last year, Aussie crime-drama, "Animal Kingdom", will be released later this year and I think people should get behind it if they want to support the film and television industry in Australia. "Animal Kingdom" has gotten a lot of positive feedback from audiences and critics alike at a few film festivals and is still picking up momentum. The film is set in Melbourne during the mid 1980's and features a pretty well rounded Australian cast. Below is the synopsis of the film and the theatrical trailer.

Welcome to the jungle known as the Melbourne underworld. Animal Kingdom uses this edgy locale to unspool a gripping tale of survival and revenge. Pope Cody, an armed robber on the run from a gang of renegade detectives, is in hiding, surrounded by his roughneck friends and family. Soon, Pope’s nephew, Joshua “J” Cody, arrives and moves in with his hitherto estranged relatives. When tensions between the family and the police reach a bloody peak, “J” finds himself at the center of a cold-blooded revenge plot that turns the family upside down. Pearce plays a troubled cop and is the one who thinks he can save the 17 year-old.


The second theatrical trailer for the Angelina Jolie action film, "Salt" was released this past week also. There are only a handful of women in Hollywood that could pull off looking hot while blowing stuff up and getting into brawls with other men and Angelina is one of them. If it were someone else headlining Salt (let's say, Amanda Seyfried), then I couldn't take it seriously, no matter how good the production is. I wouldn't mind seeing this film as it it does look kinda interesting. Getting a bit of a Bourne vibe from it actually.


This doesn't really count as news but I'll report on it anyway. Below are fan made posters depicting Chris Evans as Captain America. I really like the first one but hate the second one. After seeing these though, I can actually see him as Captain America. One tiny problem about this, however, is that Captain America is a BIG guy. I wonder if Evans will bulk up even more just for this, haha.

Captain America: Artwork by DorkyFresh from the SuperHeroHype forums

Captain America Poster: artwork by Sanket Tanka from and Cth from SuperHeroHype forums


Below, you can find the first few official photos for "Resident Evil: Afterlife". It's the fourth installment to the "Resident Evil" film franchise but I don't want this to continue any longer. It's not even set in the "Resident Evil" world (never really was). They're just taking characters from the game and putting them into a completely different environment. That and they've completely miscast a lot of people too. Wentworth Miller (of "Prison Break" fame) was cast as Chris Redfield. Really?

There's also a teaser trailer that was released this morning as well. The trailer doesn't really tell you much and for those who've played the game, this movie looks to borrow way too much from "Resident Evil 5" (and it's not even a proper adaptation, just borrowing characters and concepts). There seems to be a heavy push on the 3D aspect in the trailer and it also seems that the film was made in 3D so it might be worth a look in 3D (as opposed to the other films that were converted to 3D in post-production).


And now, to end this post, a LOLcat image depicting a fat cat as Jabba The Hutt from "Star Wars". :D

Jabba the Hutt Cat

End post.


    I personally like it, I'm glad you went through with it!
    Nice to see you did it for a good cause too (Y).

  2. you look ngau with that hair hieu. like gangsta and all :P ! now u just have to go dap people.

  3. out of all the hitchcock films to watch, you watched the birds? ergh, you need to watch psycho, rear window, or the 39 steps.

    *end random comment*

  4. hey you look hott with ur new hair style. I am not going to lie, you look so much better. Your old hair style was LOL!! very daggy. Mushroom haircuts are soo late 90s.

    Maybe if you went with the Mohawk, you would have looked even better. I guess next time you can have a mohawk.

  5. i replied to your comment on my blog because i'm that self-obsessed.

    comments that have protruded since stalking your blog:
    - well done on shaving your head
    - screening in class, hey? what course are you doing?
    - i've been meaning to watch taxi driver. is it good?

  6. ditto to that :)
    i absolutely loved raging bull. that's what got me into scorsese, that film makes me think 'gees, what happened to de niro?' loving the banner by the way, darth vader's my friend!