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Saturday, 24 March 2012

I'm Cold

Hey folks.

Can't seem to recall what I got up to this week but most of it I think involved staying home watching films and pulling my hair over a documentary I'm filming for university. I don't even have a clue how this is going to look and what direction it will take. The worst part is that the quality of work from previous students has been very high so I'm really nervous about actually shooting this. It's going to be a trainwreck of a project.


Anyways, I've got a few assignments due next week and the week after so I'll write this as quickly as possible. I dont want to feel I've spent a night toiling away just for my blog (it takes a while for me to write a blog post, okay?)


Woah! I completely forgot that I ordered this two months ago! Driven is the sequel to Drive and I legit thought that this book was meant to be released in April but somehow I have it like a few weeks early… Weird. Yet awesome.

"Driven" arrived in the mail this week, much to my surprise. I didn't expect it to arrive so soon since the book is scheduled to be formally released in the first week of April so it was a shock to see it in my mail box this past week. I haven't read it yet though - still reading "The Wind Up Bird Chronicle".


Apologies one more time but I won't be writing up my thoughts about the films I saw this past week. If you're keen to seek them out, there's always YouTube to look to once you see the films that are listed here! Anyways, here they are - the films that I saw this week include:
(The Quiet Family)


No Tidbits of Film News section this week but I'm still pretty much hung up on the "Prometheus" trailer from a week ago. I really ought to get "Alien" on Blu-ray...

Anyways, American "Battle Royale" "The Hunger Games" released this week in Aussie cinemas, as did "The Raid". I'll probably see these two films sometime soon so look out for that on my blog. Anyhow, this blog title owes itself to The Cure so have fun listening to it. CIAO.

End post.

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