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Monday, 21 May 2012

Gun-Shy Sunshine


Quick post this week for the sake of keeping this post up to date. I can’t really talk much given the fact that I’ve been super busy over the week. Semester’s almost over which essentially means crunch time for due assignments. At least I don’t have exams to worry about as well.


Only a show like Community could get away with doing an entire episode completely in 16-bit.

Final three episodes of Community aired a few nights ago and I’m still in withdrawl. Just… so many feelings that I can’t commit to right now. Not to mention the show’s creator, Dan Harmon, is not going to be leading the show next season which means the quality of the show and the way it is right now might not be as insane as it could be under Harmon’s approval. I dunno. I hope he stays on in some capacity (perhaps as a producer or consultant).



  • Saw it due to the new trailer that came out for The Last of Us, a PS3 game due out later this year.
  • I liked it for the most part. It’s a different look at what we may expect from a post-apocalyptic world (or for a film that advertises itself as one anyway).
  • I think the flashback moments with Charlize Theron’s character added little weight to the film.
  • The relationship between the father and the son reminded me of Lone Wolf and Cub. I’ve never seen it though… Well executed.
  • Viggo Mortensen is ridiculously good in this – supremely underrated actor.
  • So often you see films like this rely on action to move the story forward so it’s nice to take a stand back and just focus on the actual survival of these two desperate characters in a world that’s completely changed and how that changes them.
  • I think this is exactly why I liked The Walking Dead’s pilot episode a lot because it didn’t need to concern itself with violence and instead just decided it would take a different approach to the genre and truly gave it a human element to the story.
  • The ending is a bit too positive though - it would've been a lot more powerful had it ended on a more sombre note but that's just me.
The trailer doesn't do the film justice - its very misleading.



Here’s a four minute preview of “The Amazing Spider-Man”. I haven’t seen it yet but apparently it’s mostly the previous trailer and some new footage of what could potentially be a classic scene from the film (Slashfilm’s words, not mine!). Have fun and watch it below.


And on the Eastern side of the world, the trailer for "Chinese Zodiac" was recently released and it’s being touted as Jackie Chan’s last big action movie. Judging from the trailer, Chan looks like he’s going all out on this one. Book me in for this one.


And that’s all this week! This week’s post title is off Silversun Pickups’ new album, “Neck of the Woods” which I actually received this week in the mail! It’s an interesting album – the songs aren’t instantly amazing like those found in their previous albums but do take some time getting used to. It feels different as far as an SSPU album goes but I’m not bored by it or anything. I think it just shows that they're evolving as a band which is always a good sign. FYI: They’re one of my favourite bands – probably somewhere in my personal fave five (Booker T shout-out right there).

End post.

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