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Monday, 4 June 2012

Carbon Rose


A day late with my post but that's okay, I suppose. Semester's finally over which means I'll have two months to catch up on films and games while also simultaneously keeping myself busy with a whole bunch of things that I'll maybe get to in next week's post.


I've already started playing "Chrono Trigger" and am really enjoying it so far. I really do feel like it's ahead of its time, at least judging from what I've played so far. It utilises a unique but very robust combat system, has a great score and the whole time-travel concept is done really well. Clearly a lot of love and thought went into the creation of this game and I can't wait to see where it will take me.


Also I'm telling myself not to indulge in buying video games for a while. I have this plan that I want to start and finish a bunch of classic JRPGs. Currently, I'm planning on starting and finishing the aforementioned, "Chrono Trigger", "Chrono Cross", "Breath of Fire 3", "Breath of Fire 4" and "Final Fantasy IX". So basically a bunch of PSX games that I never got around to since I was too busy lapping it up with my Nintendo 64. Boom.


In anticipation for Ridley Scott's, "Prometheus", I revisited his film "Alien" to get myself a little more psyched up for the film. I'm also gonna re-watch "Blade Runner" this week as well. I won't give a review or even a dot-point review of the film though but I did find that watching it now, there's a lot of nuances that I hadn't picked up the first time I saw the film (which was probably when I was 14 or 15). Everything from HR Giger's influence on the film (it's as much his film as it is Ridley Scott's) to the highly sexualised design of the creatures really helped create this strange, eerie universe of "Alien". It's a film that redefined the science fiction genre film and you can really see how much of an influence "Alien" has had on future films (see, "Event Horizon" and "Sunshine").



Not much by way of film news this week so I'll just leave you here with the trailer for "Les Miserables", directed by Tom Hooper (he directed "The King's Speech") and starring a crazy cast of ridiculously talented people. The film is an adaptation of the famous musical which in itself is an adaptation of the famous French novel of the same name. I'm not huge on musicals but this looks fantastic and is gorgeously photographed. Check out the trailer below.


And that's all this week. This week's title comes from frequent Nujabes collaborator, Uyama Hiroto and is off his album "A Son of the Sun". A real jazzy, atmospheric laid back track. So in other words - awesome. Sit back, relax and enjoy. Preferably with some scotch or something classy like that. Yeah.

End post.

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