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Sunday, 1 August 2010


Went back to university study this week and it proved to be not as daunting as I had imagined. The only subject I'm afraid of right now isn't screenwriting (as I had previously imagined) but media studies. It doesn't quite seem like how I would've imagined which is a bit of a letdown. I've also realised that I NEED to know my Japanese because I feel completely behind on everything. Such a shame too since I did rather well last semester in it. Uni seems pretty good this semester, I hope.


I'm considering to create a Formspring account. I didn't want to because the idea of getting negative and anonymous responses turned me off from the idea of making one but after seeing many of my friends getting into it, I thought it might be fun to try it out. It's not even something I want/need but just seems a bit fun, lol.


films.jpg picture by hieuyy

Looky, looky - new DVD acquisitions! I bought "Snatch", "The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou" and "28 Weeks Later" out of impulse. Sanity were having a "3 for $25" sale and I just went with it. I haven't watched "Snatch" or "TLAWSZ" but am looking forward to it. I also bought "Days of Being Wild" out of impulse because I thought the cover was very buy-worthy. It was only $10 as well so I couldn't really pass it up.


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In gaming related news, "Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty" released this week! While I can understand the hype going around "Starcraft 2", I don't really see much of an improvement over the original game. I've basically decided that it's "Starcraft 1.5" - it's the same game with a new face lift and a few new features. It's like an expansion, really. There's nothing revolutionary or game changing about "Starcraft 2" but the fact a sequel had not been produced in over 12 years just warrants hype of course. I'm not bashing "Starcraft 2", I'm just pointing out my own opinions about the game.


Ummm, can you say awesome announcement? Capcom officially revealed intentions to create a joint cross-over fighting game with Namco and will release "Street Fighter X Tekken" some time in the next two years. There will be one game based on the "Street Fighter" fighting engine and another game, aptly titled "Tekken X Street Fighter", to be based on the "Tekken" fighting engine. As a huge fan of both franchises, both Capcom and Namco are going to definitely get money from me. This is major fanservice and at the end of the day, everybody wins.


Joseph-Gordon Levitt's admittedly become one of my new favourite actors. As an actor, his range is quite good and he always plays them very well. As a personality, he's a really humble, down-to earth guy who clearly loves his craft. He's one of those actors that could've taken the route of the teen-heart throb - that guy who seems to be in the same kind of movie everytime - but after "3rd Rock from the Sun", he ventured into serious acting territory and did many indie-films before solidfying himself as a star in "(500) Days of Summer" (which in it's own right was an indie film that got such great word of mouth that Fox Searchlight gave it a mainstream release). I like this guy and he's already established himself, in my mind, as a great actor whose future in films can only get better. Plus, he likes "Street Fighter". Mad respect.


As far as remakes go, this one wasn't too bad. Everyone involved definitely had the right intention to make this out to be a nice movie to watch and it is. My few concerns with the film, however, stem from the sometimes awkward script (some characters had lines that were awkward and do they really expect me to believe Jaden Smith's character, Dre, could do what he did by film's end?), the filming of several fight scenes (especially towards the end where things got all Jason Bourne-like, if you know what I mean) and the runtime of the film (IMDB says it's 140 minutes). Some things that I did like about the film were the cinematography (great shots of China), the acting (Jaden Smith is one fine child actor and Jackie Chan plays his role to perfection, I thought) and the fights themselves (fight scenes are quite impressive). The only reason why this film would seem better than the original is because it has a great budget. I did enjoy this film, but would prefer the original simply because the original had a sense of genuine verisimilitude. Also disappointed that there wasn't any use of "You're The Best" by Joe Espisito, haha.


I finished watching "Modern Family" over the course of the week and it's become one of my favourite sitcoms that I wish I had found out about earlier. Unlike my other recent favourite, "Community" there's a sense of maturity to "Modern Family" because the show tries to please the entire family audience. I like that at the end of almost every episode, there's a postive message and outcome that sums up the episode. The writing is snappy and quite clever and all the characters in the show are well written and developed. My favourite character, as well as anyone who watches the show, would have to be the head of the Dunphy familly, Phil Dunphy. Ty Burrel plays the awkward dad so well and gets the best lines of the show. The best episode, in my opinion, was the Valentine's Day-themed episode. There was a massive build up of snickering laughter that lead to an outburst of absolute laughter in that episode that had me in stitches for such a long time. I love this show and can't wait for second season.



I forgot to post this up last week but I shall do so this week. The first official footage for Haruki Murakami-adapted film, "Norwegian Wood" was released two weeks ago and judging from the small amount of footage, this looks like it's definitely living up to what I would imagine the events in the novel to have been like. I'm still slightly disappointed that the character of Midori doesn't have the short hair she was supposed to have that was described in the novel but it's one small thing I can look pass because I'm hoping that this will be good.


Sucker Punch Banner

WARNING: this new trailer for Zack Snyder's "Sucker Punch" contains elements of nerd porn! While the trailer is only a teaser and doesn't give too much of the story (though an outline of the story can be found on IMDB), I'm liking what I see. I've stated before that I like Zack Snyder's body of work and would defend him but this is his first original film - his past films have all been based on already exisiting properties, be it a remake of an original or a graphic novel adaptation. Visually, this film should be a damn treat as Snyder really knows how to make truly eye-popping visuals for the audience to salivate over (or just me anyway). Anyways, looking forward to seeing scantily-clad women fight samurai, dragons and Nazis. I've also just realised that I've mentioned "Sucker Punch" in my last two blog posts.


Those of us that were fortunate enough to have seen this video saw leaked footage showcasing a 5-minute trailer for Marvel's "Thor" found it's way on the internet this past week. The footage was originally screened at Comic-Con but a digital copy somehow found it's way onto the internet. From what I saw, the film looks rather epic and seems to be completely different to the superhero films we're constantly seeing which is quite refreshing. The suits all looked fine in motion and I have absolutely no problem with them. I can't embed the video onto the blog of course because Marvel have been running around taking them down all across the internet but I just wanted to get my thoughts about it on here.



Speaking of all things Marvel, here's an awesome picture of "The Avengers" cast gathering together for Comic-Con. From this picture, it's officially announced that Mark Rufallo will replace Edward Norton as Bruce Banner/Hulk and that geek god Joss Whedon will take the reins as the film's director. For a while now those two were rumoured to be involved in the movie but it's made very clear that they'll be there now. Also, for those that may have missed the casting news, Oscar-nominated actor Jeremy Renner is also to be a part of the movie as Hawkeye (clearly seen in the picture above). It's quite awesome to see the entire Avengers cast right there - really impressive. The starpower is something to behold, really. Only time will tell if Marvel's major ambition will be a major hit or a complete miss.


And that wraps up things for this week. To finish off, for those of you who are still confused about "Inception" this infographic MAY be able to help you figure things out. Of course, it goes without saying that the graph is spoiler-y so avoid it if you haven't seen it.

End post.

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  1. I have high high high respect for Joseph Gordon-Levitt as well. Such a talented, intelligent, man. He's pretty cool too, have you ever visited his sit hitrecord? It's awesome, it's basically a collaboration site he put together. I want to see Hesher.

    Modern Family, is one of my favorite shows, along with community ( I found the paintball episode to be really awesome) My favorite episode was Phil's birthday. The things he says are so funny " The iPad comes out today. It's like Steve Jobs and God got together to say ," We love you Phil."

    Ahhh Comic Con, Comic Con, Comic Con, I missed it this year ]: Actually I haven't gone in 2 years, I never plan my trips to San Diego at the right time. You should go, it's huge, lots of booths, you get to see trailers, and you can scavenge through some places to find some pretty good comics.