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Saturday, 31 March 2012

Up On The Ladder


Managed to finish all my assignments on Friday morning and feel good about not having to worry too much about things that are due. I still have to think about my documentary of course (that will be constantly on the back of my mind throughout all this semster) and I have to film a very quick short of about a minute and a half for another video class. I probably shouldn't have taken up two production classes.


Recently I've been obsessed with Jim Jarmusch's films but the problem here is that I've yet to see a single one. Isn't that strange? I wonder if anyone else is like that - like does anyone ever feel that way about anything else? Novelists? Singers? Perhaps it's just me.


Harvey Norman had an awesome online store and practically went half price on all their games… Which is something VERY unexpected from Harvey Norman, a retailer who is so out of touch with gaming trends. But hey, it must have done wonders for them cause I picked up "Street Fighter X Tekken" for only $40 (A NEW RELEASE GAME THAT CHEAP?!)

I didn’t want to get SFxT until the price lowered drastically because I knew Capcom would want to squeeze every cent out of me just for extra DLC characters (who just so happen to be already on the damn disc…) which meant I was willing to wait it out for a few months but then this miracle happened and I just HAD to buy it!


On Friday night I went out with my best mates to catch "The Raid" in cinemas. Quick thoughts on the film can be found below. After the film we went back to Eddie's place and Kevin and I gave him his birthday presents. I brought over my newly bought copy of SFxT and we played that for the rest of the night. Like... up until 4.00AM pretty much. Crazy.


- One of the most exhilarating films of the year so far - fans of action cinema would be doing themselves a disservice by passing up on this film.
- The story here is secondary to the tightly shot and choreographed action and man does the action just run rampantly here.
- And if action filmmaking were an art, this film would be a masterpiece.
- I'm probably hyping it up a bit too much but you'd be hardpressed to find a better action film in the last few years, maybe even the last decade, that could match the intensity and excitement this film generates.
- And that's even including the likes of action stars Donnie Yen and Tony Jaa.
- Also, Iko Uwais, the film's lead, is going to be a huge name after this film and will most definitely be joined alongside the aformentioned contemporaries in martial arts action cinema today.
- Oftentimes the film reminded me of a video game which isn't necessarily a bad thing because if anything, it'd make me question why certain video game film adaptations can't just follow the same formula done by this film.
- Needless to say, I can't look at a commission flat or an apartment building the same way after watching this film.



It was announced this week that "Anchorman" would indeed see a sequel and that Paramount have agreed to bring back Ron Burgundy. Will Ferrell made the announcement on "Conan" as Ron. The announcement can be viewed in the video below. I for one am excited for Ron Burgundy's return to the big screen - I think that "Anchorman" is one of the best examples of contemporary American comedies and it's insanely quotable. Much of the film's success is largely due to Will Ferrell's potrayal of Burgundy as he's a shallow, misogynistic idiot who, in spite of his shortcomings, radiates charm. Woah, did I try to make "Anchorman" sound serious? Okay, stop right there, Hieu.


Japanese horror fans, take note - the full theatrical trailer for "Sadako 3D" was released this week. "Sadako 3D" isn't so much a direct sequel to "Ringu" (The Ring) as it is more a spin-off/spiritual sequel. More information about the film's story can be found via Twitch but for now here's the full trailer. Sensing major "Suicide Club" vibes...


And that's all for tonight. Radiohead is responsible for this blog post title - it's featured on the second disc of their album "In Rainbows". I really ought to buy more of their albums (the only one I have is "Ok, Computer"... Anyways, enjoy the song and I'll post again next week (hopefully I'll have seen more films).

End post.


  1. Hieu,

    Do you have twitter or instagram or somethin? I almost never hear about you other than your face randomly showing up on ellen's blog lol. I hope you are well and that school hasn't killed you off completely.

    I used to play fighting games religiously but then I got sick of not being able to beat other people (I'm bad at it) so I stopped. I can't tell you how long I spent on marvel vs capcom 1/2. I even played "rival schools" fighting game on dreamcast and it was WICKED.

    And I hope anchorman does well but like all sequels, it might not....... anchorman was hilarious.

    Let me know about the twitter thing~

    1. I do have a Twitter! And a Tumblr as well! Both of which I update on a daily basis as opposed to my blog. The links for them are actually underneath my banner (I know, it's kinda hard to tell right? They don't actually "look" like links!) So yeah just click those and check em out if you're keen.

      I'm such a fighting game nerd but I'm obviously not good enough to compete in like tournaments or whatever, I know that much. I just enjoy the challenge of it - learning how to properly use the characters and adapt to the game's fighting mechanics and stuff. RIVAL SCHOOLS?! I've never played it but I've heard good things - it was one of those more ambiguous titles I suppose. I just know of it cause one of the guys from that game, Kyosuke, was in Capcom vs SNK 2.