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Sunday, 25 April 2010

California Dreaming

I know, I know. I didn't post anything last week because well, I was busy and this week I'm busy yet again. I've got two assignments and a Japanese test to study for this upcoming week and am doing the best I can to balance this and university life at the same time. The good news is, I've finished this Professional Writing assignment so now I won't have to worry about any other major outcomes for that subject. The last piece of assessment for Professional Writing is a folio of writing pieces so I'm okay with that. Anyways, I've incorporated a few of the more notable bits and pieces from this week and last week for this blog post. It's still the same length as a regular post though. :)


Last Saturday I attended the Supanova convention here in Melbourne and it was a pretty awesome day. I was out with a few mates and had a pretty good time geeking out about geeky things. Below are a few of my favourite snaps from the event.

DSC00498.jpg picture by hieuyy
The closest I'd ever get to wielding a lightsaber. :(

DSC00500.jpg picture by hieuyy
It's not everyday you get to violate R2-D2. :)

DSC00502.jpg picture by hieuyy
It's come back to kill me. D:

DSC00503.jpg picture by hieuyy
A rather rotund Obi-Wan.

DSC00504.jpg picture by hieuyy
"The Sand People are easily startled, but they'll be back. And in greater numbers."


I took up a free Brazillian Jiujitsu (referred to as BJJ from here on out) class the other day and enjoyed it so much that I'm willing to go back. For those of you who don't know what BJJ, it's a martial art discipline that is focused predominately on grappling. My parents aren't crazy about the idea though but I really want to get into something physical as I don't get much exercise done ever. Now if only I had a job to actually pay the fortnightly fee. I wouldn't even be taking up this class had it not been for my newfound interest in the UFC (totally want to get 'UFC Undisputed 2010' for the PS3).


I have a question for those of you reading this. Would it be true to say that as we get older and mature, so does our taste in music? I can't remember where I read this statement but the other day it just popped into my head again and I've noticed that I've been listening to quite a lot of different types of music from different genres and different time periods. Hell, I was listening to an Al Green album the other day, haha! Care to discuss what you think about this bold statement?


Anyone reading this excited about 'Red Dead Redemption'? I'm totally getting this game when it comes out because it looks fuh-riggin' amazing. There was a game on the PS2 that I really loved called 'Gun' and this looks to be quite similar and even more fun. What I'm mostly excited about is the fact that it's like 'Grand Theft Auto' (and how appropriate seeing as how it's developed by Rockstar Games), only with cowboys and in the wild west. Massive open world to explore coupled with, what looks to be, an engaging and immersive experience with online multiplayer. The deathmatches start off with awesome Mexican standoffs and your game lobby is basically the open world of 'Red Dead Redemption'. They've turned it almost into a full out MMO! And now to end nerd-out. Anyone with a Playstation 3 or Xbox 360 should definitely consider getting this for their console. Can you say Game of the Year?



"Ninja Assassin" was my kind of stupid. Stupid plot, stupid characters but insanely awesome action, especially in the first 5 - 10 minutes of the film. The script was apparently written within 50 or so hours and it shows because the dialogue is dead and flat. It reminded me of "Punisher: Warzone" only with ninjas and without Ray Stevenson punching a guy's head in so hard it explodes.


Holy God, almighty are we scraping at the bottom of the bin now. "Future X Cops" is a complete mess. Normally I love stupid films but this was one I genuinely hated. I expected it to be bad from the trailer, sure, but not THIS bad. What's worse is that Andy Lau, one of the most recognisable faces in Chinese entertainment associated his name to this terrible film. Andy Lau's a great, great actor and I have no idea what he was doing in this. I thought the script for "Ninja Assassin" was bad until I saw this! Nothing is ever explained and you're going to have a massive migraine figuring out what's happening. The film itself was a compelte rip off of other more successful films such as "The Terminator", "The Matrix" or "Iron Man". It's so bad that it's also funny too in some parts (if that made sense).


My cinema class screened Wong Kar Wai's, "Chungking Express" this past Monday and it was a film that I was very interested in seeing. The reason for this is because my friend and her sister are big fans of Wong Kar Wai's works and recommended I watch his films. I believe that the director's next feature is another Yip Man biopic titled "The Grandmaster". It has no relation to the one starring Donnie Yen and instead has Tony Leung as Yip Man. Leung is in fact a long time collaborator with Wong Kar Wai. I'm guessing Wong Kar Wai is to Tony Leung as Martin Scorsese is to Robert De Niro? Anyways, the film was terrific. Both halves of the film were great and I can't distinguish which I liked more. I will say though that Faye Wong's character stole the movie for me and I fell in love with her weird and quirky character. Now if you'd excuse me, I'm off to seduce an airflight attendant. Tony Leung + Valerie Chow = Hot.


I had heard a few good things about "Hot Tub Time Machine" but was a little apprehensive watching it. I'll admit, it's got a kick ass movie title like "Snakes on a Plane", but I wasn't sure if it was going to be funny to me or not. Well, it was and it was a really awesome film I thought. I didn't feel the nostalgia of the 80's of course but the situations these characters were in was completely hilarious and was a lot better than I had imagined it to be. I'd recommend this film, definitely. Funny how I keep saying I'll write a review but end up not doing it. I'd write one for this as well but I can't be bothered seeing as how I've got other things to worry about this week.


I'm planning on watching the first "Iron Man" film again in preparation for the sequel coming out later this week. The only problem with this is that Donnie Yen's, "Ip Man 2" releases this week too. Decisions, decisions.


I barely remember much from this and last week's movie news so here are three news pieces to perhaps keep you happy enough.

Joss Whedon has been in talks with Marvel to direct "The Avengers" movie. This movie is a franchise crossover that will see Iron Man, Thor, Captain America and the Hulk on screen together which also means you will see Robert Downey Jr, Chris Hemsowrth, Chris Evans and possibly Edward Norton together on screen in one massively epic movie. The question is, can Whedon do it? Whedon is responsible for creating "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", "Angel" and the short lived series' of "Firefly" (epic win) and "Dollhouse". You'd think I'd have faith in Whedon but I'm a little apprehensive about this decision. At least he's not being watched over by Fox producers. Whedon and Fox do not mix well together at all.


So this quick teaser trailer/clip for Emma Stone's upcoming film, "Easy A" is rather...interesting. I've watched it quite a few times now and the song that Emma sings is quite infectious and has been stuck in my head for the past few days now. Here's what the plot of "Easy A" sounds like:

After a little white lie about losing her virginity gets out, a clean cut high school girl (Emma Stone) sees her life paralleling Hester Prynne’s in “The Scarlet Letter,” which she is currently studying in school – until she decides to use the rumor mill to advance her social and financial standing.

The film also co-stars Amanda Bynes, Cam Gigandet, Stanley Tucci, Lisa Kudrow and Malcom McDowell and Penn Badgley.


Twilight-Eclipse-Poster.jpg picture by hieuyy

For anyone interested in the "Twilight" series of movies, the latest trailer for the third installment, "Eclipse", hit the interwebs last night and here's a peek at the third movie.


And now to finish off, below is my current desktop wallpaper. My life couldn't get any more awesome than this right here.

End post.


  1. Wow. I've been gone from blogspot so long, that you've shaved your hair o_o
    I like it haha :D

    Anyway, I do agree that your taste for music changes as you start to mature. Probably because you start to appreciate different artists and genres more, as you grow and learn/experience different things! :) And I do loove Al Green. He has the best Gospel/Soul music! Ever. Haha.

    Anyway, I hope all is welll <33

  2. Obi-Wan looks like... Santa (O_O)
    I am really glad you shaved your head, I actually prefer it to your old hair!

  3. what did R2-D2 ever do to you?

  4. I saved the star wars wallpaper =D

    The obi-wan is fat as hell lol. I hate obi-wan btw, this girl I liked had a crush on ewan mcgregor and as a result I hate.

    My taste in music didn't really change >< I still listen to jpop, hiphop, pop, and german/french music at whim. I'm lame like that I know.