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Sunday, 17 April 2011

Sky Might Fall


Short dot pointed post today because I'm lazy and I've gotta finish the rest of this essay.

  • One of my media teachers was kind of enough to upload my class' video up onto YouTube. Unfortunately, I can't embed it for some reason so if you're interested to see what I did, HERE IS THE LINK TO WATCH IT. It's not that great of a video but as I've said before, I'm quite proud of it.
  • Oh that reminds me, I've gotta put in some blog posts over on this website I'm using for uni as part of assessment. I'll do that next time.
  • My screenwriting teacher told the class that he didn't think "Shaun of the Dead" was funny. Not cool. That night I got home and watched "Shaun of the Dead" again just to prove him wrong.


...Not much. I kinda took the time to re-watch "Lost in Translation", "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" and "The Wrestler" because they're awesome films (obviously) and are among my favourites (probably somewhere in the top ten... probably).

However I did watch:

Now I'm not gonna critique the film because it's sometimes hard to critique a comedy film (at least based on story and such). And I wasn't in the mood to fully review one so I'll just say that it's got an ample of amount of very nice, genuine laughs. Sci-fi nerds should be able to spot a few gems of nerd humour that should make them appreciate the film a lot more. And Seth Rogen voicing the titular alien is a brilliant casting move.


I can't be bothered with film news this week. Not much that I can recall from that anyway. So to end this week, here's a video of a little girl who willingly joins the Dark Side of the Force.

End post.


  1. watched the wrestler a couple of weeks ago for the first time, brilliant. i even got a little choked up.

  2. also, enjoyed the video! props to you!