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Monday, 3 September 2012


Hey all.

Excuse the lateness of this post. I've had quite a busy week. This will be short so as to keep within the whole "weekend update" thing I have going here. Okay, let's begin.


Went with a friend to a retrospective for Korean director Lee Chang-dong after winning a double pass to it. It was a last minute thing and I had never seen a Lee Chang-dong film before so for it's nice to have my first time with his films be on the big screen.


Not sure if people know but the last three months I've been volunteering with ACMI's Public Programs office and last Thursday was my last day with them. I really enjoyed helping out and it was nice to do something different for a change. Administrative work is my totally my speed and pace, haha. Anyways, the office was kind enough to throw me a little going away morning tea which was extremely nice of them. Such a lovely group of people, truly!


On Saturday I went to a little (emphasis on little) tattoo exhibition at the Ian Potter Gallery in Federation Square with a friend and my cousin. It showcased a lot of, for lack of a better word, native islander tattoos and honestly, I've never seen a bad tribal tattoo. In fact, I think tribal tattoos are the absolute best in terms of tattoos - lot of interesting use of shapes and patterns. Afterwards we kinda just stayed at the Nintendo centre upstairs at EB Games and played a game of Mario Party 9. Good times.


And to end this little bit, here's a bit of Elizabeth Olsen. I feel certain that this is my new favourite photoshoot of hers. But then again all of them are. Just... I can't. Successfully dead. Lizzie for Bullett Magazine, GO!



Normally I'd write some (poorly) fully-written reviews here. I won't do that this week. I'll just do brief sentence summaries of each film I saw. I don't have the time man!


Really wanted to like Cosmopolis but David Cronenberg makes it really hard to actually enjoy it. I feel that this is a certain type of movie made to cater to a specific crowd of people, whoever they are. Needless to say it isn't for mass consumption and I wager that even the most ardent of Cronenberg fans will find this alienating and confounding. Dialogue sounds intelligent but lacks conviction and meaning but perhaps that's cause of my understanding of capitalism. Ironically enough, a soulless work.


My first Lee Chang-dong film, Secret Sunshine. Absolutely stellar film anchored by a terrific central performance by Jeon Do-yeon. Funnily enough, kept thinking that this film was essentially Sympathy for Mr Vengeance without the revenge/violence factor. Felt the need to draw the comparison between Lee and Paul Thomas Anderson as well although that's a bit of a stretch. Nonetheless, a stupendous effort by Lee who provides a captivating character study of a unravelling woman in pain and heartache.


Green Fish, the second of the Lee Chang-dong retrospective. Not as good as Secret Sunshine but does have some rather beautiful photography (which I would say benefits from the 35mm print I saw). Friend and I agreed that a lot of the film felt reminiscent to Wong Kar-wai's earlier works although lacking the thematics and tone with which Wong's film evoke. A promising debut feature film to say the least but falls short of being outstanding.

No trailer online unfortunately.


A movie about a group of action movie veterans doing what they do best. What can go wrong? Quite a bit with The Expandables 2 it seems. Underwhelming is putting it lightly. Sure, there are maybe one or two exciting scenes but most of the film lacks the bravura and scale with which a film like this ought to have. A more poorly written than the first which is damning and bewildering considering that there seems to be more emphasis on plot here (shocker!). Disappointing effort although Jean Claude Van-Damme as a villain is probably the best idea anyone's ever had in the history of the world (hyperbole all the way!).


I'll forgo Tidbits of Film News this week and end it here. This week's blog post title comes from Miami Horror's album Illumination. Check the song out below and I'll see ya'll next week.

End post.


  1. wahhhh lucky!!! (winning the tickets to the retrospective) I loved secret sunshine! jun do yeon is amazing!

    is administrative work something you want to do? what's your next move?

    the only tribal tattoos i've seen never really interested me so i'm wondering if the ones you saw were special

    i love the pink hair on miss olsen! the blonde happened about two weeks ago. i've done it before in high school and i'm doing it again so i can get it to be pink like that photoshoot! but now im debating whether i should do lilac first :3

    ugh r. pat. is he any good? and omg he's sooo pale

    1. Administrative work wasn't something that I planned for but now that I have done it (and especially for an organisation that I'm particularly fond of) then I think I wouldn't mind it at all.

      Yes! Pink hair Lizzie is the absolute best, even if it's just a wig! She looks like a pixie or something! I wish you luck on your pink hair endeavours, Jin!

      As for Mr Pattinson, I can't tell whether or not I liked him in Cosmopolis! He plays a fascinating character but I just couldn't get behind what was written for him and how he interacted with everyone in the film!