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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Take Us Back

Hi world.

This'll be a pretty short post (short by my standard anyway, maybe long still to others) cause I'm a really boring person and I didn't get up to much this week. 


Shiina Ringo's birthday went by this week! She turned 34 but it's amazing how young she still looks... I thought her birthday was worth mentioning cause if you know me then you know how much admiration I have for this woman and her music. So yeah, obligatory mention for her because she is the actual queen of Japan. Anyways enjoy a video of her singing one of my favourite songs of hers.

Sidenote: YouTube cracked down on a LOT of Shiina Ringo videos a few months ago and this and a handful of others are the only ones that remain. Copyright stuff with her label, it seems. Shame.


Bought Telltale Games' The Walking Dead computer game through Steam this week too and finished it in a couple of days. The sale they had for it at the time was a pretty good incentive to buy all five episodes of the game (the fifth and final episode was released a few days previous).

Really loved the game. I don't think that I have ever felt completely engrossed within a game's story until I played this game and I must say, that Telltale Games have something special with the product that they've created. There will be critics out there who will say that The Walking Dead isn't a proper game in the traditional sense but as far as choices/morality in gameplay goes (something that has become extremely popular in recent years), nothing comes close to reaching the emotional wallop that The Walking Dead provides.

Simply put, it's one of the best games I've had the privilege of playing this year and if I could, I'd give it my vote for Game of the Year (even though I haven't really played every/enough 2012 titles). Maybe one of the best gaming experiences I've ever had. This game comes highly recommended and I really feel like writing more at length about the title but maybe I'll save it for another time. Can't wait for the "second season" of the game.

FYI: Much better than the television show that's currently airing at the moment, even if the core narrative isn't necessarily "original". At least Season 3 feels like a significant step up from the meandering second season.


Also does anybody hate the new layout for YouTube or is it just me? Like... I didn't actually mind the previous layout and I'm sure in a month I'll get used to this one (I don't even remember if I complained about the previous layout or not) but I mean how many more changes do they need to make?! I mean, aesthetically speaking, it doesn't look quite visually pleasing. I dunno. 


This week, I watched three films from the upcoming Japanese Film Festival here in Melbourne running between 29 November - 9 December. My brief thoughts on Seisaku's Wife, Afro Tanaka and Tenchi: The Samurai Astronomer can all be found in a piece I wrote for Meld Magazine about the Japanese Film Festival which you can read all about at this link

There wasn't much in the way of film news this week that was worth mentioning here so I'll just end this post here and you can all enjoy this song which is this week's blog post title. It's from The Walking Dead game and it's a lovely track by Alela Diane but, for anyone whose played the game, it harbours some pretty distressing memories from it that I'm still reeling from.  

End post.

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