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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Her Voice is Beyond Her Years

How's it going everybody?

Late blog post, I know. I was staying over a friend's house last night and we watched some really terrible films that were often rather hilarious. We watched "Future Sport", "The Secret Agent Club" and "Terminal Rush". Based on those titles alone, can you see what I mean by terrible films? These films were a dollar each and we still have two more of these films to see. So yeah, that happened. And no, I won't be discussing them. They're terrible but hilarious. I doubt anyone would want to waste their time doing what we do.


It was my birthday last week for those who were unaware. I am now 20 years old am no longer in my teens. I didn't plan on celebrating my birthday at all (hell, I even went to work on my birthday!) but two of my best mates came over to hang out for a while and give me presents.

My birthday spoils! Now I need to buy the other books to complete the collection. Also my life is officially over now that I have a copy of The Old Republic to play.

Now all I need to do is buy the remaining three books! Also my life is officially over now that "Star Wars: The Old Republic" has come into my possession. I've never played an MMO where I've had to pay to play but this one looks pretty worth it. Thanks guys!


  • Anyone who lives in Melbourne should go catch The Interrupters before ACMI closes the film for this season.
  • A brutally honest, harrowing eye-opener of a documentary that depicts a year of violence in a city that's consumed by it.
  • The way in which director Steve James executes the documentary is that he brings the issue in a way that's both not glorified nor obscured.
  • And the way they depict the news media in regards to their reporting on violence in Chicago and in other parts of America is that it's something that they don't necessarily have a huge grasp on gang violence and look only for a story to cover.
  • It's crazy to think that these teenagers/young adults live this way - prepared to die at any corner with a gun tucked in their pants and a bulletproof vest over themselves.
  • It's even crazier to know that these guys don't expect to live past 25 and live for today not tomorrow.
  • There's a fantastic moment where James takes his camera and shoots various memorial sites dedicated to the recently deceased adolescents in Chicago and then finishes it up by showing a wall with each brick containing someone's name. The scene with a close-up of one particular brick that says, "I'm next", which for me was incredibly haunting.
  • Highly recommend that people watch this, a superbly made documentary.
  • Enjoyed it for the most part.
  • Quite heavy with the political jargon in the early goings of the film which makes it hard to follow.
  • Also, the fact that it's American politics also makes it that much harder to identify.
  • But as far as all surface elements of the film are concerned (acting, story etc), they're all good.
  • And as far as political thrillers go, I was surprised to see some really nice shots in this film - rather decent cinematography in certain areas.
  • I dunno, the film's just okay - I was hoping to expect some form of satire (a la 'Network') but I just got a pretty decent film about American politics.
  • Yeah, don't really have much of an opinion on this to be quite frank.
  • Hugo is one of the year's best films, hands down.
  • The film is one giant love letter to cinema while also acting as a fond reminder of cinema's humble beginnings.
  • Seriously, it's almost like a crash course in film history but you wouldn't really know it until you see it for yourself.
  • And not only is it a celebration of cinema but it's also a celebration of youth.
  • Essentially a children's film, it has a lot of potency as a film that captures a sense of innocence with much maturity - something you don't see a lot nowadays with children's features.
  • So that was a refreshing thing to see.
  • Hugo also acts as a positive argument for the use of 3D in films.
  • Naysayers might say that director Martin Scorsese "sold out" by using 3D but it's the way the 3D is integrated within the film's story and it's overall message that makes it a compellingly positive argument for 3D.
  • It's not clear at first why this film in particular would require 3D, but it becomes clearer.
  • Hugo isn't perfect though, there are problems with the story and it's a little muddy here and there with its pacing (a minor fault within Scorsese has a storyteller).
  • But otherwise, Hugo is a heart-warming film that is essentially dedicated to both the power of cinema as well as to the preservation of it.



The nominees for the 84th Annual Academy Awards were announced last week and you can find the link to the list of nominees RIGHT HERE.

I was VERY surprised to see that "Bridesmaids" would get any nomination for anything but at the same time am rather happy for everyone involved with making that film because I thought it was pretty good (but definitely not "Academy Award-nominated" worthy...). I don't think ANYONE saw that coming.

My favourite film from last year, "Drive", walked away with only one nomination but for Sound Editing (come on... where's the nom for Best Actor, Best Director and Best Picture?). If there was any film from last year that deserved nominations for any major award, it was definitely this one. But cry and cry all I want, it won't happen.

Gary Oldman finally gets a nomination from the Academy for his work with "Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy" which was great to hear.

Elizabeth Olsen did not get a nomination for her breakout performance in "Martha Marcy May Marlene" which is a shame because I just want to see her at the Oscars... (but I will be able to see her in the aforementioned film this week finally...)

Another snub, according to those who've seen him in "Shame", is Michael Fassbender, who I thought for sure would get a nomination, considering that he's been nominated in every other award ceremony for Best Actor.

I'm also crying snub for "The Interrupters" because after seeing that documentary this past week, I was shocked that it didn't get any recognition whatsoever.

If I had to guess, I'm gonna say that "The Artist" will take home a lot of the major awards that evening. It seems to be the film that everyone is falling head over heels for so if I had to pick something to win, it'd be that. Pro-tip right there.

So that's it. There was more to "Tidbits of Film News" but I'm too lazy to get started on that. I mean, the most that I cared for this week were the Oscar nominations, so I just wanted to get that out of the way and leave the rest another time. This blog post's title comes is provided by Mew, a band I've recently started to have a liking to. There are two different versions of the song, one slower, and another one faster. Not sure which one I like personally but botha re good. You can decide for yourself. Enjoy.

End post.

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  1. Tbh I was surprised with the nomination for Bridesmades too - I thought it was a great movie but that took me by surprise xD Thanks for your review on Hugo and Ides of March - I was hesitant on actually wanting to watch Hugo but it's generated such buzz lately!