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Sunday, 14 November 2010

Somewhere Only We Know

Call of Duty: Black Ops arrived this week and that's all I've been playing this week.
I've taken time out for now just to write this blog but know that in the past two days I haven't been playing and I desperately need my quick fix of running and gunning. That and I just feel I HAVE to post something before today ends. I spent most of yesterday and today at home cleanining up and re-organising my room. I woke up to a horrible sore throat which I have yet to get rid of and I'm assuming it has something to do with all the wipe downs and dust clearing I had to do. All those dusts and cleaning chemicals can't be good for me. Anyways, I Tetris'd the hell out of my room for the second, maybe third time this year. I'm anal like that. I would show a photo of my shelves cause they look mad awesome but I can't be bothered taking a photo and uploading it onto the interwebs. Lazy. :)


Other than spending my entire week playing Black Ops (and sadly finishing the single player campagin on hardened diffculty in under seven hours), I actually *gasp* went outside for a birthday dinner party! I had a pretty good time there and it was nice to just get out and do something that didn't require copious amounts of virtual bullets and bloodshed. The Italian food was pretty fancy and very nice but not filling at all. But it was nice, and that's what's important right?


"Scott Pilgrim vs the World" was released on Blu-Ray and DVD this past week... in the United States. We in Australia, still have to wait til December (I think the 19th) to get it. I desperatently want to see this again and in Blu-ray! :(


I honestly thought "Skyline" would be a nice piece of fluff entertainement - something I could turn my brain off for, watch and simply enjoy as a popcorn film. What I got instead was something that was pretty bland and one dimensional. Firstly, the good: the CGI is pretty damn good, especially considering the budget constraints of this film. And that's it. Expecting more good? Sorry, not in "Skyline". The dialogue is quite bad, situations are overblown, nothing ever happens (I kept sitting there thinking when is something amazing going to happen but nothing ever did) and you couldn't really care for the characters are very poorly developed. Oh and the film is dark. I mean it is REALLY dark, it's hard to see what's going on sometimes. The good thing is that it finished quickly. The ending is amazingly open ended and the creators of stressed that they will be continuing a series for this. However, judging from "Skyline" would people even want to stick around for a sequel? It's already underway so I guess there's no stopping the producers who've invested money into it.


Finished season 1 of "Breaking Bad". Must continue on to season 2. I can't say how much I loved that first season because it's so damn good. Amazing how they condensed a great amount of story and character into seven episodes. If you're not watching "Breaking Bad", do so. NOW!


Here's a first look at the lovely Amanda Seyfried in next year's "Red Riding Hood".
Expect a trailer to be released soon. The film is a dark retelling of the classic fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood. It's set in a medieval village where a werewolf has taken residency. Hrm, can I assume Seyfried will be speaking with a British accent?


Another first look, this time of Ryan Reynolds as next year's superhero blockbuster, Green Lantern. The footage here is like a trailer for the trailer that will debut next week and features actual footage from the film. I don't know if it's the quality of the YouTube video but the suit has me a little concerned now. It looks awkward to watch in motion. I hope it doesn't though as the film still has several months before it releases which means they can fix things up by then.


The newly released trailer for "Winnie the Pooh" released this past week also. The honey loving bear from 100 Acre Woods returns to the big screen in great fashion, I must say. I like that the film has been animated quite simply and of course, hand drawn, giving it a kind of nostalgic feeling. I'll admit that I was smiling quite a lot while watching this and it's nice to revisit old friends. I also hear Keane playing in the trailer! Appropriate song is appropriate.


And that's week, children. Hey look, this is what happens when the world can't handle the power of such an immense paradox!

End post.


  1. I didn't know you had a tumblr?!

    Anyway, I wanna get Call of Duty but I can't because I have a shitload of homework and assignments and they all count towards my ATAR :(


  2. It's a birthday dinner party and everyone wears black. WHUT.

    YAY Scott Pilgrim - I'm still not very partial to Michael Cera. I'm more a Jesse Eisenberg kind of girl to be quite frank.

    I haven't seen Breaking Bad - what's it about? Don't make me YouTube this mang hahah. How's Call of Duty in its assimilation into life? Or is that the other way around? Trlololololol..