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Monday, 14 November 2011

A Real Hero

Howdy guys.

Short post this week. Why? Cause I didn't do anything relatively interesting this week (should that really come as a surprise to you guys?). I didn't even see any films this week. Poor me... I honestly don't remember anything from the week other than work on Monday night and Friday night as well as a trip to the Snag Stand on Thursday which was followed by window shopping for potential buys that I will hope to get around to in the near future. Schwing.


Oh yeah, did I tell you guys that I won big on the Melbourne Cup last week? I didn't? Well now you know. My mum and I pitched in together and we won $1,500 from the Cup! I got given $250 worth of the cash. The rest of it went to our savings and stuff.

Guys, I've predicted it right every year! My dad said if horse 12 came first, we would've recieved $5,000 instead. Cuhhhh-razy. Yes, I'm allowed to brag on my own blog (even if what's being bragged is like a week old now but whatever). Probably going to go on a major shopping spree sometime soon. For normal people, I think shopping sprees consist of spending wildly on clothing. Not for me. I'll just waste that on video games and films. Boom.


Academy Award Winning Actor, Colin Firth ("The King's Speech", "A Single Man"), was recently offered the role for lead antagonist in Spike Lee's, "Oldboy".
This makes for a very, VERY interesting casting choice should Firth accept the role. Firth typically known for his clean cut, good guy, gentleman image would be looking to get downa nd dirty for this role (and those who've seen "Oldboy" will understand just how down and dirty he'll get, should he accept). Previous rumours saw Christian Bale possibly in contention for the antagonist role of the film. I'm all for Firth to take the role, to be honest. I'm probably the only person looking forward to the remake of this film.


I believe next year there will be about two or three Snow White movies all in the realm of "dark fantasy" as opposed to the light-hearted fair we have come to known in years past. The following is the first official trailer for "Snow White and the Hunstman" which stars Kristen Stewart, Chris Hemsworth and Charlize Theron. I'm actually quite impressed with the trailer, it actually doens't look too bad but then again it is a trailer and it's supposed to try and sell you on the idea of the film being good sooooooooo, I dunno. I was definitely surprised though.


I'm not one to normally laugh hysterically during a trailer but this one did it for me. Successful trailer is successful. It showed up last week but I was too lazy to talk about it so here it is: the totally NSFW trailer for "21 Jump Street" starring Jonah Hill and, what seems to be, a very tolerable Channing Tatum. Loosely inspired by the original television series of the same name (the old stomping grounds of Johnny Depp who has a cameo in the film), two cops go undercover as high school teenagers and try to snuff out the drug ring within the school.


And that's all this week. I'll get to watching movies sometime in the next two weeks. I've planned to just catch up on television shows this upcoming week. Adios!

End post.


  1. Oldboy is getting a Hollywood remake? Please, oh please don't let them ruin it.

  2. Firth is a pretty good choice but I wouldn't say no to Bale either. One thing's for sure if this remake ends up being crap we can always watch the original.