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Sunday, 11 April 2010

Be Quick Or Be Dead

I'm gonna dive straight into today's post for three reasons:

1. I can't remember much that happened this week.
2. I've got homework that needs finishing.
3. I wasn't sure how to start things off, haha.

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Bought myself two albums this week and both of them are damn awesome albums. I bought Silversun Pickups' "Swoon" album and Tokyo Jihen's latest album "Sports". Both are fantastic listens though I do think that Silversun Pickups' benefits a lot more on my stereo system at home. There were a lotta sounds and instruments that I never really picked up on the first time around with what I had on my computer. Tokyo Jihen's album sounds awesome on my stereo as well, although the only flaw I'd have to give it is that I can't really hear lead singer, Shiina Ringo's, all that much. It's still a good album though (much better than her solo "comeback" effort last year).


I also got myself a new game yesterday - "Uncharted: Drake's Fortune". I already had "Uncharted 2: Among Thieves" when I got my Playstation 3 earlier this year and loved the hell out of it and wanted to see what it's predecessor was like. "Drake's Fortune" was still very enjoyable and gorgeous to look at but the one thing I didn't like about "Drake's Fortune" (which they completely scrapped in the sequel thankfully), was the use of Playstation 3's six-axis controller. I felt stupid having to tilt the controller in order to throw a grenade. Another thing that sets "Drake's Fortune" apart from it's sequel is the fact that it's grounded in one place, whereas the sequel, you're travelling the world. Not saying it's a bad thing or anything like that, just saying how the game series has progressed. I honestly did not want to put the controller down beacuse I was so immersed and sucked in playing it. I ended up beating the game in one sitting over the course of 8 hours. 8 hours of a game may sound short but, looking at it as a movie, the pacing of the story was almost perfect.


This gambling addict wants to go back to the casino and gamble! My friends shouldn't have introduced me to "Casino Wars". I only just found out about the game and how to play it and I love it. It's you versus the dealer and whoever has the highest card out wins. Easy money to be made and lost. Yeah, I so wanna go back next week for it, hahaha.



"Layer Cake" was an awesome movie. It's a nice British gangster film that isn't directed by Guy Ritchie. it's got an awesome cast and some pretty good direction from Matthew Vaughn (seen directing this week's release, "Kick-Ass") Daniel Craig is NOT the suave, debonair 'James Bond' character he is now in this but certainly looks the part in a few scenes. Starts off simply enough and might get a tad confusing with who's dealing with who but things tie up well in the end. There's a scene in particular that I really liked that saw one of Daniel Craig's character's associates beating the hell out this other guy while Duran Duran's "Ordinary World" playing during the scene. It's a wonderfully shot scene and using that song with that particular scene was really awesome.


As mentioned just above, "Kick-Ass" was released this week and it did not disappoint. Truth be told, however, I imagined it to be a little more funnier but I'm happy with the end result cause what I got was something worth my money and rea;ly enjoyable (especially when watching it with a bunch of your mates). I see potential in the future for actors, Chloe Moretz and Aaron Johnson.

Ya know I feel like I saw one more film this week though I'm not sure what that could be. Like I said before, I can't remember this week all that well.
No 'Tidbits of Film News' section this week because I can't be bothered writing any in. Well, that and there weren't many things to share this week. I'm sure you can all do without a long mega week post anyway. I know I've said I'd put reviews up but with the constant bombardment of University work, I kinda can't be bothered. I guess so long as I put what I thought about recent films in this weekly blog post, you can see if I liked it or not.

Anyways, ending this week's rather short and lazy post is this silly thing.funny pictures of cats with captions

End post.


  1. Super glad you watched Layer Cake - I saw that when it first came out at the cinemas. It's a fantastic movie, a little more hardcore than my other favourite Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, but still pretty awesome.

    Hah - at least you post! I can probably out-lazy most bloggers when it comes to updating.

    Off-topic, but have you taken a look at Heavy Rain? I've been dying to play that since I saw it in the cinemas - it looks beautiful and judging by reviews, really sets the bar on gaming as a cinematic, emotional experience. Some reviewers have said it stays with you weeks after you finish it. Intriguing, ne pas?

    Hope uni isn't killing your life + that you're doing awesomely!

  2. i got free tickets for a preview screening for Kick Ass from my uni 2 weeks before release, woo! the soundtrack reeked of awesomeness and hit-girl really outshone everyone, i reckon. and is layer cake made by the same production company that made those guy richie films, hence the reference?

  3. why do you want to join the church of Scientology?

  4. scientology...