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Monday, 25 April 2011

Everything In It's Right Place

Hi everyone.

Apologies for the delayed post. My post is delayed because I've been busy all weekend trying to get work done on Saturday and helping a friend out with her video shoot yesterday (the latter of which caused me to physically drain my body and made me so sore for the rest of Sunday evening.... even right now). So I guess this is the part where I tell you what I got up to this week but most of my week was pretty boring. This week I:

- I saw "Limitless" with Tran down at Jam Factory. After the film we hung out at The Coffee Club and had some epic cake. Why wouldn't you?

- My script was finally workshopped this week! I personally am not all that happy with the few pages that I wrote but it seemed to go over with my class and teacher pretty well so that's made me feel a little better. Too bad the storyline is absolute shit (they'll be rolling their eyes with that one).

- A friend of mine, Camille, asked me to be her leading man in a film shoot that she's doing for Uni. She might have been a little too prepared for her short as I was able to read through my lines exactly the way she wanted it. It was then that we just sat at the Max Brenners at QV for the longest of time talking about quite an array of topics. Fun, fun, fun.


I've been getting so lazy that with these reviews as you may tell. I'll get back to writing them in regular form sooner or later.

- Surprisingly decent, a lot better than you'd think.
- Bradley Cooper deserves more credit as an actor, I reckon. He seems like a really likable dude whose charisma really radiates off the screen. Has great screen presence.
- Robert De Niro did not look like he wanted to be there and looked annoyed the whole way through. Probably accepted only for paycheck.
- Intriguing enough story that keeps you interested throughout the film, never feels like there's a dull moment and is always exciting.


- Enjoyable popcorn movie but probably not as fantastic as a lot of people may have been hoping for it to be. Was underwhelmed by the film.
- Didn't mind Chris Hemsworth as Thor, to be honest. Natalie Portman was uninteresting in the film. You'd think Anthony Hopkins wouldn't give his talent away for a comic book movie but he is surprisingly keeping in really good form with his role as Thor's father, Odin. Tom Hiddleston was great as Loki - hoping Marvel make good by keeping him around as the primary antagonist for "The Avengers".
- A lot of the really old camera angles felt quite jarring at times. Gave the film a unique look but at the same time really became quite bothersome.



I think it's quite obvious that I've started to get lazy with this section. So I'll just post one piece of news that really grabbed my attention this week.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt's and Marion Cotillard's roles were revealed this week by Warner Bros who issued a press release stating that Gordon-Levitt will be playing a beat cop named John Blake and that Cotillard would be Miranda Tate, a board member of Wayne enterprises. So either these rather standard and admittedly boring roles are the ones they've been assigned to OR they're just a cover for what their real roles entail. I could be wrong with that last one but one can hope right? Liam Neeson was Henri Ducard and we all saw how that one turned out...


I'm gonna try and have myself an Alfred Hitchcock week this week because if I hear another person say to me, "You haven't seen any of Hitchcock's films yet?!?!", I'm going to trap myself in a glass case of emotion. So yes, I will be watching three of his most iconic films, "Psycho", "Vertigo" and "Rear Window" this week and will possibly even watch "North by Northwest" and "Notorious". We'll see how I go but I just want to see the essentials first so that I can actually partake in discussions of Hitchcock's works and cross him off the list of "directors I have to catch up with".

So that's it this week. Nothing to end it off with so I'll just leave that there.

End post.

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