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Sunday, 22 August 2010

We Are Sex Bob-Omb

Attended Manifest 2010 yesterday and it was pretty damn awesome. What was not awesome was voting in the morning because it sucked waiting in the cold. Another thing that sucked was building the actual Tetris blocks that myself and Masa were wearing. Yes, what you read was right - we went as Tetris blocks. We didn't actually plan how we'd build our blocks but we bought the boxes earlier in the week($40 for four boxes, =="), painted them at my home and then assembled them at the Showgrounds. We were able to build my block fine but Masa's block kept falling apart. After we fixed it (with help from Kevin and Eddie), we moved off inside our blocks and were bombarded with photographers. Couldn't take 5 steps without stopping (and it was hard moving in those things). But all in all, fun time at Manifest. Below are some photos from the event that I didn't take. Instead, they're stolen from other people who have posted them on Manifest's Facebook page.

DSC00521.jpg picture by hieuyy
DSC00537.jpg picture by hieuyy

The four of us also managed to get into the Little Kuriboh Q&A panel which was also very cool and very funny. For those who don't know, LK is responsible for creating popular internet series, "Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series" and has since grown to become a bit of an internet celebrity. He's a very funny man and seemed very nice - he even answered a quick question I had for him about his favourite films!

DSC00528.jpg picture by hieuyyDSC00538.jpg picture by hieuyy

And then of course we had to destroy the boxes because we couldn't bring them home (though part of me kinda wanted to keep it since it looked pretty awesome). The best part about creating something is eventually destroying it. :)

DSC00534.jpg picture by hieuyy



So our cinema studies class studied "Goodfellas" this past week and I do believe I've given a few thoughts about the film before so I won't elaborate too much. I absolutely love this film and learning about it and the techniques and cinema of Martin Scorsese (I'm required to also write an essay about him, which is awesome!) only further enhances my love for it. Quality film, essential viewing.


I've been really looking forward to "Scott Pilgrim vs The World" and by God this film did not disappoint me in the slightest. It's like as if director, Edgar Wright, dived into my subconscious and made a film based on things he saw in my head. Needless to say it was really appealing to me and I knew I'd like it, love it even, straight from the get-go. The film's opening is one of the most memorable and energetic openings I've experienced in a cinema for some time now. Wright's noted and stylised use of quick cuts and jumpy editing only further enhances the chaotic story while giving it a pacing that never quite needs heavy-handed expositition to explain to the audience what is going on. The film's visuals and emphasis of text; cast of great actors; awesome soundtrack; wonderful script and amazing fight sequences are huge positives of the film. Finally, the video-game references. There were at least five, maybe six references that all went back to "The Legend of Zelda" which I thought were appropriately used. Great movie - easily one of my top five films of the year, thus far.



Any chance I get to talk about Rose Byrne is a good one because she just seems like an absolute sweetheart. So The Hollywood Reporter reports that Byrne was recently in talks to be apart of Matthew Vaughn's ("Layer Cake", "Kick-Ass") "X-Men: First Class" as Moira MacTaggart, love interest of Charles Xavier (played by James McAvoy). The film's been steadily casting a list of really talented actors (see their IMDB page) but is it too much? You decide.


Another film I'm now highly anticipating is Darren Aronofsky's, "Black Swan", starring Natalie Portman, Mila Kunis and Vincent Cassell. The official film trailer was released this past week and sees Portman as a seasoned ballerina whose life is consumed by her art. A new ballerina in the form of Kunis, comes in and threatens Portman's position as the lead in the production of "Swan Lake" and a tense rivalry ensues. It may seem familiar but the film has a lot to love about it if one decides to check out the trailer. Aronfsky's previous directing efforts include, "Requiem For A Dream", "The Fountain" and "The Wrestler".


And that is all this week. I don't think I need to include any more pictures and if you think about it, this post was actually quite short in terms of text. Being at Manifest and watching "Scott Pilgrim vs the World" on the same day was just awesome.

End post.


  1. Tetris Blocks, I love it (Y).

  2. hivemind dude, I just named my latest blog the same thing

  3. LMAO!!!! tetris blocks!!!
    that picture of the tetris block walking around cracked me up!
    could you see through?
    were you the purple one or the orange one?
    and oh, i hope the little jigglypuff could see! XD

    i really liked scott pilgrim too...where i watched up to at least XD
    and ooh~ black swan looks interesting. havent seen mila kunis do something serious, except one action movie

  4. Oh hi, I just saw a picture of girls dressed like Sailor Moon :D Well at least I think they are....

    Anyway I haven't beeen here in agesssssssssss. How are you and how is everything :))


    P.S. I am LOVING how much you update your tumblr..... /sarcasm haha. Just in case you can't read the sarcasm over the net.

  5. You have a Tumblr?! Tetris blocks are gold hahaha.. I love conventions, they're always heaps fun.

    Scott Pilgrim is amazing - I'm pretty sure I was the only one geeky enough to get all the references. Ahhh Legend of Zelda nostalgia ♥

    Rose Byrne + Natalie Portman - excitement! They're so amazing.