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Sunday, 8 April 2012

Daphne Descends

Happy Easter to all.

Hope everyone's having an awesome Easter break! Trying to remember what I got up to this week... I know I was filming a short this week for one of my classes but that's all I remember really. Oh and work but that's not really worth talking about. Ehhh, yeah.

So I'll probably upload my short sometime soon in the coming weeks. It's nothing special, honest. Half baked idea that came about when I was desperate for something to shoot. I'll better explain the short once I edit it and get everything looking decent.


Tomorrow I'll begin filming my documentary for class. I'll be interviewing a neighbour of mine about how she came to live in the flats and ask for her opinions about the neighbourhood among other things. I'll get my mum to translate the questions and answers or something cause my Vietnamese is terrible, bahaha.

I'm a fan of pro-wrestling. Ridicule me, if you have to but I love the theatricality of it all and I respect what the guys do in the ring for the sake of entertaining the crowds. Having said that, Wrestlemania 28, has come and gone and I thought the event was pretty underwhelming. Wrestlemania is like the Superbowl of pro-wrestling, the AFL Grand Final of pro-wrestling. It's a huge event and the one that culminates a year within the WWE. There were some good matches but not as amazing or legendary as one would come to expect. That Daniel Bryan/Sheamus opening bout for the World Heavyweight Title was a joke and I'm glad the crowd agreed and voiced their displeasure that night and the following night live on Raw (all those "YES!" chants had me in fits of laughter). Lose title in 18 seconds, gets over with fans. Wrestling logic. So that happened.


Also Game of Thrones returned! The second episode also leaked online. I think it had something to do with HBO putting up the second episode up ahead of schedule in case people wanted to watch it early or something. I dunno, it's weird. But that also happened. Now can we have a moment to enjoy Joffrey getting slapped by Cersei. Little bastard.



Did not get to watch any films this week but I did get around to watching a very short anime called "Usagi Drop". I really enjoyed it and I think a lot of it had to do with the fact that I had no preconceived perception of the film and practically watched it without knowing a single thing about it other than the basic premise.

It's a sweet anime series and despite it's short length, (11 episodes, 20 minute runtime per episode) I think the series does enough to establish the relationship between Rin and Daikichi and of its other characters with the time allotted to them. Unfortunately, the series ends quite abruptly and unsatisfyingly which is a shame as you feel that the show is just about to pick up a good momentum at this point. But not to fear as the show is rumoured to have a second season where we see an older Rin (I hear she's in her 20s or something which is quite a big leap).

The art direction in the series is lovely, retaining an almost storybook aesthetic with its thin lines and vivid colours. It's a tender series that embraces all those little moments in life that we would otherwise categorise as arbitrary or trivial and celebrates parenthood. In some ways, "Usagi Drop" is a coming-of-age series of a different variety. Definitely different as far as anime is concerned. Would probably fit well into Studio Ghibli's non-Miyazaki films.

There's a live-action film adaptation of the anime/manga starring Kenichi Matsuyama (best known outside of Japan as L from "Death Note"). I'm thinking of watching it but it doesn't seem to capture the aesthetics of the anime...



Just one piece of awesome film news today - a new trailer for Mamoru Hosoda's "The Wolf Children, Ame and Yuki" was released this past week! Hosoda is responsible for two anime favourites among anime enthusiasts, "The Girl Who Leapt Through Time" and "Summer Wars". Enjoy!


And that's the way it is this week! This week, we have The Smashing Pumpkins to thank for their contribution to this title post! The song, Daphne Descends, is off their album, Adore. Great track. Unfortunately, no one has uploaded the proper album version of the song so here it is being performed live.

End post.

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