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Saturday, 11 December 2010

Last Flowers


As per usual, I had a really average week. And in case you're wondering what that would be, an average week for me is just not going out and lying in my own filth. The only time I really needed to go outdoors this week was to get food. I lead such a fufilling life full of potential. So that's why I have this as a weekly blog, yo. :)


OMGOSH, "UNCHARTED 3: DRAKE'S DECEPTION" WAS ANNOUNCED THIS WEEK!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY! Will be more than happy to join Nathan Drake and crew for an epic adventure in the Arabian desert!


"Boardwalk Empire" and "The Walking Dead" finished their first seasons this past week. NOW I HAVE NOTHING TO LOOK FORWARD TO ON MONDAY EVENINGS (well until it starts season two anyway). "Boardwalk Empire" has had such an amazing first season with the season finale making me ever so curious and anxious to see the second season and how things will turn out. "The Walking Dead's" season finale was a bit of a letdown but I'm hoping they get better next season. This season was started off quite strongly but really started to fall into mediocrity towards the last two, maybe three episodes.


Ladies and gentlemen, THIS is your dickhead of the week! This past week, it was reported that a man from North Carolina, USA, had stolen several Xbox machines from children who were recovering from cancer at a hospital. The man was caught on camera entering and leaving the building and at one point even looked straight into the camera. Police officials are currently searching for the man and have recieved help from the community who are outraged someone would do this, especially during the holiday period. After hearing about this terrible news, gaming publisher, Electronic Arts, donated several machines and games to replace the stolen units. That guy totally deserves to get whatever punishment is waiting for him - he's just asking to get caught.


Awesome video is awesome. A guy on Youtube, under the username, weikang, created a video that shows "Inception" in "real-time". The video basically attempts to show the four levels of dreams and how they all overlap one another. I think no one should be confused anymore about Inception after seeing this video (although it was never really all that confusing to begin with).


I came across a really great article the other day discussing why the films of today generally lack quality (ie. suck). It's a really great read and has a pretty strong argument and explanation of the films that are being made today. For anyone interested in wanting to know why the films of today suck, I advise you click THIS LINK.


This week, my director's spotlight highlighted the films of the recently deceased, Satoshi Kon. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get a hold of two films of his, "Millenium Actress" and "Tokyo Godfathers" which is a shame. If I had to summarise the work of Kon, however, it would be that his films often deal with that which is illusory or dream-like and what we percieve to be reality.


"Perfect Blue" is one of those Japanese animations that most anime fans will have at least heard of. The story revolves around a pop singer turned actress, Mima, whose sense of reality is distorted when she is stalked by an excessive fan and what appears to be a ghost from her pop idol past. One of my first reactions to seeing this film was that it bared a lot of resemblance to "Black Swan". I know it hasn't released yet but there were a lot of things, thematically, that linked the two films together. Surprisingly, Darren Aronofsky, director of "Black Swan", has stated that he loves "Perfect Blue" and even borrowed a scene from the film to use in one of his previous films, "Requiem for a Dream". Back to the film, the story twists and turns and does a pretty good job of really grabbing your attention. A lot of red herrings are dropped to make you think as much as Mima whose grip on reality slowly slips away from her as she can't figure out who she is and what she's doing. The film also seems to give a critique on the Japanese entertainment industry where music/television/film idols are manufactured and promoted in an entirely different way than Western music labels/agencies. It's a dark film that does a great job of setting the story, atmosphere and really keeps you going on the ride for as long as possible.


The other film of Satoshi Kon I watched this week was "Paprika". The opening of this film is absolutely amazing but then after a while you'll realise "hang on, where have I seen this before?". The opening has characters inhabit people's dreams and subconsciences while also jumping in through different stages of one's dream. Sound familiar? It should, because the primary idea behind "Paprika" bares a strong resemblence to this year's hit, "Inception". Christopher Nolan, director of "Inception", had apparently stated in an interview that "Paprika" was an influence behind "Inception". This film may have come out before "Inception", however, Nolan apparently had this idea working in his mind for ten years. Now, how much of this is true, I can't say but it's hard to ignore that "Paprika" and "Inception" share a lot of things together. Having said that though, the world of "Paprika" is a lot more unique, stranger and visually striking than the ones found in "Inception". It's hard to say whether or not I liked "Paprika" as it was seemingly all over the place. Most of my time watching the movie was spent not actually watching it but trying to understand what was happening and how characters got there. It's quite confusing a lot of the time and ultimately hindered my experience watching it. However, that isn't to say I didn't like the film as there is quite a lot to like. The surrealness of the film is quite amazing. The visuals are spectacular and are shown in quite a spectacular and creative way. The story itself is quite unique and would've been unlike anything I'd ever seen had it not been for Nolan's film. "Paprika" seems to be stuck in the middle for me, it's neither good, nor bad and is very watchable.



The first official trailer and poster (see above) for "Thor" released this past week. While most people, myself included, had already seen the leaked and longer 5 minute trailer that was shown at Comic-Con earlier this year, this condensed trailer essentially is a shorter version of that leaked footage with a few more seconds of new footage.


The first teaser trailer for Michael Bay's third Transformers film "Transformers: Dark of the Moon", was also released this week. The teaser is interesting to say the least but is almost similar to the original teaser that was featured for the first Transformers film which makes that particular finding on Mars almost irrelvant to this one now.


Last trailer for today, I promise! The first official trailer to "Real Steel" released this week and while I knew this movie was going to be insanely ridiculous (I've covered it before on the blog), the trailer that was released looks a lot better than what I had thought of in my mind (mind you, I had extremely low expectations for the film). It's basically a live action version of Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots but it looks so stupid and ridiclous yet kinda awesome at the same time. I still have low expectations for the film but that might just make my potential enjoyment of it all the more greater. I'm still wondering why Hugh Jackman would even associate with this film in the first place... must be for the money.


Emma Stone films a funeral scene for the upcoming untitled "Spider-Man" film at a cathedral in Downtown LA

Here's your first glimpse of Emma Stone sporting the Gwen Stacy look on set for the upcoming and still untitled re-boot of "Spider-man". Stone is actually a natural blonde and while I prefer her with her red hair, she still looks amazing as a blonde and really looks the part of Gwen. There's also a picture of her below at an event too which shows off more of her Gwen look.


And that's it for this week. Next week, "TRON: Legacy" releases in cinemas so I'll be checking that out as well as watching the original film. It will be my last film in cinemas for 2010 so let's hope it's a good one to close what has been a pretty good year in mainstream cinema.

Now for something awesome. Guillermo Del Toro, director of such films as, "Pan's Labyrinth" and "Hellboy" loved Edgar Wright's "Scott Pilgrim vs. The World" and thought it was pretty awesome (not hard to see why, of course). He signed a copy of the film at an event where Del Toro interviewed Wright about the film and left a comment one fan's copy that is made of absolute win. I concur, Mr Del Toro.

applebigwheels:  Scott Pilgrim DVD signed by Guillermo Del Toro

End post.


  1. you know what im gonna do one day?
    go through your WHOLE blog and watch EVERY movie you blogged about XD

    omg emma stone is sooooooo gorgeous *O*

    its kinda sad that they filmed transformers where i live and i didnt go to check it out once D:

    epic food is epic but too bad the burger wasnt :(

    thats good! my family doesnt celebrate holidays in general ahaha

    omgosh its all the australians that blog!! ahaha i can barely find any that are in america!

    :OO what a wonderful place to volunteer! very very jealous!

    i guess you do have to do all that stuff that comes with the award? but its your blog so do what you want XD

    i loved yer long comment actually. there was no need to end it! ahahah :3

    oh and
    i remember yer post about the room awhile back. i watched it like two weeks ago and it was the most god awful/best thing ive watched!! ahahahaha!!!

  2. UGH - love Emma Stone as a blonde, but yeah did you watch the Video Game Awards?? Tricia Helfer + Nathan Fillion ♥ I was thinking about buying Scott Pilgrim but ugh, my poor monies! Seriously, I had my misgivings about Thor (Chris Hemsworth will forever be a really hot H&A boy hahah), but that trailer makes it look so good and omfg Natalie Portman + Anthony Hopkins!
    Sorry I keep forgetting to reply to your comments dude (am crappiest blogger friend ever), but I really appreciate + read all of them. How's your first year of uni been? Woo!! Mass Effect 3!!

  3. i know what you mean by lying in your own filth.

    i'm going to try and be productive and watch more movies like you instead of googling how long it takes for tan lines to fade.