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Sunday, 26 February 2012

The Greatest


Uni starts up again tomorrow which means I'm gonna have to try to keep this post as small as possible cause I don't want to have to waste time editing it down and junk because before you know it it'll be 3.00AM and I'll be sleep deprived as hell.


Yesterday I hung out with some friends (but you can read all about that over at Ellen's blog). We had pizza, Scrabble'd and talked. It was good.


I visited my mate's new apartment in the city and it is absolutely awesome. Some of my friends are planning to get him an inflatable pool just for the hell of it (I honestly do not know if this is actually going to go down).


Picked up this bad boy over at Dungeon Crawl today. I spent so many weekends playing Twisted Metal 2 on my friend’s PSX when I was younger and it’s a game that’s really entrenched itself within my memories of more fonder years (followed by the first Tony Hawk game and Ocarina of Time). If anything, I bought this game out of pure nostalgia (and impulse but let’s not talk about that!) but I don’t think I’ll be disappointed by the product because the game looks about as insane as it did back in the day. Yep, looks like a whole new set of weekends are about to open up again for this.

I also bought myself a copy of "Twisted Metal". Loved the original game back on the PSX and have great memories thanks to this series. There needs to be more games based on crazy vehicular mayhem.


And "Community" (a.k.a. my absolute favourite comedy series of all time) returns from it's mid-season hiatus on March 15th! (that's the 16th for us, Australians)! MARK YOUR CALENDARS AND SHARE IN MY EXCITEMENT!


  • Surprisingly was not put off by much of the film at all.
  • Yeah, the film might feel like it's some WKW-imitator but I think it's the fact that its set in America and features English-speaking actors (because I can't say American) which makes it seem like its an imitation.
  • That and the fact that Christopher Doyle isn't lending his talents to lense the film.
  • I'll admit it's a bit strange to see and hear the Wong aesthetic being implemented in an American feature and it's a little disconcerting at the start but flows well enough throughout the feature afterwards.
  • Having said that, I thought the film provided an interesting insight into what Wong percieves as "America".
  • And I couldn't really care if it was a real enough depiction of these characters or not, it just intrigued me how this foreign director views the landscape of America and of its people.
  • I don't blame Wong either for making the film the way he did - I doubt he's all that familiar with the landscape and I didn't feel all that disconnected from the film at all.
  • However that doesn't change the fact that the film barely has a story to keep it altogether.
  • The bit with Natalie Portman's character really put me off the film because I just didn't care for her character at all.
  • Norah Jones wasn't as bad as I thought she would be (singer turned actor usually does not go well).
  • Also Sue Lynne = Su Li-zhen. Am I right? Rachel Weisz was like a mix between Gong Li and Zhang Ziyi's characters in "2046".

  • So this is my first Spike Lee film and it wasn't a bad way to get into his films I suppose.
  • Although I think I may have watched "Malcolm X" back when I was in high school but I barely remember it.
  • Anyways, Edward Norton turns in a good performance and further proves why he is one of my favourite actors to watch.
  • I had problems with the story/character development, particularly with Phillip Seymour Hoffman's character.
  • It just ultimately didn't add up altogether in lieu of what was really going on.
  • Oh but that scene where Norton's character has his hate speech... damn good stuff.
  • Also Barry Pepper is someone who I have recently come to admire as an actor.
  • He's in a lot of films but mostly in supporting roles (he's great in them though).
  • Give it a shot, I say. Film's not bad at all - looking forward to seeing Lee's other well-regarded films.
240p, we meet again.


The new "trailer" for Pixar's upcoming epic, "Brave", arrived this week. I put trailer in quotation marks because it's more of a clip from the film than a trailer but, and excuse my gibberish here but OMFG DAT FLUID ANIMATION! Pixar's animation gets better and better with each film and if you have the option to watch the trailer in 1080p then by all means because WOW! "Brave" releases later this year (otherwise known as the year that will end blockbuster films).


And that's all there is this week. Today's blog post title comes from Cat Power's contribution to the soundtrack of "My Blueberry Nights". WKW sure knows how to compile a soundtrack, ey?

End post.

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