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Monday, 28 November 2011


What up, bitch?
Childish Gambino’s album, "Camp", finally arrived this week. I’ve been listening to the album like crazy. Dude can do no wrong. One of the songs is used as the title for this post and is also included at the very end of the post.
I had a ten hour shift (technically eight and a half but there was “training” involved at the beginning of the day) on Thursday. Didn’t think I’d make it through with just five – six hours of sleep but the shift went surprisingly quickly. It’s my only shift for the week though and I’m not rostered to work at all this week. I need to pick up more shifts…
Had my radio training with SYN on the weekend. Had a blast with the training session and can't wait to actually present material on-air! Embarrassing myself over radio is much more tolerable than embarassing myself in front of a camera. I'd love to do a film/gaming program but it seems that there are already programs based on those two. I'd probably just have to find an angle on it but I'd just be happy talking games and films either way!
I'm legit considering to do graveyard shifts just so I can practice and get used to on-air recording as opposed to learning during the day or evening when more people are listening. We'll see where it goes from there.
After radio training on Saturday I picked up these two comics, one of which I didn’t even plan on getting. I’ve been really wanting to read "Daytripper" for a very long time now but I just never gave it too much thought until recently and figured I should just get it. As for "5 Ronin", I just bought it because the cover looked so nice and then once I read the blurb, the concept for it sounded pretty cool (reappropriating five iconic Marvel heroes into feudal Japan as masterless samurai). Can’t wait to devour these books.
I also bought tickets to see "Arrietty"! The Japanese Film Festival begins very soon! I haven’t bought the tickets to "Life Back Then" and "The Last Ronin" yet though and I should probably get on top of that before the session fills up!


Oh and if you're from Melbourne and haven't heard yet, the program for the Rooftop Cinema has been released! You can find the program guide AT THIS LINK. I do believe that you have to be over 18 to actually see these films though being that the Rooftop Cinema is basically at the Rooftop Bar on Swanston Street (duh). Another reason why I should feel so lucky to live in Melbourne - such an amazing city for film buffs.
I won't get into too much detail about the following movies but here are some of my thoughts on "Reign of Assassins", "Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist" and "Some Like It Hot".
  • So much squandered potential!
  • A very shaky start and a very cliche-ridden plot makes for a very predictable film.
  • It's pretty cool to see Michelle Yeoh fight on screen again though and she looks great for her age.
  • Unfortunately her talents are almost wasted here - not much of a martial arts film to be honest.
  • I dunno, I just didn't really get much out of the film to be honest.
  • It looked great though, production value-wise.
  • And it's firmly rooted in the old-school of swordplay films but there wasn't much about the film that made it stand out or feel memorable.

  • Surprisingly enjoyable film.
  • People say it's like a John Hughes film if he had lived to direct the kids of today.
  • I don't really agree with that but I think that the film captures the soaring spirit of youth, especially in today's world.
  • Yes, Michael Cera does play the awkward love-lorn teenager again but it's a shtick that's worked for him and I don't have much of a problem with it.
  • Kat Dennings' exuberance and charm makes me question whether or not we are actually seeing the character or just Kat appropriating her own personality onto the character.
  • Solid soundtrack - definitely worthy of your attention.
  • As much a 'romantic comedy' as it is a love letter to the city of New York.
  • Often reminded me of "The Longest Night In Shanghai".
LOVE THIS PHOTO. The expression on Marilyn and Jack's faces are fantastic.
  • Great movie, hilarious comedy!
  • I had a lot of fun watching this film!
  • Definitely holds up well and has a certain timeless quality about it.
  • Fantastically written and never misses a beat.
  • Flawless pacing.
  • The cast are all equally amazing.
  • Marilyn Monroe is so goddamn alluring and she didn't even need to try.
  • But it's Jack Lemmon that steals the show not just with his comedic timing but also for his portrayal of Jerry/Daphne.
  • What else is there to say about this classic that hasn't already been said?

No Tidbits of Film News from me this week. Sorry! Anyways, I'll leave it there. Have a listen to one of the tracks off Childish Gambino's newest album, "Camp". Enjoy your week, guys!

End post.

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  1. yeah, Reign of Assassins was alright.
    the fighting scenes were pretty cool,
    just not enough. >>"