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Sunday, 29 April 2012

Nyce Dream

Hey hey.

This week was a busy one once again. Had work three days in a row and had to work the opening day of "The Avengers" which was brutal. 5,000+ admits on Anzac Day! Brutal, right? It was my first super busy night... I imagine it to be similar for when the other huge films open in the coming months. My body is not ready.


More filming of my documentary this week and hopefully it's the last week of filming too cause I'm pretty sure I have enough footage to work with now. I'm not confident in the final product at all but I'm confident that we'll get it DONE. Ah it's gonna be a terrible little film (everyone has been warned).


In awesome news, check out my purchases! Impulse purchases all the way! JB Hi-Fi had a super sale on Saturday and I didn't want to waste that opportunity (even if it comes around quite often) so I got 20% off of "Alien" and "Evangelion 2.22: You Can (Not) Advance" on Blu-ray and "Last Life in the Universe" on DVD. I was stuck on whether or not to also buy "Genius Party" and "Millennium Mambo" on DVD and "The Incredibles" and "Taxi Driver" on Blu-ray (despite already having "Taxi Driver" on DVD...).

In addition to those purchases was "Metal Gear Solid HD Collection" for the PS3. The box says you get three games remastered for HD but really you're getting five (MGS3 has the original "Metal Gear" for the NES and "Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake" games for the MSX). Fun times, ahead.


This week, I watched "The Avengers".
Fortunately for us, the majority of international audiences got to witness the film first before the United States (a whole week in advance!). However, we don't get the new "The Dark Knight Rises" trailer attached to the film... bummer. But it doesn't matter as it will get a release on the Internet eventually anyway.

As much as I'd love to write a fully-written review for the film, I don't write it right now. As usual, I'll have my thoughts in quick dot-points.

  • Quite possibly Marvel's best film.
  • My personal favourite of theirs is the first Spider-man film because that just had the right look and feel of an actual comic (I'm talking Marvel characters here not Marvel Studios).
  • And this is pretty much what The Avengers does, makes it a fun comic book film.
  • Joss Whedon, who understands comic books so well, knows exactly what kind of film this should be - a fun, rambunctious roller-coaster ride like a majority of the major comic book titles out there (it's essentially a crossover event). Great sense of direction and understanding of the material he's given to work with.
  • Tom Hiddleston is excellent in the film as Loki - talk about chewing up a scene! That man can act.
  • Hulk/Bruce Banner, a character who has always been a bit difficult to work around, gets a lot of great attention here and he and you'll most likely be talking about him by the end of it.
  • Just plain fun! Like comic book films should be and fortunately for us, it's actually damn good too.


Released this week on the Internet was a kind of behind-the-scenes featurette for "Prometheus" which releases sometime in June this year.
I think everyone knows just how pumped I am for this film so I won't gush any more about it. The featurette shows a lot of new footage and I completely forgot that the film was actually FILMED in 3D as opposed to being converted into 3D afterwards... Kinda given more incentive to see the film in 3D now and am curious as to how it'll help.


I'm not familiar with John Hillcoat's films but after seeing the trailer for "Lawless", I feel even more compelled to see "The Proposition" and "The Road" (both of which I own but haven't made time to watch!). I liked the original title for this film better than "Lawless" but whatever, Hollywood can do what it wants. "Lawless" will premiere at Cannes and then see a release in August 31 (in the States).


Oh and here's a new trailer for Pixar's upcoming film, "Brave". I love everything that's being shown for this film so far. Again, this is going to be the year to end all huge blockbuster films. I'm kinda curious as to what the big arthouse/indie films this year will be...


The first two official photos for Quentin Tarantino's, "Django Unchained" were released this week and not to sound like a flaming fanboy but OMFG, EVERYTHING LOOKS AWESOME! I'm still a little "meh" on Jamie Foxx as he doesn't really look like he belongs in those photos but can we just admire how much of a douche Leonardo DiCaprio is for a moment? Which pretty much means he's going to be awesome in it. He's playing the villain of the film, Calvin Candie, and DiCaprio has never really played an evil guy before. So that should be interesting.


You like old men? You like guns? HAVE SOME OLD MEN HOLDING GUNS! Oh and one girl and young guy holding guns too. These are the character posters for each individual in the upcoming action film, "The Expendables 2". As silly as the first film was, I still enjoyed it, much to the chagrin of a LOT of people.

And that's the way it this week. This week's post title comes from Japanese rapper, SEEDA and is from the album "Heaven". The Japanese language is quite lyrical and suits rap very well, I reckon. Unfortunately, the song hasn't been uploaded anywhere on YouTube or any other site (as far as I can see anyway) BUT the track embedded below (for some reason) has the same tune/beat as the song and is still done by SEEDA except it's all different (a reworking of it perhaps? A remix?). Anyways, enjoy that track and have a good week.

End post.

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