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Sunday, 28 November 2010


Pretty awesome week for me. On Tuesday I watched the latest "Harry Potter" film with Jacquie; hung out with Thy on Wedensday in the city; caught up with Angela, an old friend of mine who still remains as awesome and had a small Monopoly/Poker night with some friends on Saturday night through to Sunday morning. The week would've been even more perfect if I hadn't had my Japanese exam (which I know I failed in) but other than that minor blemish, this was still a pretty amazing week for me. Now if only I had photos to share but I'm not all that photogenic. :)


Here are three of my three recent purchases. I've buying more and more CDs lately and that's mostly due to the fact that I want my music to be played on awesome sound systems (the way songs are MEANT to be heard, of course!). Yeah, I'm totally gonna start a CD collection now.


My copy of PS3 fighter, "BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger" also came in the mail this past week too (I forgot what day). It's a pretty good fighting game and I ordered it at a great price of $20! I want to master the fighting mechanics of this game now.


Shiina Ringo's birthday was also something to celebrate this past week! Happy 32nd birthday to my favourite Japanese singer! May she continue to produce awesome tracks!


Now I know I said that I'd watch films from a specific director this week (I believe it was Paul Thomas Anderson, this week?) but seeing as how I had a rather stacked week, I'll reserve that for next week. Although I think I'll be pretty lazy when it comes to that. I still need to finish "Breaking Bad", "Mad Men" and start "Cowboy Bebop". For a guy who says he has a lot of time, I don't use it properly. =="


So I guess this would be the beginning of the end? For the most part, "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" is enjoyable but one of the troubles it faces is the fact that the film doesn't have much going on with it. Basically what happens is (and there are spoilers ahead for anyone who doesn't wanna know what happens), Harry and friends go into hiding whilst trying to find the last remaining Horcruxes. This film doesn't have a lot going on, action wise, and there also nothing much going on, story-wise, however this film packs a lot of character development and great acting. It's really good to see how the core three of Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint have evolved as actors as their talents are truly on display here. My favourite moment of the film however was the animated section that told the story of the three brothers. The animation was great and reminded me a lot of those shadowplay puppets. It's a good film that sets up what's going to happen as well as inciting more excitement for the final part next year.



Mark Whalberg has officially been cast to play Nathan Drake, the hero of video game-to-movie adaptation, "Uncharted". I really, REALLY love these games but am not convinced that Whalberg can play the character with enough conviction. Drake's a witty guy who screws up... a lot. Whalberg is a tough guy who can occasionally be funny but in a tough guy kinda way. I know he can do comedy but this is kinda different and it'll be so hard for me to accept him as Drake (even though he does look a lot like him). In other "Uncharted" related news, Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci are being asked to hop on board the "Uncharted" film. If the two decide to join, not only will it be a "Goodfellas"/"Raging Bull" reunion, but De Niro will be playing Drake's father and Pesci will be Drake's uncle. I would've been fine with De Niro as Sully though.


Here's an unused "Inception" poster that was almost used as part of publicity and promotion for the film.


Speaking of Nolan related projects, "The Dark Knight Rises" will be Christian Bale's last Batman related film. No surprises here as this will most likely be Nolan's final Batman entry also and that without Bale and Nolan, this grittier Batman universe that has been created won't work as well. However, should Nolan decide to continue the Batman series (and I don't see why he shouldn't as there are plenty of stories that can be told and numerous characters to explore), Bale may reconsider this.


Finally, to celebrate Disney's fiftieth animated feature film, "Tangled", Disney released a video commemorating all fifty of their animated pictures. I'm starting to see Disney everywhere thanks to ACMI now, haha.


And that's all this week. Now to end things here is a picture of two awesome people. The Spider-man that could've been (but one that most people would never accept), Donald Glover, and the new Spider-man to be, Andrew Garfield.

End post.


  1. wee~ good week!
    i dont know how to play poker >..<

    awargh i cant wait for the fights in the last harry potter!
    i loved the animated part too~ it was so pretty and smokey~
    i also like the part when ron gets a wand for harry and they try it on the flame. i couldnt stop laughing! XD

    so what is acmi?
    and have you watched all 50?? X3

    meh i dont really like the new spiderman >.> well see

    oh and this probably means nothing to you but i have given you a blog award~ :3

  2. Ello,
    Your week sounded jam packed. Are you on break now? Since you've finished your jap exam and all.

    Everyone's telling me about the new Harry Potter. I feel so behind because I haven't been updated with movies at all! Your blog updates me lol.
    I wonder why they didn't use that Inception poster to promote the film : /
    And what the buck? A spider man that is not Tobey Maguire?!

    After reading your post I youtubed Shiina Ringo, and cooool she can sing and guitar!

    P.S. thank you for following! Take care~
    - Gerry

  3. Haha thanks :)

    Is Pulp Fiction good? I've been planning to watch it for some time.
    I see you finally watched Harry Potter. (It was so... serious.)

    Do you know why they're revamping Spider man?