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Wednesday, 28 August 2013



The way I'm going, I ought to turn this blog into a monthly. OR BI-MONTHLY, NO. TRI-MONTHLY! (kidding of course).


So much stuff has happened over the course of these two months (close to three maybe? I dunno) but I'll try to condense everything and give a quick indication as to why I may have fallen off the bandwagon... Hopefully people can forgive me. Or not, whatevs.


I was recently made the Entertainment Editor at Meld Magazine so my workload has risen a little bit. I have more responsibilities now and I still find it strange that I'm in an authoritative-type position but am extremely humbled that I was given the opportunity to actually try my hand at something different.


I'm also part of a writing team for a relatively new Chinese street-press magazine! The editorial team is still ironing out the kinks and trying to make it the best possible product that they can create before its re-branded (it currently exists in one form but is going to be repackaged). Kind of exciting to be a part of something new but we'll see where things go from here!


The actual view I had from the stadium. Crazy good.

Went up to Sydney for a weekend to catch the Manchester United exhibition game that was played against the A-League All Stars. It was my first time being in Sydney (is that weird?) and I had an amazing time up there though I don't think I can see myself living in that city - Melbourne's just way more comfortable and convenient. Melbourne is forever. (I'd share more photos but I also can't be bothered so no).


I also joined up as a member for this year's edition of the Melbourne International Film Festival, hoping that I would see around 40+ films but later learned that I had to be in Vietnam to tend to an urgent family matter (I was overseas for more than two weeks). Kind of a shame considering I knocked back a considerable amount of money to book in all my sessions but I was fortunate enough to give my pass away to a friend at the last second so it wouldn't go completely to waste. How about I just volunteer for MIFF next year instead?


So yeah, I guess that sums up a lot of what's kept me occupied. I mean, could you blame me for not updating constantly? Now I have this entire page of junk to relay! Am I excused?


Someone asked me on Tumblr a long while back if I would update my Films 2013 list (if you're not sure what that is, follow through with this link) and I'll admit that I was super into the idea of it initially but I've realised how taxing updating it can be. I'll probably try to update it when I have the time but even that seems like a lie.


Now normally, I'd go for a movie post to follow up but cause I've seen quite a few, I don't think I have the willpower to even write my thoughts about every single of one I've seen while I was away from this blog. That said, I will link you to my already published reviews for Studio Ghibli's Kiki's Delivery Service and the undervalued genius of anime series, Mononoke. Both are exceptional in their own ways and I'd implore everyone to catch 'em if they can.


I'll try to be a little bit more diligent with my blog publishing guys. Anyways, here's the usual song of the post courtesy of the beautiful Janelle Monae, off her new and soon-to-be-released album, The Electric Lady (about time, Janelle!). The song, Primetime, features additional guest vocals from rising R&B sensation, Miguel.

End post.

P.S. Considering a layout change. HRM.

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