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Saturday, 17 September 2011

Sometimes In The Fall

Hello friends.

Got up to a bit this week. Hung out with some friends in the city on Friday night. We were supposed to watch "Hobo With A Shotgun" at the Cinema Nova but I was running late so that didn't happen. Instead this happened:


I also just got back from a mate's birthday just now. It was a pretty good day, good food, good friends - I would like to wish him a nice 19th birthday. I think the highlight of the day was playing Jenga with some slightly intoxicated friends. Seriously, it was like the most intense, nerve-wracking thing ever...


But yeah, that was pretty much all I got up to this weekend. I like how I kinda just do short points for what I get up to during the week and then go into full blown walls of text with the other sections. Go me!


Oh yeah, I'm super excited for all the new television shows that are going to be starting up again this week! "Community", "Boardwalk Empire", "How I Met Your Mother" and "Modern Family" - COME TO ME NOWWWWWW!


This week, I watched "Irma Vep" and "Suicide Club". Contrary to what I said just before, I won't go to deep into each of these for the following reasons: "Suicide Club" didn't do it for me that much and I mostly watched "Irma Vep" with the intention of studying Olivier Assayas, the film's director, instead of standing back and really just watching the film.
  • As I just said, mostly just watched for studying Olivier Assayas for an essay I had to write this week.
  • But that wasn't to say that I didn't enjoy the movie.
  • Really enjoyed the documentary approach that was employed (long takes, hand held cameras - very cinema verite at some points) and felt it was necessary to convey a larger message about how the world sees French cinema and how French cinema sees itself against the world.
  • Maggie Cheung essentialy plays a version of herself with much enthusiasm - I especially love when she finds out that the costume designer is secretly in love with her because her reaction to it is just so genuine for the character.
  • Pretty good movie, if I do say so myself - enjoyable for the most part and not as pretentious as some might think (this is after all, a French arthouse film but that shouldn't take anything away from the quality of the film).

  • "Suicide Circle" in some countries, "Suicide Club" in others in case you we're wondering.
  • Been meaning to see this for quite some time - very strong word of mouth from a lot of people that I know saying that it's a really messed up film.
  • Really got into it in the beginning but started falling apart as the film progresses.
  • The problem is that it stops and then starts again and then stops and starts once more which ultimately becomes quite repetitive.
  • Darkly funny - a lot of films that I've seen lately are just laced with large doses of black humour.
  • And with a movie that's all about portraying suicide as a "fad" - much like how Pokemon was once a huge fad - you'd have to observe it with some cynicism and humour.
  • If there was a message in the film, it was totally lost on me.
  • Didn't quite feel the affect of these suicides as much as I thought I would.
  • I can definitely see myself watching it again (it's not as bad as advertising and word of mouth would lead you to believe but don't watch it if you're not into death and blood) to try and understand it more - much like how I tried to understand "Battle Royale" more.
  • Right now though, it's just another film that didn't really leave that much of an indelliable mark on me.
  • However, and I've said this before, do watch Shion Sono's vastly superior, "Love Exposure". A goddamn epic in every sense of the word.



Quick dotpoints today which you can follow up via the links provided if you're so inclined to read further:


And finally here is a video that made me melt with "Star Wars" adoration this past week. Can Emma Stone get any more lovable? I would totally friend her, not even like want to have her, just friend her. Truth. Also Bill Hader's Tauntaun impression is the stuff of legends.

End post.


  1. there is actually a small void within me which should have been filled with tidbits of film news but nevertheless, HORAY!

  2. You'd make for a good looking pizza delivery guy, hahahaha