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Sunday, 7 November 2010

Goodnight Moon

(oh wait I already live in a sheltered state and nothing will change...)


Just got back from my first day of volunteering at ACMI and it went pretty damn well I must say.
The only thing I don't like about it so far is the fact that I have to stand up for SOOOO long (though I'm sure most people have to deal with this in whatever jobs they have). Looking forward to my next shift in a couple of weeks!


I had a Japanese listening and oral comprehension/test this past week and while I had been dreading it for the weeks leading up to it, the actual thing wasn't all that stressful. The listening comphrension was pretty difficult though. I was talking to some of the "smarter" students in our Japanese class who said that even they had trouble with a few things (though I'm sure they still did much better than myself). The oral test was pretty good too though my teacher asked WAY too many questions to me that were a tad hard for me. But all was good.


"Clean" tells the story of Emily Wang (Maggie Cheung), the singer/song-writer girlfriend of rockstar Lee Hauser. One night, Lee overdoses on heroin and everyone blames Emily for having ruined Lee's life with drugs. In order for Emily to see her child again, she has to become clean of drugs and get her life back on track. The film delivers a great performance from Maggie Cheung, however, suffers from pacing issues during the middle portion of the film. It just felt so slow and didn't feel like it was heading anywhere. We're supposed to get the sense that she's getting her life back together but she's off running strange errands everywhere. It does, however, pick up once again in the third act of the film. The film showed great promise in the beginning with quick moving, handheld shots which I really liked and set up the story very well. Another thing I didn't like was that we're never given enough time to truly soak in the emotion of a scene. It's just like as if Oliver Assayas, the director, thought "Okay, here's a scene of Emily crying. Did you get that? Okay, now we're gonna move on.". It's a decent enough film, not particularly strong, and with the exception of Maggie Cheung, feels like it could've been a lot more powerful. It's okay for one-viewing though I don't think I could watch it again.


How does one go about giving a mini-review on this "Jackass 3D"? There's no story to speak of, it's just a series of randomly funny and sometimes painful to watch scenes. But goddamn if this movie wasn't one of the funniest things I've seen all year in a cinema. And surprisingly, the 3D actually works here and makes the film so much funnier. I will say though that these guys are getting old and you can really see the anguish and fear in their faces when they're about to do some of these ridiculous stunts. Steve-O, who I always thought was the craziest and most far out person in the entire Jackass crew, literally showed fear for a LOT of his stunts. I even felt a little sorry for him. But nonetheless, the film's been done, these guys did what they wanted to do and it entertained the hell out of myself and the audience I was with.


"The Walking Dead" television series was premiered this week and man am I excited for it. While it is true that the first episode established things that we've already seen in past zombie-related films, I love the zombie genre and cannot wait to see what the series has in store. I mean I could easily read the comics to know but I'd rather see how things pan out throughout the series. I like where it's going at the moment and can't wait for tomorrow's episode to release.



I'll keep this section short and sweet as there isn't much to talk about for this week.

FUN FACT: Zack Snyder had originally wanted Amanda Seyfried the role of Baby Doll and a deal was close to being made, however, Seyfried had to turn it down due to scheduling conflicts with other projects. Days after Seyfried officially turned down the project, Snyder and company immediately hired Australian actress, Emily Browning, for the part.

Firstly, there is a brand new full-length trailer for Zack Snyder's upcoming film, "Sucker Punch". The trailer gives you much more of the story while giving even more imperssive visuals. Seriously, this film is going to melt your eyes out with it's amazing visual design. It also just looks like a nerd's wet dream, haha. Oh hey, I hear one of my favourite bands in the world, Silversun Pickups in the trailer! There's also an awesome track by Led Zeppelin is also featured in there as well! The only thing the trailer is missing is some Hamm. Jon Hamm.


World reknowned animation studio, Studio Ghibli, will announce their next upcoming feature on December 15. Their two upcoming features at this time are "The Borrowers Arrietty" (recently released in Japan) and "Tales of the Bamboo Cutter".


And this was released some time ago in the last two months but word of it has only just reached my ears this week. A new full length trailer for Japanese film, "Norwegian Wood" (based on the Haruki Murakami novel of the same name) has also been released which shows much of the film's wonderful cinematography. Expect this film to be absolutely gorgeous to watch.


And that is all this week. To end things properly here is something you may, or may not, find hilarious. BYE!

colindigs:  To be continued…. sirmitchell:  That’s so Kraven….

End post.


  1. LOL is it just me or does that Sucker Punch movie trailer make no sense...
    This girl is put into a mental institute and in order for her to "escape" she needs to imagine a new world..? No wonder she is in there in the first place. Apart from that, seems like a cool movie 8)

  2. Thanks for the heads up on Studio Ghibli.
    Gotten tickets to Harry Potter? :o