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Monday, 26 December 2011


Hey all.

This week was a pretty busy one. Most of it was spent going out to get things here and there for Christmas, working and also trying to find the best deals I can on comic books and video games (I will go to extreme lengths to get a good bargain!) So yeah, that's pretty much my crappy explanation for why this blog post is late (although who is actually reading this? Bahaha.)


Speaking of Christmas, here's what I got for Christmas from my friend, Thy! Anyone who read my thoughts on "How To Train Your Dragon" would know that I was absolutely smitten with the film. And I almost have all the Pixar films I want! Ah, perfect choices!

I don't have a picture of her presents but I got her macarons, chocolates, ice-cream, cupcakes, a bottle of Alize Blue and a little water bottle. So I pretty much gave a Christmas hamper full of diabetes. Go me!


And here's another purchase I made today on Boxing Day sales! Again, ALMOST DONE with collecting ALL Pixar films (well at least the ones I want anyway... which pretty much mean everything except for "Cars" and "Cars 2"). I bought some other pieces of clothing too but like they're not as important as THIS obviously.


Now as such, you can imagine how little time I have had for watching films. I only saw one film this week and was meant to have seen an additional five on top of it but not only did running around like a headless chicken keep me occupied but the fact that my television burnt down last week has made me less inclined to watch anything at all now. I hate having to watch things on my laptop now because almost always I would end up getting so uncomfortable that I lie down on my bed and watch the film and then end up getting WAY too comfortable and napping. I'll find a solution (like bringing the PS3, outside perhaps?).



I'm feeling quite sick too. I think it was from the evening I spent with my friends by the beach on Thursday. It was a great night though but I think spending all that time around the beach probably made me contract something bad. Oh well.

Ellen's blogged about that evening so you guys can read up on that - I won't repeat what she's already written. But what I will say though is that I want to have more Argentinian food. What I had that evening was delicious.


This week, I was meant to have watched "The Graduate", "Little Big Man", "All The President's Men", "Farewell, My Concubine", "Son of Rambow" and "Face Off". Unfortunately, only one of these made it through this week due to reasons explained above. See which one made the cut below!

  • Honestly, it was a little bit disappointing.
  • Disappointing in the sense that I wasn't as moved as I thought I would be by the film.
  • Underwhelming, perhaps?
  • Dustin Hoffman is great in the film though, as is Anne Bancroft as the seductive Mrs. Robinson - a role that's pretty much cemented in American film history.
  • But as far as the film goes, I just thought that a lot of the story was a bit silly.
  • If I explained it, it would fall into spoiler territory so I won't do that.
  • But I will say that the script is rather weak in some areas.
  • I think this is a film that is specifically a product of its era and therefore is uniquely special and resonant to those who belonged to that era.
  • I mean, when The Graduate came out, most adults and professional film critics at that time didn't understand the appeal of the film, nor did they see it's significance.
  • But for the youths of 1960s America, they finally had a film that spoke to them (along with Bonnie and Clyde, another landmark film released that same year) and felt that Hollywood was beginning to actually understand them.
  • While I'm not saying the film can't appeal to other generations of film-goers, I'm just saying that it's one whose affect on the audience won't be as immediate and heartfelt compared to those who lived that era of time in America.
  • Makes me wonder just how the rest of the world reacted to it because I know that the film did very well in America...
  • I do believe that after The Graduate and Bonnie and Clyde were released in 1967, most colleges saw a rise in enrolments for filmmaking courses.
  • Kinda like how after Pulp Fiction arrived, a wave of students started going to film school to make witty and fast dialogue-driven shorts about crooks.



Three trailers for three big films next year! The first comes from Christopher Nolan's final Batman film, "The Dark Knight Rises". The teaser has been thrown around a lot in recorded form but here it is in all it's HD glory! The trailer doesn't disappoint! Alfred's bit in the beginning neer fails to cripple my emotions.


And nor does the trailer for Ridley Scott's, "Promethesus", his pseudo-prequel to his 1979 film, "Alien"! It feels very much like the original teaser for "Alien" - ominous, mysterious and foreboding. And oh look it's Michael Fassbender who is, once again, poking his head around Hollywood even more! It feels like forever since I've been hearing about this film but I'm pretty amazed that it's here now!


But let's not forget Peter Jackson's return to Middle-earth with his latest, "The Hobbit"! Expanding on J.R.R Tolkein's, "The Lord of the Rings" mythos, this particular teaser shows off a young Bilbo Baggins on his big adventure with Gandalf and friends. It feels much less serious than Jackson's trilogy but retains all the epic nature and adventure that the films are known for.


Another post down and I'm pretty sure this is also the last post for 2011. None of that reflecting stuff this year nor will I compile a list of favourite films this year either.

Anyways, as always here's the song from which tonight's blog post comes from! Enjoy and hope everyone has a wonderful new year. Stay safe, guys!

End post.

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