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Sunday, 9 October 2011

How You Like Me Now?

How are we all?

Just came back from a job interview and decided to buy Community - Season 2 on DVD at JB Hi-Fi after it was over. It was begging to be bought, okay? I mean you don’t just all of a sudden make it half price for nothing, right? :P

Here's me with a brand new purchase of Community's second season on DVD.
A week ago it was valued at around $45 and was recently brought down to $20. Talk about a bargain, right? I'm gonna have fun devouring the commentaries and bloopers like I did with Season One.

Uni's looking to be pretty stressful next year. La Trobe's implemented this thing where all subjects are 15 credit points which means I have to take up extra subjects in order to get the required amount of credit points to finish my degree!

To be honest, I don't mind having to do eight subjects again like in first year but it's the fact that there are barely any subjects that I actually WANT to choose to do that is gonna make it pretty bad for me next year. I mean if I'm not enjoying a subject, that's definitely gonna reflect on my assessments. Which in turn would probably hinder the whole graduation process. Ugh. That and I have to pay extra for those two extra subjects and I don't want too much to pay off in debt in the future (despite having plans to do a Masters at RMIT).


But enough about my uni complications! Yesterday was my friend's 21st birthday party. He actually turns 21 on Tuesday but since we're all gonna be busy on Tuesday, him included, why have a party on a weekday at all, right? We did take photos of the night BUT they're not up on Facebook or anything yet so I can't share them right now. Maybe in the next post? :)

As I'm sure you're already aware - and if not, this will be brand new information to you - I'm doing a writing class on documentary this semester and as a requirement, I've been told to watch some documentaries outside of class times as part of my assessment. So the following are just documentaries I saw over the weekend. They'll all be bullet pointed though for your viewing benefit.
  • A fantastic insight into talk show host Conan O'Brien's psyche.
  • This guy craves attention, and it's not a bad thing. He just enjoys to entertain people and loves feeding off live crowds.
  • May turn people off from Conan because he does come off as being a bit of a dick sometimes.
  • But then again, he did just kinda lose his show and has a lot of frustration and anger built up in him.
  • I can understand why they decided to include footage of his tour but it's the backstage stuff and interviews that make Conan much more of a complex and interesting character.
  • Not much of a story to go by, more of a concept, really.
  • But a pretty nice little documentary about Conan and life on the road.

  • Pretty damn bizarre subject matter but very interesting one nonetheless.
  • Can't tell if the documentary is trying to make fun of these people or if its trying to turn these people into noble citizens.
  • I mean at times they show that these people are indeed good with watching the community and helping out the poor but at the same time, these people can't actually do anything if something bad we're to happen and, like the rest of us, are forced to call the cops.
  • Which, in a way, defeats the purpose of having these masked crimefighters if they're not truly vigilantes - therefore defeating the purpose of the documentary.
  • Interesting characters, that's for sure.
  • A bit on the corny side at times but pretty insightful overall - got me thinking if there were any masked crimefighters here in Melbourne.



Not really related to film news but since there's a movie in the works, it may a well be considered film news.
It was announced that "Arrested Development" would return to television for one more season this week and that the cast will also return for a feature-length movie. I guess the question is, "Where do we go from here?". If you've seen the show then you'll know what I'm talking about since it wrapped up quite nicely (considering it only had three seasons as well!). Excited nonetheless. Anyways, have a video of the Bluth family trying to do their best chicken impersonation.

Jason Reitman's Young Adult
Here's a new trailer for "Young Adult" straight from the folks that brought you "Juno", Jason Reitman and Diablo Cody. I like and hate Diablo Cody's writing but a lot of the hipster youth-speak that was found abundantly in her scripts for "Juno" and "Jennifer's Body" don't seem to be found anywhere in this film.


Also here's a brand new trailer for "The Adventures of Tintin". My god this film looks gorgeous, even if the uncanny valley stuff can be a little distracting and all. Excited for this film.


Can't get enough of "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo"? Here's another brand new trailer anyway! Cause we all love trailers, right? (Reading a book on David Fincher at the moment and appreciating the crap out of his films even more at the moment!)


And finally, the full theatrical for Steven Spielberg's, "War Horse", which looks absolutely beautiful and will undoubtely make you cry. Shoe-in for the Oscars, am I right?


And that's all for this week. Nothing proper to end the week so I'll leave that there. Peace.

End post.

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