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Saturday, 17 December 2011

Spiritual State

Hello to all.

Pretty average week this week which pretty much means nothing to talk about in regards to my every day life. How boring.

The only amount of drama that happened was from when my television burnt down from within. And in the lamest way possbile too! There was excess ice-cream on the lid and some of it was running off the lid and into the television as I was picking it up to close off the bucket. Burnt off from the inside and stank up my room. Unfortunate. At least now I have an excuse to get a new flatscreen television.


Television week this week and according to my schedule, I was meant to have completed "Mad Men" and "The Killing" and also begin watching Showtime's latest series, "Shameless". Unfortunately, I only managed to watch "Shameless" because the rest of the week I was working for the most part.

  • American remake of a successful British television series of the same name.
  • Never saw the original series so I can't really compare the two.
  • Show's only got one season so far with a second coming early next month.
  • Great show with a cast that's lead by veteran actor, William H. Macy.
  • The show is all about the theme of family, even if its subject matter doesn't necessiarly reflect family values.
  • But we stick around because want to know just what the next mishap will happen within the crazy Gallagher household.
  • Highly dysfunctional family but thats makes for some great and enjoyable television.
  • Love the pairing of Fiona and Steve - favourite couple on television right now.
  • But also weird at the same time since Emmy Rossum and Justin Chatwin were both in Dragonball Evolution as Bulma and Goku respectively.
  • Surprised neither Emmy Rossum nor William H. Macy got recognition from the Primtime Emmy Awards.
  • Was surprised by just how much sex is in the show but then again the show is called "Shameless" so...
  • Looking forward to Season 2!

It seems like there's always a new piece of information regarding Spike Lee's remake of "Oldboy" each week. It's been reported that Clive Owen and Mia Wasikowska have both been offered roles in Lee's remake of the Korean revenge classic. Owen has been offered the villain role while Wasikowska has been offered the "Mi-do" role. Firth passed on the villain role last week and "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo's" Rooney Mara had also passed on the role as Lee's leading lady for this remake.
Personal opinion - Clive Owen would make a fantastic Woo-jin, perhaps moreso than Colin Firth could have. Owen has, in past roles, shown that he can find the right amount of charisma, smugness and depravity and appropriate it for this part. He's worked with Spike Lee before as well so it's definitely something that could happen. As for the young, Mia Wasikowska, she's a fine actress in her own right and it would be an interesting casting choice to have Wasikowska on board. Coincidentally, she's just finished shooting "Stoker" a film that's being directed by "Oldboy's" original director Park Chan-wook.
Here are two official photos from Baz Lurhmann's film adaptation of "The Great Gatsby". The film is currently in principal photgraphy at the moment and stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire and Carrey Mulligan. Expect an early release sometime next year.
Wow, this sucks. I actually had a lot more by way of film news to write on just now but my browser just crashed and this was all I could salvage. Terrible.
Well, I can't be bothered writing up the rest of what I wrote so I'll just leave it here. Here's the song from today's title post - hope you enjoy and have an aweosme week.
End post.

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