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Sunday, 6 May 2012

Dear Blue


Can't remember what it was I got around to this week. I saw some a movie, marked out over new film trailers and that's about it really. I think it's because much of this week was dominated by my need to finish an assignment for my journalism class. I was in a film shoot for a classmate's short yesterday and had a pretty fun time with it. My role was quite... unusual. Imagine Jesse Pinkman from "Breaking Bad" - that was me for the entire day. I really can't wait to see his short in full.


Speaking of, I made a quick short for one of my classes. It's called "Boy Friends" and is only a minute long. When you watch it, you'll realise that this is the reason why writers aren't directors (unless you're a writer/director like Quentin Tarantino or something...). Enjoy angry Cantonese yelling!



This week, I got around to seeing "The Five-Year Engagement". I'd make an excuse for why I went to see the film but I don't think I need one. But just in case I do, here it is: I like the cast for the film, okay?! I hadn't seen any trailers for the film and went into it not expecting anything from it. Not enough time to write thoughts out fully so I'll put it in dot-point.

  • The film benefits from having extremely likeable leads - you root for these guys and really want them to work things out.
  • Jason Segel and Emily Blunt work great together and are equally charming.
  • The supporting cast are equally fantastic but aren't given as much screen time as you'd like - although trust the DVD extras to show off the improv work from everyone involved.
  • Alison Brie and Chris Pratt steal scenes in this film and I would love to see a spin-off based on their characters.
  • Although just as an aside, Alison's British accent could use a little more tweaking (goes in and out).
  • Suffers from a long running time with a third act that drags on and gives little in the way of story.
  • Often times predictable but the writing tries to avoid cliche as much as possible and never falls into the formulaic traps of most romantic comedies.
  • Overall a sweet and thoroughly entertaining film. The jokes might miss its mark here and there and those looking for the typical gross-out Apatow-ian humour may be disappointed but its Tom and Violet's journey to the altar that makes us fall in love with the film's heartfelt characters.


A lot of new trailers were released this week for some of this year's biggest films! You should be excited. Because I totally am. This week has been so damn awesome (as far as film news is concerned) and it's because of these trailers! Bring it, 2012. BRING IT.


First up, arguably the biggest one of them all - the final theatrical trailer for "The Dark Knight Rises". Fantastic trailer - quiet and fearful at first and then leads in with a crescendo of awe-inspiring hope. All eyes on, Christopher Nolan this blockbuster season.


"The Amazing Spider-Man" also got a brand new trailer this week which brings together a lot more of the story and shows off some sweet new footage. I personally think they may have shown a bit too much but I'm still salivating over what was given. Andrew Garfield totally GETS Peter Parker (the bit with the 'small knives' is hilarious and really captures the condescending wit of his character) and Lizard looks great with his iconic labcoat on (what a difference that single coat makes, I was really on the fence with the overall Lizard look until that labcoat showed up!)


Next up is the first full-length trailer for "The Expendables 2". Yes, the first film was silly but I still enjoyed it and the sequel looks like its going to top the first one in terms of its scale. Also Van Damme as a villain... awesome. Now it's not "The Raid", I'm expecting here but just some dumb action (which is what the trailer essentially highlights no?).


And finally (and as if I haven't plugged the crap out of this film enough already) is a new three minute trailer to "Prometheus". Much more new footage although just like the one for the new Spider-Man film, it might be a bit too much. That doesn't change the fact that I'm pumped to see this film. Check it out below.


Sharlto Copley has signed on to take on the villain role in Spike Lee's adaptation of "Oldboy". It's an interesting decision to say the least. Copley hasn't had all that many film roles and I'm not even sure if he's the right man for the job but, and this is solely judging on his work in "District 9" alone, I don't mind that he's there. The film is reported to start filming in October this year and will star Josh Brolin and Elizabeth Olsen (wife).

So yeah that all happened this week. This week's post title comes from the soundtrack of the Japanese film, "Su-ki-da". Does anyone remember me talking about that film? I felt that there was a lot to like about it but at the same time found it to be mostly dry.

Anyways, back the song, it's done by Yoko Kanno who is one of Japan's most popular composers having composed for so many films and popular television shows. Her reputation as a composer is mostly known through anime series' like "Cowboy Bebop" and "Ghost in the Shell". I really like this piece. Enjoy.

End post.

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