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Sunday, 13 May 2012

Cream of the Planet

Hi all.

Few more weeks left until semester is over. Which means after this semester, I've got one more and then I *gasp* graduate! Time goes by far too quickly. Can't do much about that can we?


JB Hi-Fi had YET ANOTHER sale on all their DVDs and Blu-ray films. Naturally, I took advantage of this but I didn't overinduldge (at least I hope it doesn't look like I did). The new acquisitions include a DVD box-set that includes three landmark films by Japanese director/writer/actor Takeshi Kitano's landmark films - Violent Cop, Boiling Point and Sonatine - as well as Blu-ray copies of Taxi Driver and Zodiac. Beastly high-def transfers of fantastic films. Now I have to add Takeshi Kitano on my list of directors to slay during the upcoming semester break (cheers to hermit status).


Had time to catch up with the game Darksiders this week and am enjoying it a lot more than I thought I would. I haven't finished it yet but I think it's a pretty solid game so far despite the fact that it borrows heavily from a lot of other games, most notably The Legend of Zelda. That's not a knock on the game though but if all goes well, I might be inclined to pick up the sequel which comes out some time this year.


Oh and Community got renewed for another season! It's no secret that I love the show so it's fantastic to hear that the show will continue to have life, even if it's only been renewed for thirteen episodes. A new season and some new episodes are ALWAYS welcome (and I'm sure Dan Harmon and the Community writing staff have already figured out ways to end the series in case it prematurely gets cancelled mid-way through).


I didn't watch any films this week but instead found time to be able to watch an anime series called, Eden of the East. I also started watching HBO's new series, Veep and the new anime series, Sakamichi no Apollon. I can't say much regarding either series given that they've only just begun but I'm enjoying what both have to offer right now which is always a good sign.

Oh and I was watching a new series called Magic City for a while but after the fifth episode, I've dropped it completely. It's hard to sit through and I wasn't enjoying it which is a shame considering the potential it had.

  • Eden of the East took me by surprise as I had originally thought that the anime was just going to be about these two characters that meet and fall in love (mind you, this is judging solely on the cover art and title!).
  • What I got instead was something that fell in line more with Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex only with more humour and less cyberpunk.
  • Coincidentally, the director of GiTS:SAC also made this! 
  • The main premise is very interesting and the series does provide a sense of relevancy as the issues and situations the series addresses are current-world problems but, and this is dependant on your knowledge of Japan's politics, it can also alienate the viewer.
  • The term NEET is constantly used in the series and it's not a term that's used a lot in Australia as far as I know (a term originated in the UK which is short for Not Educated, Employed or in Training) so I had no idea what it meant or it's relevancy to the series as a whole. 
  • Fortunately, I brought up the series in a conversation with someone at university and he explained to me what a NEET was which was helpful. 
  • But essentially, the series doesn't take the time to explain anything and ignores a lot of exposition, which ultimately leaves the viewer in the dark and drags down the quality of the series.
  • In addition to this is the way in which the series ends - it's really abrupt and it feels like there should be more.
  • But I guess that's where the two films come in (which I'll have to find time for in the near future).
  • Nonetheless, I still enjoyed the series and enjoyed the small film references here and there.
  • It's not a perfect series but it's a fairly good one and it only goes for 11 episodes which can easily be viewed in one sitting. 
  • It plays like a precursor to GiTS:SAC, like everything that happens in this series sets up what happens in the world of GiTS:SAC
  • Also Oasis is played during the opening credits. Awesome.
The first trailer for Gangster Squad arrived this week and, aside from the use of Jay-Z in the trailer, my immediate thoughts of seeing this was basically The Untouchables. Everything about this screams of the 1987 film by Brian De Palma! Change New York for Los Angeles, Al Capone for Mickey Cohen etc... I'm not knocking off Gangster Squad though, I think it looks great although it is a bit strange just how "modern" this period film feels. Kinda like how Public Enemies looked a little too "modern". Maybe it's just me.

It's probably too early to say but this looks like it COULD have the potential to be an early Oscar nominee. It has the feel of it although the fact that Ruben Fleischer, the same man that directed Zombieland and 30 Minutes or Less is behind this makes that statement less credible. Again, 2012 is THE year for blockbuster films.

Aside: I forgot about the existence of the film until this week when the trailer launched (Tumblr was mad crazy about it last year when on-set photos of Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling started making the rounds in light of Crazy Stupid Love's release).



Wong Kar-wai will indeed have something shown at the Cannes Film Festival but it won't be his long-awaited film The Grandmasters. No, instead it will be a short called Dejavu which will be filmed in conjunction with the whisky brand, Chivas Regal. More details about it can be found over at The Playlist.

And that is all that I have to write about this week. This blog post's title is brought to you by Ski Beatz (dude's a music producer) and Yasiin Bey (although everyone will probably know him by his former name, Mos Def). The song, Cream of the Planet, was apparently released back in 2010 but this is the first I'm hearing it (Ski Beatz's channel made it seem like a new Yasiin Bey track so I just assumed it was new material but it's not). Anyways, enjoy some fine tunes ya'll.

End post.

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