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Monday, 6 February 2012

One Hundred Years

Hey all.


On Sunday, I was out and about at an event for Old Mout Cider. A friend of mine who volunteers with me at ACMI invited me to the event since she works as Old Mout Cider's marketing person (so she pretty much organised the whole event). It was at Young and Jackson which is pretty much the pub that's straight across the road from Flinders Street Station. Invited some friends out and had a pretty awesome day out. But why re-tell it when Ellen's already done so? Boom.


Super thick novel is thick. My Battle Royale novel came in the mail this morning and I am a bit taken by just how thick this novel is. Perhaps it’s because I’ve been reading shorter works as of late…Wandering around the city and found a copy of Anvil - The Story of Anvil on DVD for only $7.00. Absolute value, immediate buy. If anyone’s followed me on Tumblr and Blogger, they’d know that this doco recently became a huge favourite of mine, it’s sitting somewhere in my top ten, I’d say. Brought me to tears, this film did.

Ordered "Battle Royale" through The Book Depository and recieved it in the mail this week. Also bought myself a copy of "Anvil: The Story of Anvil" at JB Hi-Fi on impulse (but a film this good warrants a purchase). I was surprised at just how thick the novel was but people on Tumblr have been telling me that it's a really quick read. We'll see about that (slow reader).

As for the DVD, I think that anyone who has consistently read my blog (no one), will know just how much I fell in love with documentary. One of my favourite films ever - hugely inspirational and one of the few films to ever bring me to tears (suggesting that I am a big burly man who shows no weak signs of emotion).


Who follows me on Tumblr? You do? Well you must know how much I am in love with Elizabeth Olsen's everything. I am so in love with her that I went out to see her film, "Martha Marcy May Marlene", last week which recently released in select cinemas across Australia!

Now this is the part where you normally see my quick thoughts on the film but here's something a little different for today. I submitted a written review (yes, I'm actually back to doing these again!), over to Mark Battisella Films so if you're interested in reading what I had to say about the film, please support myself and more importantly the website by heading over there and reading it (hell, why don't you go and tweet about it and like it on Facebook too!). No seriously, I'd really love it if you can spare a few minutes just to read it. Cheers.



Since I brought up Elizabeth Olsen, here's a trailer for a new film she's a part of called, "Red Lights". The film, directed by Rodrigo Cortes ("Buried"), stars Cillian Murphy, Sigourney Weaver and Robert De Niro and is about a psychologist and her assistant, both of whom study in paranormal activity, investigating a world-reknowned psychic.

The trailer does a good job of selling me on the film but from what I've heard, the film isn't as good as one would think (which is a shame because it looks pretty good). I'll let you be the judge and I will anticipate this film any way.


Also here's a new Superbowl trailer for "The Avengers". I'm very much looking forward to this film for many reasons (none of which I will name now). Once again, 2012 is the year to end all blockbuster films.


And not so much film but more on the TV spectrum, here's a new trailer for Season Two of HBO's awesome series, "Game of Thrones". Just return to me now please... (you too, "Breaking Bad").


And that is it for this week. Hey, here's the mandatory music highlight! Today's blog post title comes from a track by The Cure! There it is below and now you go and enjoy it.

End post.

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