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Sunday, 18 March 2012

Mourning Air


Every time I put my posters up they just fall down... I blame those weird hot days that Melbourne had recently. Ya know, those really humid and muggy days this past week? Ruins everything...


Anyways, where was I? Oh yeah, here are some purchases that I made this week. JB Hi-Fi is an evil money-sucking corporation that knows how to get into mind and to my wallet... How does one say "no" to their ridiculous good sales?!


I didn't watch any films this week but I did manage to catch up with Season 4 of "Mad Men", just in time for the fifth season which is set to premiere next week! Yes, I have been VERY slow to catch up with the show...


Hey Tim Burton fans, here's the trailer for his newest feature, "Dark Shadows". Honestly, I don't know much about the film other than the fact that it's a bit of a passion project for both Burton and Johnny Depp (who stars in the film no less) and that it's an adaptation of a soap opera back in the day. The trailer certainly looks like a Tim Burton film but the vibe of it doesn't. Maybe it's cause they're using a predominately 70s soundtrack...


And here's a Japanese trailer for "The Avengers". It comes action-packed with plenty of new footage and as you'd expect, it's cut in a way that makes it seem like a film that was made FOR Japan. Makes sense, right? Reasons to love this trailer: Japanese narrator, the fact that it looks like what you'd expect to read in a comic book, OMFG THE S.H.I.E.L.D HELICARRIER! :D


Oh and Ridley Scott's, "Prometheus" has a new trailer. Excuse me while I go change my pants. Also, I legit thought Tom Hardy was in this trailer to which I thought to myself, "HOLD ON WHEN THE HELL DID TOM HARDY SIGN ON FOR THIS FILM AND HOW DOES HE HAVE THE TIME TO FILM THIS AND FILM THE DARK KNIGHT RISES?!" only to find out that it wasn't Tom Hardy but a guy called Logan Marshall Green (and then I remembered him as the guy who played Ryan's brother in "The O.C.").

So that's it this week. This blog post title was brought to you by Portishead. Enjoy the track below. Or not. Your choice. See you guys next week then.

End post.


  1. I'm so excited for all of these new movies! Not sure why but the avengers seem more epic when the narration is in japanese haha...

    The prometheus movie looks interesting but the end of the trailer practically gave me an epileptic fit.

    1. 2012 will be the last year for true blockbuster films! It's the year to end all films, really.

      Bahaha, just so much flashing. Imagine seeing that in the cinema! Man, I really ought to watch Alien and Blade Runner again after seeing this. Especially Alien since this is a prequel to it, kinda.