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Sunday, 20 November 2011

Reflection Eternal

Hey there!

Okay so I probably won't be getting "Modern Warfare 3" or "Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3" any time soon because I want to be able to give myself some free time to be able to catch up on a lot of films and television shows. That's not to say that I can't buy them right now, I'd just rather not since I know that these games will destroy any chance of me watching anything.

My new comic book purchases for the week. Normally, I tend to see a lot of books with pretty awesome covers and buy them based on how gorgeous the artwork is and that's exactly the case with the three Batwoman books above. I'm lucky that Minotaur had all three as they tend to have one or two missing. Anyways, I'm really loving everything about Batwoman so far and I had no idea she was a lesbian who served as a soldier in the Middle East, only to be forced to leave due to the real world happenings of America's "Dont Ask, Don't Tell" policy.


Also, I kinda rearranged my room recently. Everything's WAY more tidier now and a lot easier to... navigate. It was weird having a television just in the middle of the room with cords and wires hanging out everywhere and it got really irritating to look at. I even rearranged some of the posters and junk cause I'm awesome like that. So yeah, I reckon it looks good.


Those of you who know me either from this blog or in real life know that I love "Community". Heck, I even based one of my uni presentations on the show! So it was with much bewilderment when NBC announced it's mid-season line up, only to have Community not listed among the returning shows. NBC has assured fans that it will be showing the rest of season three but for us Community fans, we won't know for sure when it will be (I honestly hope it's not for an entire year...).

The worst part of all this is that Community is in red alert because of this and the show may be cancelled as a result. That is of course, the worst case scenario. The show means so much to me and it's the only sitcom that I lovingly cling to each and every week.

I'll admit that Season 3 hasn't been all that great but already they've given us two fantastic episodes: Remedial Chaos Theory and the latest, Documentary Filmmaking: Redux. It's too bad that "Community" hasn't done well in the ratings but I think that they're a broken way of recording how successful a show is because CLEARLY it has an audience - one that's taken to the Internet and are doing everything in their power to help save the show.

So if you're reading this and are a fan of the show here are some ways you can help out:

  • Send a message to NBC, letting them know how much you enjoy the show and request that they keep the show running -
  • Sign the Save Community petition -
  • If you have a Twitter, tag your Community-related tweets with #SixSeasonsAndAMovie, #SaveCommunity and/or #OccupyGreendales.


This week, I watched Season 5 of "30 Rock" and the anime classic, "Cowboy Bebop" (about time, Hieu). Rather than talk about both, I'll only talk about "Cowboy Bebop" in dot point form since I'm pretty sure most people know how I feel about "30 Rock" (which had a great episode that took on feminism in this season by the way).
  • I quite enjoyed the series but there was one thing that bothered me - it was very episodic.
  • Rather than a narrative that stretched out through the entire series, each episode was self contained.
  • Normally, I'm fine with this and a lot of anime series do this, if not all.
  • But something about it bothered me this time around. I'm not sure I can explain why though.
  • Aside from that one little thing, I found the show to be quite good.
  • It just didn't wow me as much as I thought it would considering the show's reputation as being not only a classic in anime but highly regarded as one of the best anime series of all time.
  • I guess it's because I've already seen the best anime series of all time - Neon Genesis Evangelion. But that's just a matter of personal opinion.
  • Great characters - Faye especially. I believe she's probably the show's best character as her arc was very well handled, moreso than Spike's I thought.
  • I also love that the show is, more or less, a celebration of the past. It's exemplified thorugh the characters with their attatchments to the past and through the very nature of the show too, drawing inspiration from film noir and Westerns - genres which are now considered to be relics of a past era.
  • I mean how the show was able to take these genres and then retool them within the context of this futuristic science fiction setting is just superb!
  • The show wouldn't suffer if the character of Edward was thrown out but he/she provided a lot of nice humour in the show. Put it this way, I wouldn't miss him/her but having him/her around isn't such a bad thing.
  • Shinichiro Watanabe created this and Samurai Champloo but I think I prefer Samurai Champloo over Cowboy Bebop.
  • I'll get around to watching the movie sometime soon, hopefully.



The first theatrical trailer for Pixar's upcoming epic, "Brave"!
Guys, guys, guys. Merida's hair! It is a thing of absolute beauty. It amazes me how much detail has gone not just into the surrounding visuals of the film but in her HAIR! I can't get enough of it. Merida is already as awesome as the actress voicing her, Kelly Macdonald (who can be seen in HBO's excellent series, "Boardwalk Empire"). Really looking forward to seeing "Brave" next year.


Here are the all the character posters for Marvel's superhero team, "The Avengers". Guys, next year is going to be the year to end all Summer/Winter blockbusters.


Film Set: Film Set:

Moving away from big Hollywood spectacles is something more low-key and old-fashioned - the first few set photos from Baz Lurhmann's much talked about adaptation of "The Great Gatsby" starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire and Carey Mulligan. It's been a long time coming for this production which has gone through so many routes (at one point, Amanda Seyfried was tipped to play Daisy - the role which Mulligan now owns). The costumes guys. THE COSTUMES! And Carey is looking even more attractive with each movie she does, I swear.

Film Set: Film Set:


Speaking of all things Amanda Seyfried, everyone knows I'm infatuated with her so here's the trailer for her next film, "Gone". It's about a young woman who is led to believe that the same person that kidnapped her some odd years ago has struck again and kidnapped her younger sister. Honestly, the trailer doesn't really sell me on the film (and Amanda even has a Batman moment, haha) and it just looks like another bland and forgettable thriller... without the thrills. Even the title of the film is amazingly uninspired.


And finally, here's the first trailer for "Being Flynn" a drama that stars Robert De Niro and Paul Dano which centres itself a young writer and an absentee father. The trailer really sells the film and its actually kinda good to see De Niro doing something good for a change (although I might be in the minority here when I say that "Limitless" actually wasn't that bad... pretty enjoyable actually). Also we briefly see De Niro driving a taxi. DE NIRO. DRIVING A TAXI.


And that's all this week! Now I present to you a short video documenting one of Japan's last remaining swordmakers, Korehira Watanabe. I honestly wish this was longer because what's shown here has the makings for a great documentary. Anyways, enjoy the video. I'll see you guys next week!

End post.

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