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Saturday, 30 October 2010

Santa Monica Dream


Some things to do over this massive holiday:

- Reorganise DVD and book shelves (things are just lazily stacked at the moment, AND NOT IN RATING AND ALPHABETICAL ORDER!)
- Stock up on film posters (if possible)
- Finish Final Fantasy XII (hahaha) and Okami
- Find paid work (since volunteering is fortnightly but no one will hire me!)
- Catch up with Cowboy Bebop, Mad Men and True Blood (finally)

Yeah, I totally lead an awesome life.


I've got a Japanese exam on the 24th of November which I will fail, no doubt. Glad I won't be doing Japanese next year as I have enrolled into (mostly) cinema based courses. Now the question is, what the hell do I with a cinema based course once I finish it? We'll leave that thought for another three years...


Wish Halloween was as awesome as Modern Family's one.

I really wanted to do something for Halloween this year. Last year I was meant to but me and my mate, Vas, bailed out on it because of the VCE exams. This year, we were planning to dress up and go but we had no idea what we wanted to do. We hadn't been talking for a while either so I've got no idea what's going on. Oh well, here's hoping something happens tomorrow night.


Actually, Halloween at Greendale college is much better.

Speaking of Halloween, can I just say that this week's episode of Community is damn awesome? It's my favourite episode of the season so far and is on par with the paintball episode (a huge fan favourite from season 1). People, please watch this show however way you can and support it! I'd hate to see it get cancelled. Where else will I get my fix of regular film references by Abed if it gets cancelled?


DSC00594.jpg picture by hieuyy

Look what came in the mail! If anything, this was one major impulse buy but I'm kinda glad I have it. Now I will be reminded of the awesomeness of "Fight Club" everyday. Now to get some original Star Wars posters.


I can kind of understand why people would say Tumblr is addicting as I am a little hooked onto it. I've made quite a lot of posts in the past week on there (not as many as most people, I realise). Finding pictures of awesome things (fan-edits are the best) makes me very happy and I'm even more happy to share them on my page. I'm also doing two 30 day challenges on there; one about film, the other about video games. Those should keep me occupied on Tumblr for some time. Again, the link to Tumblr is up top.


Yes, I did say that last week I would rewatch "28 Days Later" and "28 Weeks Later" and I did but I won't talk about it for the sake of my time and yours. Just know that these two are personal favourites and are damn fun to watch. Hate having to see Rose Byrne die though.

A lot of expectations walking into this film and it did not disappoint. David Fincher's "The Social Network" is not only a movie that details the creation of the phenomenon known as Facebook, but it's also a great story about friendship, greed and betrayal. You can immediately tell this is a Fincher film (even if it didn't "feel" like one") with it's distinct lighting and colour which worked great for the film. The performances were great. Jesse Eisenberg plays the seemingly dislikable creator of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, but gives him some redeemable qualities (not making him out to be a complete douche). Andrew Garfield (the true stand out in my opinion) plays Eduardo Saverin, Mark's best friend, whose part in all of this was quite tragic, while Justin Timberlake is surprisingly decent as Napster's creator, Sean Parker. This script better win "Best Adapted Screenplay" come awards season because it's absolutely amazing. The dialogue is crisp and punchy and also has a lot of intelligence behind it (a lot of great lines, in this film honestly). Great film, recommended viewing.



Oh hai, Chris Evans. Check him out in (almost) full uniform as Captain America. I didn't think this would look good but here I am, being proven wrong. It doesn't look as bad as you'd expect and from what you can see, it doesn't look all that bad. I just wonder what it'd be like with his mask/helmet on because that's the real dealbreaker right there. There are more images from the film HERE.


It's official, the new title for the third of Christopher Nolan's Batman films will be titled, "The Dark Knight Rises". I'm a little on the fence with this title but it's only a title, it's the film and content that matter I guess. It's also been confirmed by Nolan himself that the much rumoured villain, The Riddler, will NOT be making an appearance in this third entry. This makes the Killer Croc theory all the more plausible. Nolan will continue to film "The Dark Knight Rises" in IMAX cameras but has opted NOT to use 3D for the film (good move).


Remember when I said Justin Bieber was going to have his own autobiographical movie? Well here it is, the trailer to said Beiber movie. No doubt this will get a lot of attention when it's released in film theaters all over.


Click to view full size image

And finally, the first set pictures of Andrew Niccol's ("Gattaca") latest sci-film film about a future where people never age arrive. No surprises why I decided to pass this off here. Amanda looks pretty cute with a red bob (even if it's a wig). The film stars Amanda Seyfried and Justin Timberlake.


And that's all this week. I've yet to see Burton's latest film, "Alice in Wonderland" but this picture here made me laugh quite a bit. The expression on his face is priceless. :D


End post.


  1. I think the next villain for dark knight should be Harley Quinn since she was the Joker's girlfriend. Plus it was rumored that they were looking for female roles

  2. just got back from seeing social network and IT IS SO GOOD I WANT TO EXPLODE. that, is how you make a film.

  3. I loved the Social Network - I have a massively inappropriate crush on Jesse + Andrew now. So good!

    Is 'Gattaca' a remake of that 90s Ethan Hawke/Uma Thurman movie? Sounds like it would be going by the premise.

    I've only just started on Community and so far, it's gold - have to churn through Sherlock and catch up on HIMYM. Also - HOORAY FOR NO UNI!!!

  4. Good with your Japanese exam!