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Sunday, 26 June 2011

Modern Marvel


Welcome to the family, Two Hands.Looks like someone’s going to marathon Damages over the weekend. MOAR ROSE. I am JB Hi-Fi’s bitch.

Oh look, two new acquistions from JB Hi-Fi's awesome sale of DVDs. I will be forever JB Hi-Fi's bitch. Pretty tragic. Also my infatuation with Rose Byrne has to come to an end at some point - it may become a bit too worrisome for some, I fear. Haha. Going to marathon the rest of "Damages" just in time for the arrival of it's fourth season next month and rewatch an old favourite (I used to watch "Two Hands" a lot since it always being played on Foxtel's movie channel, Showtime).


And now for a quick run down of the week. Don't think next week will be nearly as exciting.

MONDAY: Didn't do much other than have the weekly parma with some friends in the city.

TUESDAY: Stayed in - don't remember doing much anyway.

WEDENSDAY: Had lunch and hung out with two of my friends, Ellen and Eddie, at the Lucky Coq on Chapel Street. They've got blogs too so be sure to check them out if you haven't already. Photos of the day are on Ellen's blog.

THURSDAY: Donated blood again. Some brusing on my left arm now - kinda look like a junkie.

FRIDAY: Stayed in for most of the day and got called out to come hang at Rooftop in the city wit some mates.

SATURDAY: Didn't think I'd go clubbing again anytime soon but some friends convinced me to go out. It was okay, the place I went to this time, Rats, was better than where I was last time.



Yes, I do realise that I was meant to have seen three films this week but I wasn't able to watch "Shanghai Triad" because the subtitles weren't working and I got lazy with "Farewell, My Concubine". I did however manage to at least watch "Raise the Red Lantern" so read up on that below.

"Raise the Red Lantern" is set during 1920s China, a young woman is forced to become a concubine and marries a rich nobleman who already has three wives, making her the fourth. Each night, the nobleman chooses which of his four wives to bed and lanterns are subsequently lit to announce who has been "fortunate" enough to spend the night with him. The film is extraordinarily well made with Zhang Yimou's sense of direction being very superfluous all throughout. He extracts great performances from the cast and having the nobleman's face hidden or obscured is a smart decision as we never have to actually feel emotion for the character as it's not his story. Gong Li is a wonder in the film, initially revelling in her position as the new mistress and then eventually succumbing to the fear of loneliness and isolation. The use of the lucious red and blue that bounce off the pale - almost monotonous - colours of the nobleman's estate, coupled with strikingly vivid imagrey create some sumptuous pieces of cinematography but also bring with it a certain sense of eeriness within certain moments in the film - a foreboding presence if you will - that lingers throughout each frame. The slow pacing of the film might seem bothersome to some but it helps to add another layer of depth to the film and to the steady unraveling of Songlian's (Gong Li) experience within the courthouses as the fourth mistress. "Raise The Red Lantern" is a deeply haunting film that festers within your mind after the credits have finished. It's a tragic film full of nuance and is sure to please any fan of arthouse cinema.

I've not provided a trailer because the trailer on YouTube has a lot of spoilers and reveal a lot of the film's defining moments.



A big welcome back to this section of my blog post! It's been MIA for a bit but it's here again so get some dose of film news.*7TfL-Dsi3XL11btVHAQjvMKZjJejPHjQJ20I8z6ur2/Jamieroc4life.jpg

Variety seems to have confirmed that Jamie Foxx will be Django in Quentin Tarantino's newest feature, "Django Unchained". The film has already lined up Christoph Waltz, Samuel L Jackson and Leonardo DiCaprio. Sounds pretty meaty so far. I'm impartial with the decision to cast Foxx.

We won't get to see Pixar's next feature "Brave" for another year but for now we can enjoy this new teaser poster and this high-res image from Pixar's newest original film. The teaser trailer is apparently attatched to "Cars 2" but it won't be going online from what I hear (at least not anytime soon anyway). I hear talk that the film will be quite Miyazaki-esque.

Amazingly awesome retro poster.

And just to make sure people go to see "Captain America: The First Avenger", Marvel have released a new theatrical trailer. So if you're interested have a look below.


And that's all this week. Now I better go start some eating dinner and begin watching "Damages".

End post.

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