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Saturday, 21 May 2011

Piledriver Waltz


So yes, this blog post does come quite late but that's mostly due to my rather hectic week. Very, very busy.

You see, this week I was spreading the work of my screenplay out throughout the week and finished it all on Friday afternoon. Reason being is cause I didn't want to stress about one extra assignment especially when I had several plans during the week which consisted of:



But more on that later.

Needless to say, happy that I got my 20 pages of screenplay done (as horrid as they are) a week before it's due and that now I just need to focus on my final three assessment pieces for the semester. Hooray for organization and planning. (Y)


Say hi to my official copies of the crazy awesome Korean Western, "The Good, The Bad, The Weird" on Blu-ray and brand new Playstation 3 title, "L.A. Noire". I'm assuming you all know how much I love the former and how much I've been eagerly anticipating the latter. Ugh, so much goodness in disc form.


So about that clubbing thing... Everyone knows I'm not that clubbing type but I made a drunken promise to Thy at Tran's birthday that I would make an appearance at a club for her. I made my appearance for her on Friday night and it was horrible and exactly how I'd imagine it. Maybe if I was a little more intoxicated on Friday night, I may have enjoyed it, however, I don't imagine my intoxicated self to enjoy that particular scene anyway.


It's okay for other people to be into it that sort of thing but I just... I just hated everything about it. The music, the people. Just not for me. Needless to say, never going back to those places ever again.


The following Saturday was much better because my mate threw a house party/get together at his place as his parents were gone for the entire month. Quaint little BBQ that saw me stuff my face with four plates worth of deliciousness as well as an extra filling of dessert. Fantastic night with friends. Much better than clubbing.


These blog posts are so boring and uninteresting without the use of pictures. I keep telling myself that I should update with some IRL pictures of myself and friends but then reassure myself that people aren't coming for my weekly happenings, haha. Onto the films...


"Insidious", the new feature from "Saw" creators (and fellow Melbournites), James Wan and Leigh Whannel, is a horror film that follows a surburban family who try to wake their son up from a coma after an accident that causes leaves his body free for possession from the dead. There's a creepy atmosphere that is steadily built up very well in the first half of the film with many minor moments of suspense and tension that make for some very startling moments in the film. However, the "haunted house" angle that film sets up in the first half is oddly enough taken away in the second half in favour of a more supernatural tone which becomes increasingly absurd as the film reaches it's end point. There are decent frights laced throughout the film, however, most of these feel quite cheap. Ultimately, "Insidious" isn't as frightening as most of made it out to be - the echoes of "Paranormal Activity" run rife throughout this feature which may polaraise and alienate audiences.


First big piece of geek news in film is the teaser image of Tom Hardy as Batman villain, "Bane" in Christopher Nolan's upcoming third outing with Batman, "The Dark Knight Rises". Well this looks pretty cool - reminds me of that teaser image of Heath Ledger as The Joker a long time ago.


Anyone reading my blog a fan of "The Hunger Games"? If you are here's your first look at Jennifer Lawrence as leading heroine, Katniss. "The Hunger Games" series of books are quite popular and have a strong "Battle Royale" feel to it (children forced to compete in a game to the death with each other). I kinda want to read the books. Lawrence looks like a younger Lara Croft.


Anyone else also a fan of Tintin? I never really grew up with Tintin and don't know much about him and his adventures but apparently this film is a big deal if it's pulled Steven Spielberg out to do an animated feature. The teaser for "The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn" doesn't tell you much by way of story but it does look somewhat interesting. Somewhat Indiana Jones-esque too.


And finally here's the best trailer of "Green Lantern" yet.
Unlike the previous two, this one shows off the mythology of the Green Lantern Corps (think of them as police of the Universe). As a fan of the Green Lantern, I must say that this particular trailer should appeal to all the comic book geeks out there as you get a good look at the planet Oa and all of the other awesome Lanterns.


And that's all this week. I have nothing else to share so I'll end it right there.

End post.

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