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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Tie A String Around Your Finger

Hello everybody.

So some of you might be wondering where last week's post was. I had a lot to do since coming back to university. And I still have a lot to do right now so I'll keep it as brief as possible.


I can barely remember what happened the week before so I don't even think it's worth mentioning. Some of the things I got up to have already been mentioned in Ellen's blog so head over there if you actually want to know what it was I got up to this past week (I know I wouldn't) but otherwise just skim past this.


Actually this happened...

"Drive" arrived in the mail this week much to my delight! Dat Blu-ray goodness warms my heart...


And just quickly before I head into the "What I've Been Watching" section of the post but I wrote a quick article for the 2012 Korean Cinema Blogathon. The article is currently being hosted by the awesome KOFFIA (Korean Film Festival In Australia) blog so have a quick read if you're interested in how I got into Korean cinema and my thoughts on their ever growing film industry.


I feel like if I rattle off every single thing that I loved/didn't love about each of these films it would probably kill up a lot of time which I need to use on homework. If you really want to, you can ask me about the films on Formspring. These past two weeks I watched the following:

You can read what I had to say about "Like Crazy" over at Mark Battistella Films, guys! Also, you can totally catch all these films over at the Nova... just sayin' (that is of course if you're living in Melbourne).


The Academy Awards have come and gone but if you still haven't checked out who won what (come on, you must've heard SOMETHING about it already!), here's a link to all the winners.
I called it - give "The Artist" everything (although "Hugo" had a surprisingly strong showing in the technical awards).


Elizabeth Olsen (aka wife) is in talks to join Spike Lee's adaptation of "Oldboy" as the female lead. My mind does not know how to respond to this but anyone who has seen "Martha Marcy May Marlene" will know that she can gracefully pull off her "Oldboy" character.


You love trailers? Here's a Japanese trailer for Pixar's, "Brave", which gives huge Studio Ghibli vibes (how appropriate) and another full trailer for "The Avengers" which gives us a great look at The Hulk and offers some sweet new footage.


Star Wars designer, Ralph McQuarrie, passed away at the age of 82. McQuarrie was responsible for the conceptual artwork that went into visualising the Star Wars universe. So really, he is the reason why Darth Vader looks the way he does, why lightsabers look the way they do and why planets and space stations look the way they do.

And that's what's been happening these last two weeks. I'll try to update regularly again but I didn't realise how much having a job sucks me away from homework and junk. Weird.

Anyways, as always below is the song from which this post's title comes from. It's by The Marvelettes and it's an oldie but they're the best aren't they?

End post.


  1. i'm so excited to see brave!!!!
    i'm also really interested in seeing how oldboy will turn out as well.

    1. That trailer gave me all sorts of Princess Mononoke vibes! Although that is understandable considering it was cut for a Japanese audience and all, haha.

      Oldboy remake is... interesting to say the least. I would LOVE if Lizzie got cast for it but am not sure if Spike Lee is the right director for the job.