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Sunday, 12 September 2010


I'm back!

Anyone miss me? No? Okay!!!

I didn't exactly say I'd be on a week long hiatus but that's because I didn't know I would be. My computer got infected with a virus and it made my internet completely shut down and unusable. Thankfully, I had that fixed yesterday by a friend so now I can continue blogging! I won't cover everything in the past two weeks because the first week was dry and dull anyway, nor will I cover anything from film news becasue I haven't had the chance to properly inhale my dosage of film news this past week. So having said that, let's begin!


DSC00547.jpg picture by hieuyy

I've saved up enough money to get "Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty"! I just came back from the city to buy it actually and can't wait to spend countless hours online with my preferred race, the Zerg! I'm not all that great of an RTS player but I do enjoy playing them.

The other day I hung out with some friends from high school whom I had not seen in some time. My friend invited me out for karaoke with him and his Uni friends. Half of the guys and girls there I didn't know, obviously, but it didn't matter because when it comes to karaoke, I don't care if these complete strangers are gonna eyeball me for looking like an idiot. I'd provide photos but why should I? I think we can clearly produce a picture of Asians singing at karaoke in our heads.


I also attended a screening of "Evangelion: 2.0 - You Can (Not) Advance". It was showing at the Nova in Carlton as part of the "Reel Anime" film festival. My thoughts on the film are below but as a fan of the character of Kaji, I was disappointed that he wasn't used as much. They barely even referenced his and Misato's past relationship together though I suppose with two more films to come, they'll flesh his character out more. The new girl, Mari, was also scarcely used. Next week I'll be returning to watch "Summer Wars".


An anonymous person asked me on Formspring for 15 interesting facts about myself. To be honest, I'm not all that interesting so if these facts aren't all that interesting, you've been warned. So for that anonymous person (and for the amusement of anyone else reading), I shall proceed with 15 interesting facts about me!

FACT ONE: "Fight Club" is a very important film to me because it changed how I looked at myself and how I looked at other people.

FACT TWO: I think that my adoration for all things zombie-related can be attributed to three awesome dreams I had where I found myself in a zombie apocalypse.

FACT THREE: My favourite video game of all time is "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time". I invested a lot of time into that game and fondly remember sharing my findings and discoveries in the game with another friend who was also into the game.

FACT FOUR: The first movie that I can remember watching in cinemas was "Jurassic Park: The Lost World".

FACT FIVE: My first gaming console was the Nintendo 64. I don't know why I didn't have a Super Nintendo before that...

FACT SIX: My first gaming device of any kind was the first generation of the Game Boy. It was a black brick and it came with two games: "Double Dragon" and "Star Wars". Good times indeed.

FACT SEVEN: I use self-deprecating humour a lot. It's probably why I don't have any friends.

FACT EIGHT: The first "Saw" film; being home alone with Foxtel; and watching films with my dad are all contributing factors to my love of all things cinema.

FACT NINE: I find dead baby jokes to be absolutely hilarious. You could say I'm pro-abortion, I guess.

FACT TEN: After having written fact number nine, it should be also noted that I have an incredibly twisted sense of humour as well. I laugh at people dying in horror films.

FACT ELEVEN: In year 7 or year 8, I was pressured into watching "Battle Royale" but I refused to because the concept of the film really scared me (school kids trapped on an island and forced to kill each other in horrifically glorious fashion). A few years later I watched it and thought it was the most awesome thing. I naturally laughed at a lot of the deaths too.

FACT TWELVE: Despite being in possession of a driver's licence, I have yet to actually do any driving. My logbook is completely empty.

FACT THIRTEEN: I once got pulled over by cops for not wearing a helmet whilst riding a bike on an empty street. It's about as rebellious and hardcore as I get.

FACT FOURTEEN: I was nicknamed "Tekken Chau" at year 8 camp. I won't let go of this moniker.

FACT FIFTEEN: I can make abnormal bone cracking noises with the heel of my right foot. It's like I have a beating heart there.

Did that make you happy Anonymous person? :)


The second installment in the "Rebuild of Evangelion" project completely disregards everything you've ever known about "Evangelion" and absolutely makes the revised movie versions their own thing. The new direction in story takes this film completely away from it's original anime series' story but retains a lot of the imagery, themes and symbolism that fans have become familiar with. This new direction is incredibly interesting and highly engrossing but because these are essentially a summary of a certain set of episodes in the original series, some characters and stories are either abandoned or left underused/underdeveloped. Fans of the series will have no idea what's going to happen in the final two films and will be left in the dark as much as the new fans are which is smart, I think, for the people behind the series. I can't wait for the final two parts and am definitely getting this film on Blu-Ray.


"JCVD" is an interesting film. It's essentially a film about action star Jean-Claude Van Damme. Van Damme plays a kind-of-fictionalised version of himself but the film feels very personal and really allows the audience a glimpse into how Van Damme sees himself. One very important monologue scene had me very enthralled. You wouldn't think a guy like this could act but he can (though that's probably because he feels more comfortable in his native language than in English). The main story of the film sees Van Damme stuck in a post office with other hostages and criminals trying to rob the place and that's also quite nice to watch but it's Van Damme's performance that one must certainly look out for.


It's my first Wes Anderson film and it's certainly a unique one. I like the way Anderson shoots the film and the colour scheme he employs throughout "The Royal Tenenbaums". The humour is dry and somewhat witty and the colourful cast of characters all have their unique little quirks. It's definitely not quite like any other film I've seen and certainly feels different but it's something that I think I can get used to and grow to appreciate. I liked it for the most part and thought that the script was excellent (must be hard developing all those characters).


"The Other Guys" is a hilarious film but personally I don't find it nearly as quotable or hilarious as "Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy" (director Adam McKay directed both these films). There are a lot of great moments in "The Other Guys" that had me in fits of laughter and it's hard not to share these moments because they're quite spoiler heavy. Some critics have criticised Mark Whalberg's performance in the film but I thought he was fine (seemed to channel just the right amounts of one of his previous cop characters, Staff Sergeant Dignam, in "The Departed"). Will Ferrell is perfectly comfortable in his role here and it's an absolute joy watching him and Whalberg go from one situation to another in the film. An action comedy that sometimes subverts the conventions we've come to be familiar with in cop movies.


And that's all for this week. Now if you'd excuse me, I need to attend to "Starcraft 2".

End post.


  1. DUDE you have the coolest nickname - who do you play? I'm a Hwoarang kind of player myself.

    I still need to get my hands on Evangelion 2.0 - and SC2. Though my sister's been trying to indoctrinate me into DragonAge.. which I'll eventually get around to. Eventually.

    Hope you're doing awesomely on your side of town! =]

  2. I like the random facts! Do more!
    Battle Royale is the WEIRDEST movie ever
    and hence, is pretty hilarious.
    I love it when the guy is like "I think you're cool..." *DIES*
    LOOOOOL that sounds horrible but it was such a stupid thing to say before you die.

  3. LOL no worries :D

    And omg I love Fight Club! But the book > movie. Chuck Palahniuk is my idol haha.


  4. ahahaha i loved yer random facts! youre so funny! and OMG I LOVE OCARINA OF TIME! i was so obsessed with the songs! which reminds me, check out this mixtape:
    majoras mask is too hard. i still cant beat the damn thing D:

    ahaha it was good! its like, polish sausage too and theres chopped up jalepenos on top so theres a tingle of spice XD